Keto as a lifestyle?


oh remember too you are now negotiating with yourself…lol…it never plays out well in the end, we all know this.

there is no negotiations for our bodies. they react to food intake. your mind is saying I wanna change just that to ‘eat what I love and WANT back’ and your body says, sure try it, ain’t gonna work :slight_smile:

You must find ways to eat great keto food you love and make ALL you do eat suit you and makes ya happy with the ‘foods that fit your keto category’ now. You will make new favorites :slight_smile: yes it will be done, but in the end we all want the old favs back and we can’t. Most can never make that work.

So think forward. Think ‘my best keto foods are’ and build on that ya know. Make meals that you would enjoy and experiment based on what ya love already and treats your body well and is helping you now.

you can’t go back, it is truth and we gotta face it and it irks me too LOL

now think forward. Don’t think I used to love granola stuff and want that back…what can I do to leave that stuff I LOVE in the past and find what great foods can easily replace that and you leave it in the past and give it up and think, wow, I never really needed that?

time and a bit of work on yourself and sit and think about it all and you will find that wonderful movement forward…it is all about your keto forward movement now :wink: Think how to move forward and be thrilled with doing just that…you will for sure if you put thought into next meal foods that I will eat vs. what I used to eat. You will be ok for sure!


what carb limit are ya doing? anything over 50 easily is gonna kill ya and you gotta stay more toward that 20g carb per day to make you get into ketosis well and hold ya. Are you eating alot more on carb intake per day? Kcals don’t matter, it is all about that carb limit count for keto.


here ya go: watch this and short but I love Dr C


I never change my woe just temporarily and I probably don’t want to lose fat so much… I change for health, more joy in eating, feeling a better balance…? The latest has something to do with health too but it feels better not only physically if we aren’t a slave of our bad habits.

I am very slow too and I basically stall forever so I can’t even do quick fat-loss diets and going back. But I don’t see why I should go back. If I don’t want a woe for good, I hardly will be able to do it for several months! I don’t do hard and “strong” things, I like to do/eat whatever I want. It took a long time for me to try keto after I went low-carb.

I actually went back but not completely. I tend to have on/off keto times. If it’s a not a super rare visit, it’s a sign my keto isn’t right yet or I am not okay yet, I need tweaking my woe, changing my ways. My woe is evolving, both my keto and my off times change as my main meals tend to be similar all the time, my off days usually just have something extra (or if they are full-blown carby days, well, I made a mistake or try to get away with some super special rare something but it never feels really good).
The lower-carb my day is, the better it feels, typically. So no, it would be a colossal mistake to go “back”, I actually can’t to go back even if I raise my carbs, my low-carb days aren’t my old low-carb days, I have more meat and less plants now… The bridges just burned somehow.

As far as I know, it’s super rare that someone can get away with going back if keto works well for them. They should stay. Some people aren’t good enough with keto and they may need some more carbs but still nothing like their original woe…? Well, surely there are such cases. Some people stay keto but can get away with some exceptions. And many people better stay, period. I’m still experimenting but my once very very well working low-carb woe is too carby for me now and the carbs I ate back then makes little sense to me now so it’s time to say goodbye. It was nice, I lost all the fat on low-carb this far but it’s my past now.
Our woe tends to evolve sometimes, it’s very true for me. I just do it slowly and very not disciplined. It was tough with my old keto, forever on/off without finding my sweet spot, going lower with my carbs drastically speeds up things. It’s totally the carbs for me, other people may need some other change if their original keto doesn’t work well enough. Mere ketosis isn’t an automatically wonderful thing for everyone, some of us needs more to get real benefits.

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I know you. I was you. Maybe I still am you. At 66, I have seen the same numbers on the scale when I was headed up at warp speed, and when I was headed back down at a snail’s pace. Keto is the only “diet” so far that is stronger than my head games. So… every pound you lose, tell yourself that you don’t want to see it again. Every time you fit into those smaller pants again, stand in front of that mirror and declare victory. And if those smaller pants start getting tight again… DON’T switch back to the bigger ones. That’s defeat, and you know it. You do not want to keep yanking success out of your own hands. You signed up for this because you know you MUST be better. So you must DO better. You are only fighting yourself. But you are also fighting FOR yourself. No looking back. One day, you’ll be in that place where you love yourself again. And honestly… it gets easier and easier until you don’t even think about it. So… don’t have a number as your end date. Forget end dates, period. You’ll see. And oh yeah… YOU GOT THIS!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #14

Obesity, even only slight obesity, is a symptom of metabolic disfunction. If you go back to eating what made you fat in the first place, it will just make you fat again. In addition, the damage to your metabolism will ramp up again. Only this time around probably moreso. Keto is a lifestyle change for the better. Think of it that way, not as some great sacrifice you made to lose a few pounds. But a change you made to stop ruining yourself so you can live to the fullest. I adopted keto at the age of 71 and four years later consider it the best thing I ever did for myself. I don’t miss what I left behind.

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The big problem with keto is that it doesn’t make us invulnerable to the eating habits that made us sick and fat in the first place. As Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt likes to point out, daily showering is great, but if you stop showering, eventually you’re going to get sweaty and dirty again. Life is unfair like that.


I am also but we found our ways to help us long term…others need this knowledge to walk this way too.

we all are in changes and pure acceptance of what that will take and that was a very inspiring and very strong post! I so love posts like this, our experiences show others they are not alone ever and at some point, we have to ‘choice a side’ and hold on for dear life :slight_smile:

No kidding Robin, that is strong words and great experiences you shared!

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Thanks, I guess I try to be the voice I wish I’d heard long ago.

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What I find curious is this. I did a low-carb diet along with 2 friends in the office. This was probably 45 years ago before it was named Keto. I think it was called the drinking man’s diet in that we could have bourbon, scotch, etc., but not mixed drinks.
Along with all the steak and green vegetables we wanted.
I also refused to stop eating fruits as they are my weakness. Surprisingly I still lost a ton of weight. By a ton I mean 20 lbs in 2 weeks. 235 to 215. I am 6’3" so it is distributed well. Admittedly i was exercising more but somehow I think that fruit carbs are not as damaging as pasta carbs.
We’ll see what happens when I get to 205.
I really appreciate all the thoughtful responses.


yes me too. right there with you but also think for some of us ‘who don’t click fast like others’, we are meant to walk this thru experiences and learn and darn great info to put out for others to read! Takes longer but we get there and with posts like yours, it moves others into harder thinking of what is at stake!


it is about who you are in the end.

while a tad of fruit might never make you crave or want to go off plan for another it is a death nibble they take and they cave and binge out.

for those who eat a small amt of pasta they do well, for many a 1/2 cup of pasta is useless and never would satisfy.

then ya got ‘the body’ of that person and real medical issues, what meds effect what foods paired with it or what body damage is internal you never see or know about ever thru our eating and how our food effects us.

so it is never ever an easy ‘simple diagnosis’ for each of us, but if you drop sugar mixes in drinks, you ‘watch your food’ you will and can lose lbs. but can you maintain that lifestyle longer term at all…no, and that is why the steak and booze diet is gone from the books LOL

Key to it all is full truth for what it WILL take for you. We are all gonna vary on that and what one can eat you never will and you read about ‘what they do’ but you have to learn if ya try it and it doesn’t suit you, ya gotta move on and DO what does work for you.

So it is a massive mind game at some point, about acceptance and learning about our bodies and what we must do but at that same time it is truly wanting change and what the heck are you willing to put forth from your character to make it happen.

who in the heck said eating healthy in this day and age thru work stress, love of junky chem foods that taste so darn good LOL and more that it would be a cake walk changing ourselves up. Nope, can be a nightmare for millions but in the end, we group together and share experiences to learn and make changes stick and change that darn mindset into one that helps us move forward and isn’t a hinderance.

just my thoughts on it :slight_smile:

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Everyone’s degree of insulin resistance is different, so everyone’s carb tolerance is different. Genetic variation also plays a part, I’m sure. If you eat whole fruits (avoiding juice, smoothies, and pulped fruit), the intact fibre helps slow the rate at which the fructose hits the liver to something the liver can manage without damage.

(However, there was that executive at DuPont, who successfully lost weight on a low carb diet, but who would start to gain again, if he ate so much as an extra apple. I assume he was really insulin-resistant. This was one of the case reports written up by the DuPont company physician in the 1950’s and 1960’s.)

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THIS =). It has to be a life changing adventure or you go back to your pre-Keto body, and health issues, etc.

Live long and prosper on Keto =).


It’s not necessarily surprising… I lost weight while eating fruits too. My fruit was important for me, I ate it every day but little. It may be a problem for certain people but I just needed to lower my carbs (I actually stopped eating very processed food and lots of other things though). It’s almost all about carbs for me, not only but my carb intake is extremely important. I am sure many of us are like this.

I even lost fat while eating vegetables! I can’t do that anymore but when I was still over 160 lbs, I could afford vegetable dishes… And my vegetables contained much, much more carbs than my fruits and it was only one problem with them.

Quick weight-loss? Yeah, bigger males may have that. Muscles help even with bigger water weight… You exercised too… And calories do matter. You probably was way healthier than the people who experience even some fruit can interfere with their weight-loss… Or maybe some people just very sensitive to sugars? I don’t know.

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Yeah, well, a lot happens to our bodies in 45 years, environmental toxins, metabolic damage. You may not notice weight changes so quickly this time because keto also heals. Healing may occur first before weight loss.

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Me, personally. Happily live without them, there are plenty of alternatives.

(George) #26

Keto also heals ? Thats very interesting and deserves more reading…
Thank you muchly.


I eat fruit now, I just don’t overdo it, and those breakfast cereals are complete garbage for you so I don’t eat them for that reason alone.

Easy to argue those are the worst ones of all! I eat more carbs probably than the majority of people here, but I’m selective where I get them, If 3/4-1c of food is going to get me a ton of carbs, near no protein, and no healthy fats than I might as well eat cupcakes. They taste better and at least the ones I make have avacodo oil and eggs in them. So at there there’s some nutrition in there.


My carby days are usually… Carnivore main food + a few extra like fruits. So a very tiny amount of my food brings most of the carbs :slight_smile: As I never understood why I should care about calories per 100g, I don’t necessarily care about carbs or even sugar per 100g. I eat quite carby items when I don’t do carnivore (probably even then, spices are very carby… not like I use much). Amounts matter a lot. One rosehip surely can’t harm me but using lots of whipping cream wouldn’t feel good.

But it was about grains. Yep, they don’t mix with keto or even low-carb well and they are a bad deal for my hedonism, too little joy for their harm thought their carb content as I can’t use just a tiny amount and feel satisfied, unlike when I eat some tasty fruit where 10g is more than enough. The exception is when I need a tiny amount for some baked stuff (I don’t believe in good “real” bread without grains. real means it’s similar to some bread, really similar. I have perfect carnivore breads, the role is spot on, they are just nothing like bread)… But even that’s for low-carb and very exceptionally.