Keto breakfast problem... suggestions?


Maybe olives, cheese, nuts, and/or avocado?


Yes i tried not eating it but still my stomach gets upset with eggs… feta i like actually and bacon but i dont like bacon for breakfast… depends on what kind of cottage cheese you buy actually i found one with a good amount so i believe its good


Yeeeees to olives didnt think of it thank you…but its a no to avocado haha


I don’t actually like them either, lol.

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Make 3 or 4 mug keto breads, just grab and heat in the morning. My favorite recipe is:
1 tbsp. Almond flour (organic at Wal-Mart)
1 tbsp. Coconut flour
1/4 tsp. Baking powder
1 tbsp. Unsweet almond milk
1 egg
1 tbsp. Oil (avocado or olive)
S&P to taste

  • can make it a sweet one by adding a few drops stevia, some cinnamon and unsweet cocoa.

Mix all, microwave 120 seconds. Split, pan fry in ghee. Top with a little protein. I keep the dry mixture in a small mason jar, then just add the wet before cooking.


I just found these at our local restaurant supply store…pre-cooked turkey bacon packs. 40 slices pre-cooked.
Guessing that you don’t have GFS in Greece, so…if you can source out some good bacon, spend an evening cooking a few pounds of it, then pre-package it up to eat as needed. It keeps just fine in the fridge.
Cream cheese on celery is another favorite.
Keto meat loaf is great too. Just take 3 pounds of ground beef/lamb, mix with an egg, add herbs and salt, spread into a rectangular baking dish, and cover with cheese (or not). Bake 45-50 min. I cut them up in 4 ounce pieces. put some in the freezer for later, and some in the fridge for this week.
Macadamia nuts are great (and filling)
Kept Cheese-its, are nice and crunchy. Shred cheddar onto parchment, put on a microwave-safe plate, nuke until it starts getting brown…around 2 min. Blot, let it cool, and break up into crackers. They are a lovely avenue to get cream cheese into one’s mouth.

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One thing that has stuck with me through the years is to decouple your belief of what is appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner, from what you can eat. This leads me to have leftover stews and hot wings for breakfast, and the occasional omelet for dinner. Once you realize that the concept of “breakfast foods” is completely arbitrary, the world is your oyster… or at least your breakfast might be.

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Not to yuck your yum, but why turkey bacon? It’s so lean and so… uhm… not bacon.


No worries!
Well, firstly, I don’t eat pork—so turkey bacon and turkey sausage are my go-to breakfast meats. I cook them in butter or olive oil, to add a bit more fat.

The bacon is made from the turkey thigh meat, so a little more fatty than white meat, with 2.5g fat /serving, out of the package…

It’s also uncured, so, me thinks its a bit less chemically challenged than cured bacons.

(The idea I was trying to promote was to just pre-cook a bunch of your favorite bacon and have it ready in the fridge as a handy breakfast option.)


That sounds like a great idea. Might have to try it.

That’s another one I might have to try

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Yesterday I didn’t eat until noon and I made a lamb chop and some collard greens for breakfast.

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Eggs are not required on keto.

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or your breakfast could be an oyster

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You can also cut up pieces of peppers, and spread cream cheese on them and wrap them in ham. If you make it the night before and have in fridge, it is a nice quick breakfast =).

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Or do what Siobhan Huggins did and have cream cheese on pemmican. (Did she actually do that?)

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skip it!


I am unduly lucky, I live in Africa and have a cook, he makes me a big batch of keto pancakes on one day, they are not eggy in taste and are about 6 carbs a plate. He then microwaves them over the week. I have black coffee, keto pancakes, stevia syrup (all keto brands seem fine) and whipped cream, on the side I have a zero carb protein shake. At weekends I have some Bacon, Sausage, mushrooms, eggs, heavy cream coffee.