Keto Complaint Department

(Jacqueline Porter) #1376

I have a complaint about the amount of grease on my cooker. All that frying of steaks in butter, crisping up the fat on lamb and pork chops! Bacon grease everywhere!
Hell! Maybe I will go back to using frylight to brown a skinless piece of chicken!
Or maybe I will buy some more Mr Muscle and a few more cloths!!

(Running from stupidity) #1377

Good quality microfibre and water FTW!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1378

If I may ask, when did you start going gray? I started in my 20s so I doubt any amount of fasting would help here.

(Jane) #1379

When my oldest son totaled his first vehicle (a Suburban) with 3 girls in it and they all should have been dead. He went on to total 3 more cars after that. A Tahoe. A Celica he totaled TWICE. I bought it back with a salvage title and had it repaired but the second time it was totaled it was toast.

To be fair, the last two weren’t his fault.

My husband swears he has a TEAM of guardian angels following him around when he drives. He may be right.

My hair came in gray overnight after the first wreck. Not a lot - just silver strands which increased over time. I was 42 years old, so 18 years ago.


Wow. That’s a pretty stark reaction for the body to have. I didn’t realize it could come on like that.

He sounds very lucky!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1381

They always say American presidents come in with natural hair color, and they gray from the stress.

(Running from stupidity) #1382

Yeah, you can see that happening right now…

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1383

A suburban? Yikes! So glad your son was okay. My son is starting driving next month. I am terrified.

(IDM Educator) #1385

My pants are falling off. Again. I’m going to have to do some damn shopping again and I don’t like to shop. Dammit

(*Tame Those Ghrelin Gremlins) #1386

I would like to complain about the fact my tops are falling down and now I will need new clothes since my back fat has disappeared and my side boobs are gone.

Also I’m a little sad that Pizza Hut deep dish pizza no longer excites me and carb filled foods are invisible.

Also I’m finding it annoying with this extra energy that comes out of nowhere…what the heck do I do? I’m scared :scream:


I had to lick the bowl, spoon, and immersion blender after making avocado oil mayonnaise. It’s such a struggle.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1388

I just suddenly lost another ten pounds. I’m starting to run out of smaller pants. Now what? Darn you, keto!

(IDM Educator) #1389

This made me LOL quite a bit. You are funny!

(IDM Educator) #1390

Doesn’t everyone do this? LOL


If not, I don’t know how they resist! Now whether “mmmmm” and “OMG” are expressed while doing so may vary person to person.

(IDM Educator) #1392

I usually make noises which could possibly be misconstrued as some other form of pleasure LOL


Hahaha! Same. :joy:

(Cynthia Anderson) #1394

I like diet soda now.

(Sheri Knauer) #1395

Dang it! I had to buy butter and bacon AGAIN!!

(Carl Keller) #1396

Not sure if this was happening before and I just couldn’t see it, but my weight loss has roused my belly button from slumber and made it hungry. I just now had to make it spit out some lint for the for the first time in I can’t remember how long.