Keto Complaint Department

(KCKO, KCFO) #1356

^^^^ This so much this, I do that all the time. With just two in the household, it takes a while to load up the dishwasher, especially when one of them, me, is usually starting another fast for a few days.

(Troy) #1357

And a great temporary storage bin for other items, so I’ve heard🙂

(Running from stupidity) #1358

As long as you don’t turn it on…

(Troy) #1359

Or they escape first😳

(IDM Educator) #1360

No One Believes I’m 55 years old. I can be a real problem when you’re called a liar LOL. Even my gray hair stopped growing in and I’ve been accused of coloring it. I just took these pictures tonight LOL I’m 116 hours water fasted and getting a little nuts but I’m having a great time.

(Eric - Less is more!) #1361


Hair color from autophagy? I’m a lite faster currently but gray hair in places not growing in my original hair color.

You look great BTW.

(IDM Educator) #1362

Yes. My gray hair stopped growing in. When I first noticed this a few years ago I talked about it in the low carb community not knowing that other people have experienced the same. I suppose it’s possible it’s from improved health and from being on the ketogenic diet but I’m pretty sure it’s from fasting. I’ve been fasting consistently 3 years intermittent extended fasts. There are others in the community who have experienced their gray hair has stopped growing in as well.

Thank you. I’m serious sometimes I look in the mirror and shock myself my health has improved so dramatically! I seriously sometimes don’t recognize myself. And I’ve been doing keto five years and practicing fasting 3!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1363

My 25 year old son’s father told him I was Benjamin Button because I look younger every time he sees me. I said wait for all the fat to go and I’ll be a lined, shriveled old lady. But at least I won’t be starving or achy.

(Shanda) #1364

My pants wont stop falling down at work today! So freaking annoying!

(Jane) #1365

Same here. Once I started fasting my hair started coming back in its original color. Just turned 60 and I don’t dye my hair - that is my natural color at 60 in my avatar!

(Jane) #1366

Love your new Av - and you definitely look younger in your new pic!!!

(Kirk) #1367

On the days my 41 year old wedding ring fits, I know I’m at target weight and not retaining H2O.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1368

Hey, thanks for noticing Jane! I’m planning on taking a new pic every couple of months in front of the maps shower curtain so I can compare. I have a nice fat body pic that I’m saving for the big reveal!

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #1369

What am I supposed to do for new year’s resolutions, now!?

Guess I’ll have to focus on other areas of self-improvement.

Thanks keto!

(Jane) #1370

This probably belongs on the “you know you are keto” thread but I was actually searching for the WORST pictures of me at my one year keto anniversary to show my progress!!!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1371

It’s so sad when they don’t believe your real age. You’ll just have to learn to cope with being mistaken for 15 years younger, sorry!

(Running from stupidity) #1372

That’s not a problem for me. No searching required…

(Alex ) #1373

Personally, I like it when my pants are falling down, it means my food plan is working and I can indulge in some retail therapy for new clothes!

(Laura) #1374

In the summer, mosquitoes don’t bite me any more; I don’t sunburn (which is weird because I am very fair complected and I used to burn within 5 minutes).

This winter, I noticed that I don’t have to bundle up so much outside. I stay pretty warm. Before, even with far too much insulation, I still would be cold outside.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1375

That’s interesting. I used to overheat if I even looked in the direction of the sun and in winter I was finally, FINALLY not hot but this is the first winter that I’m experiencing temperature normally and it’s kind of fun to be cold and bundle/snuggle up!