Keto as a lifestyle?

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Everyone’s degree of insulin resistance is different, so everyone’s carb tolerance is different. Genetic variation also plays a part, I’m sure. If you eat whole fruits (avoiding juice, smoothies, and pulped fruit), the intact fibre helps slow the rate at which the fructose hits the liver to something the liver can manage without damage.

(However, there was that executive at DuPont, who successfully lost weight on a low carb diet, but who would start to gain again, if he ate so much as an extra apple. I assume he was really insulin-resistant. This was one of the case reports written up by the DuPont company physician in the 1950’s and 1960’s.)

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THIS =). It has to be a life changing adventure or you go back to your pre-Keto body, and health issues, etc.

Live long and prosper on Keto =).


It’s not necessarily surprising… I lost weight while eating fruits too. My fruit was important for me, I ate it every day but little. It may be a problem for certain people but I just needed to lower my carbs (I actually stopped eating very processed food and lots of other things though). It’s almost all about carbs for me, not only but my carb intake is extremely important. I am sure many of us are like this.

I even lost fat while eating vegetables! I can’t do that anymore but when I was still over 160 lbs, I could afford vegetable dishes… And my vegetables contained much, much more carbs than my fruits and it was only one problem with them.

Quick weight-loss? Yeah, bigger males may have that. Muscles help even with bigger water weight… You exercised too… And calories do matter. You probably was way healthier than the people who experience even some fruit can interfere with their weight-loss… Or maybe some people just very sensitive to sugars? I don’t know.

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Yeah, well, a lot happens to our bodies in 45 years, environmental toxins, metabolic damage. You may not notice weight changes so quickly this time because keto also heals. Healing may occur first before weight loss.

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Me, personally. Happily live without them, there are plenty of alternatives.

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Keto also heals ? Thats very interesting and deserves more reading…
Thank you muchly.


I eat fruit now, I just don’t overdo it, and those breakfast cereals are complete garbage for you so I don’t eat them for that reason alone.

Easy to argue those are the worst ones of all! I eat more carbs probably than the majority of people here, but I’m selective where I get them, If 3/4-1c of food is going to get me a ton of carbs, near no protein, and no healthy fats than I might as well eat cupcakes. They taste better and at least the ones I make have avacodo oil and eggs in them. So at there there’s some nutrition in there.


My carby days are usually… Carnivore main food + a few extra like fruits. So a very tiny amount of my food brings most of the carbs :slight_smile: As I never understood why I should care about calories per 100g, I don’t necessarily care about carbs or even sugar per 100g. I eat quite carby items when I don’t do carnivore (probably even then, spices are very carby… not like I use much). Amounts matter a lot. One rosehip surely can’t harm me but using lots of whipping cream wouldn’t feel good.

But it was about grains. Yep, they don’t mix with keto or even low-carb well and they are a bad deal for my hedonism, too little joy for their harm thought their carb content as I can’t use just a tiny amount and feel satisfied, unlike when I eat some tasty fruit where 10g is more than enough. The exception is when I need a tiny amount for some baked stuff (I don’t believe in good “real” bread without grains. real means it’s similar to some bread, really similar. I have perfect carnivore breads, the role is spot on, they are just nothing like bread)… But even that’s for low-carb and very exceptionally.

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I definitely know im a failure. Everybody was screaming at me nothing works

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You may find this of interest: One of The Most Important Contributors to Success With Keto

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #33


It’s good to lighten up once in awhile, even if you stay focused. Survey: Does Any Particular Carb Food(s) Challenge Your Resolve to Eat Keto?

There are some very good responses, enjoy.


you’ll be ok. Just take time and find what works best for you.