Keto breakfast problem... suggestions?


I am very new to keto and i actually dont have much problem sticking to a low carb diet for now. Though i have a problem with breakfast. In the morning i only have 5 mins to eat and all ive been eating is boiled eggs with cottage cheese. Unfortunately my stomach doesnt do well with eggs.
Anyone knows what else i can eat, or something i can pick on the go cause i have no time to cook in the morning

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My belly doesn’t like eggs too much either. I have a coffee with cream and polish sausages every morning. I also prep 3 lbs of bacon every weekend so I can grab cold bacon from the fridge if needed. This breakfast keeps me full and active well into the afternoon.


You can eat anything. Leftovers from the evening before? It doesn’t have to be so called breakfast foods.


Wake up earlier. Skip breakfast and go 18/6. Nuke leftovers.


Coffee is even worst for me…but maybe some frankfurt sausages will do the trick thank you


Im not really used to eating heavily cooked meals in the morning…in greece we are used to lighter breakfasts but everything contains too many carbs…i dont think i can eat dinner for breakfast :frowning:

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If coffee is hard on you, perhaps Earl Grey tea with heavy cream? I replaced breakfast last June or so with coffee with heavy cream and it keeps be going through noon to 1 (some days even later). If I couldn’t do coffee, I’d swap out for Irish Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey.



There’s ways you can prepare it in advance so that it’s quick to heat up and eat at breakfast. It also doesn’t feel very heavy to me, it’s just a bit of meat but fills me up. Alternatively something like prosciutto is good as a quick “grab and dash” breakfast when I need it.


Many mornings I am not hungry so I don’t eat. If I know heavy activity is in the near future I’ll have a tbsp of mct or a green tea with a tbsp of coconut oil.

For mornings that I am hungry I keep cooked, vacuum packed, thick cut bacon in the freezer. I pack them in strips of 3. 30-45 seconds in the nuke and that is plenty of fat/protein to keep me not hungry till afternoon.

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If you’re already used to eating a light breakfast, maybe just skip it? The longer you’re in ketosis, the more you’ll probably find your hunger decreasing, so many of us skip 1 or 2 meals/day and that’s fine.

Breakfast was the first meal I gladly stopped eating. :smiley:

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I make keto waffles with crushed pork rinds. They keep well in the refrigerator and toast up nicely. Very filling and quite convenient.

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I agree with those who said maybe skipping breakfast. It’s an opportunity to continue your fast since dinner, until lunch. That’s a 18 hour fast where your insulin stays low and you are burning body fat.

But if hunger is something you still battle with then maybe half an avocado will keep you until lunch?


When my wife and I do have breakfast, we usually have an antipasto plate, with a selection of cold meats, cheeses, salad, pickled veges etc

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I don’t usually eat until one or two p.m.


I definetely cant skip it cause i feel very weak if i dont eat… and i dont really like avocado it kinda tastes weird.
See why i cant find myself a good breakfast…problems…problemss… :yum:


I might try this actually … thnk you


I feel very weak if i skip it plus my stomach gets hungry every 3-4 hours and i start getting diZzy if i dont eat :sleepy:

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That’s not a problem. Eat if you are hungry. Just keep the idea in mind if later you find yourself not hungry in the morning. :slight_smile:


Will do thank you :slight_smile:


are you sure it’s not the cottage cheese causing the discomfort? btw: cottage cheese has a fair amount of carbs compared to other cheeses.

have you tried having eggs prepared differently? coffee with almond milk and a splash of HWC works for me, a couple hours later, eggs or cheese- or how about some sliced meat like bacon with some labne cheese or feta? last resort: add some butter on keto bread w/cheese.