Keto Chocolate nibs?

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Hi All,

Is there a such thing as Keto/Diabetic friendly Chocolate nibs/chips that are, how can I put this, not gross?

Many thanks,

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Please define “gross”? :wink:

I love a small chunk of Baker’s pure 100% cacao, with a glass of red wine or afternoon coffee. And I add a heaping spoonful of Hershey’s 100% pure cacao powder to my morning dark roast coffee to start the day.

Without the sweetener, is this gross? Not to my palate, although it would’ve been before I cut out the carbs/sugar some time ago. Give yourself a chance to explore new flavor combinations.

One’s tastes evolve - hopefully - otherwise we’d all still crave things like fruit loops, pepsi, and perhaps breast milk.

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Please define “gross”?

Straight baking chocolate makes me gage. Keep in mind that originally cocoa was used in religious ceremonies to make you puke.

I was looking for something like a stevia (no sugar alcohol) sweetened chip,

My wife makes a very low carb chocolate milk (~1.5 grams per cup) that is quite yummy. And no actual milk:

0.9 cup hot water
1.5 tsp chocolate powder
pinch salt
five tsp heavy whipping cream
7 little scoopers stevia
And no actual milk

Tip: add the cocoa powder by itself to the hot water and let it steep like you would a tea bag for a few minutes

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Unfortunately, they sweeten with sugar alcohols. (I am a drug free Type 2 Diabetic). Rats!!!

Thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

Unsweetened Cocoa, Inulin, Erythritol, Milk Fat (rBST Free), Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia Extract, Vanilla Extract

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If gagging isn’t your thing, then definitely avoid.

Frankly, I was not aware that cocoa was used in religious ceremonies … please advise as I may convert. :innocent:

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You could simply add drops of stevia until the chocolate tastes sweet enough.

Although I found that after I’d been keto long enough, unsweetened chocolate started to taste rather good.


The Mayans?

Come for the chocolate, stay for the human sacrifice!

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I was looking for something hard, like a chip for my wife’s keto pumpkin cake

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It was the Mayans. I looked for the reference to the vomiting thing and found this on Duck Duck Go:

Cocoa contains some Caffeine as well as Theobromine. Cabeza De Vaca, the Spanish explorer who traveled from Florida to Mexico in the early 16th century described the ritualistic use of Ilex. The Indians would drink large quantities of tea, then vomit it. They absorbed enough caffeine to keep them dancing through the night.

But the link Duck Duck Go gave did not contain the above.

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Ha! Wonderful.
Those crazy Mayans … the first cardiologists :heartpulse: