Keto Complaint Department

(Erica) #1276

I hate that the longer I keto, the less I enjoy cheating…like, I literally tried to cheat and all the carbs were way less enjoyable than I remembered them being. So, so sad. I just missed bacon…

(Diane) #1277

I agree about the cheating. I went for dinner to my favorite Mexican place recently and had the chile rellenos. The breading wasn’t as tasty as I remembered and I didn’t eat much of it. I had a couple of chips with some salsa. The salsa was tasty, but the chips were really bland. I can cross those off the list of my temptations!

(Jane) #1278

The sleeves of my coat are too long now!

Thanks, keto.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #1279

I have given up on rellenos, used to be my favorite thing Mexican. Thanks keto. The chips, I don’t eat either, I just use a spoon and have some salsa, at home I eat salsa with pork rinds. Luckily I can do fish veracruz and they also have bacon wrapped shrimp that sit on a slice of yellow squash with cheese melted over the squash. Delightly delicious stuff. I can also get skinny tacos.

Darned keto I have to ask for special treatment everywhere I eat these days.

(Sophie) #1280

That overall shrinkage thing is frustrating as hell, isn’t it, especially with the cost of outerwear!?! :laughing:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #1281

Remember you have lost your “natural coat”, so now you can layer under your outerwear to stay warmer this winter.

(Diane) #1282

Even my sandals and shoes are looser! For heaven’s sakes!!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #1283

My tops hang down near my knees since losing boobs and waist inches. And yea, those sleeves are not a good look either.

Darned keto.

(Jane) #1284

Out of all the places I stored fat on my body…the place that bothered me the most was my back fat and shoulders.

I had a curvy shape so could carry a lot in my hips and tummy but it didn’t bother me as much.

Now my collarbone shows again, no fat pooches under my bra in the back… all that fat that took up room in coats and shirts is gone and they hang on me now. All but the coat in the Goodwill pile.

Thanks, keto!!!

(Laurie) #1285

I have a couple of complaints actually:

I misplaced my nice tight stretchy pants when we moved September 1. I found them this week and washed them, and put them on today. Now they’re baggy around the butt and thighs. Ugh.

I find it difficult to eat “enough” every day. Ugh.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #1286

Yea, that annoys me too. My workout pants now all fall to mid thigh when I try to work out in them, so loose and baggy, went to Kohls and Target trying to find new ones,even the smalls are baggy in the legs and too long without a big gut to take up several inches of length. Darned Keto.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #1287

I feel your pain. Loose clothing is such an annoyance. I had to drill extra holes in my belts in order to keep my pants off, and now I have to drill yet another hole. Sheesh!

I used to have to hold onto my towel after showering, and now I can wrap it around my waist and it won’t fall off. What am I supposed to do with the extra hand?

(Ellen) #1288

Not saying anything but many thoughts…

(I stand with @juice, say NO to Trolls!) #1289


(Ellen) #1290

I meant @PaulL could hold a coffee, eat something, take a selfie etc, what else could I possibly have thought @dlc96_darren???

(I stand with @juice, say NO to Trolls!) #1291

Um, yeah that’s…that’s what I was th…thinking, too. :flushed:

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #1292

“To the pure, all things are pure.” Though I’m not sure Jesus meant that to include having a mind in the gutter, lol! (Of course, I’m speaking only for myself, here, lol!)

(I stand with @juice, say NO to Trolls!) #1293


(Jane) #1294


I was going to tell @PaulL “DON’T ANSWER THAT!!!” :smile:

(Daisy) #1295

Having almost 700 recipes you want to try and no appetite to try them. :pensive:

What are some of your downfalls of keto?