Keto birthday cake success!

(Jill F.) #1

Today was my birthday and I insisted on a keto cake. It ended up being so good! I found the recipe on Pinterest and my hubby made some cream cheese icing! So good!

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2
  1. Happy birthday! :partying_face:

  2. You do not look anywhere near 45!

  3. I’m glad your Keto bday cake turned out awesome :metal:t4:

(Khan) #3

Happy Birthday! :birthday:

Can you please share the recipe?

Have a brilliant day! :grin::gift:

(Carl Keller) #4

Must be a typo. Should have been written as “35”.

(Gemma) #5

Happy Birthday!

(Jill F.) #6

Hopefully this opens. I only made the cake part of the recipe and I used Splenda for my sweetener. We mixed up cream cheese, HWC, and Splenda for frosting.

(Jill F.) #7

Thank you, too kind. Sunscreen, healthy eating, and losing 40 pounds hasn’t hurt either!

(Susan) #8

Happy Birthday, Jill! I agree with everyone else that has said you do not look 45! You look beautiful and amazing, and I hope you had a great day =).

(Ellen) #9

Happy birthday!

(Polly) #10

happy birthday Jill

(Kirk Wolak) #11

Keep it up…

I treat KETO Desserts as “real” desserts. Saved for such days, and ENJOY IT.


PS: You look amazing!

(Jill F.) #12

I absolutely did enjoy it! I ended up having 2 mini bundt cakes and 2 cupcakes over a couple of days. Totally worth the splurge!

(Jill F.) #13

Here is a pic from last year birthday to this year, what a difference!

(Susan) #14

Wow, Jill, that is amazing and you should be so proud of yourself =-).

(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #15

How much of each did you use? I’m planning on making some cupcakes in a few weeks and want to do a cream cheese frosting.

BTW, this is another cake I made. I’ve got a thread somewhere with the recipe I used (a chocolate zucchini cake)

It makes me happy to bake pretty things :grinning:

(Susan) #16

It is very pretty indeed =-), I am sure the kids loved it.

(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #17

Thanks. It’s actually for a friend. I made cupcakes for the kids :grinning:. The one who had a birthday coming up liked both the cake and frosting… Another just are the frosting. … At least it’s keto :slightly_smiling_face:

(Susan) #18

I am sure your friend loved the cake, that was very sweet of you. My kids always loved cupcakes as well =).

(Jill F.) #19

My hubby cooks like my grandma did. Doesnt measure anything! I would guess 8 oz cream cheese, half cup Splenda, 2 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 cup HWC. Be sure to keep anything you ice refrigerated, we iced all if ours and left them out and by day 3 they went bad.

(hottie turned hag) #20

Holy cow :astonished: big difference.

You look fab and so pretty, and more like 35 than 45 for sure.