KCKO: Patience pays off


I guess I am now the queen of stall patience LOL. I pretty much stopped losing, oh, I don’t even remember. Maybe January? February? I went low carb last fall and full-on keto in January and somewhere in there stopped losing after a good 20 pounds or more that fell off fast when I started low carb.

I kept calm and ketoed on.

I tried a very, very high fat experiment for a couple week and put like 6-8 pounds back on. Ooops.

Then in June I started IFing 3 days a week. Lost a few pounds, then they too popped back on. But I kept calm and ketoed on.

In July, I added a mini Zornfast and lost a few pounds that stayed off. Then I went back to IFing and no more losses.

Then I did a couple days egg fast, lost a few more pounds, then went back to regular keto.

I kept calm and ketoed on.

Then, for some mysterious reason, I’ve just been losing and losing on a steady basis the last couple weeks with little or no fasting. Eating keto treats and all. All told, I’m now down about 13 more pounds since June. And the inches. Oh, the inches. Sizes keep going down.

All of which is a very, very long way of saying: Just Keep Calm and Keto On!!!

The weight comes off when it want to come off. Since this is a permanent way of life, what’s the big hurry? I stuck it out for long-term health reasons and because I just knew the weight would go when it was ready to go. So glad I did.

And you all have been my inspiration and kept me on track the whole time. Love this forum!!!

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(Jim Russell) #2

Way to go!

It’s hard to watch how much some of the people struggle. For some, the weight loss is effortless, for others no amount of effort seems to help. I have always been somewhere in the middle, where I have periods where it’s just easy and weight and pants just fall off. Then it stops even though I haven’t changed anything. And I tweak things and try new things. Exercise more, exercise less. And then out of the blue, it’s easy again. Did any of my tweaks make that happen or was it just my body readjusting to it’s new set point? Who knows.

This. :point_up:

I have mentioned before that being 50 and not being on any prescription meds is enough for me. If I never lose another pound, that’s enough. I’m KCKO because it makes me happy and healthy. The weight loss is a nice bonus.

(Sophie) #3

Thank you for this post, it was heartening to read! I swear sometimes my weight loss is just plain ole stubborn, but I keep at it and keep tweaking too. Tomorrow is always a new day, and my determination only needs to be slightly more stubborn than my fat for me to win the battle. Just never realized the war would last longer than Iraq! :roll_eyes:

(Keto in Katy) #4

I like this philosophy. Like many things in life, patience and persistence usually pay off.

(Emilee) #5

I’m so encouraged by this post! It’s been slow for me too. I’m just glad I’m not causing additional damage to my body and reversing what has been done. Because of 2KDs, and the forum family, I believe I’m doing keto/lchf correctly this time. I’m not worried about quitting.

(A Very Hungry Bunny) #6

This. I needed to hear that, thank you. 4+ months since I started keto and all I want is a little bit of that magic everyone talks about! :slight_smile:


I’ve been following your story all along and feel for you!

At the same time, I am full of admiration for you for sticking it out even without obvious results. Not many have the strength to do that.

Although you may feel plenty frustrated, maybe you don’t know how many of us here you are inspiring by your sheer determination. Like me.


(A Very Hungry Bunny) #8

I def neef the support!! Thank you!!

(Dave Linkston) #9

Irrespective of weight loss, did you have other improvements in HbA1c, blood sugars etc?

Because this is just as important.



True and thanks for bringing that up!

I was fortunately never considered pre-diabetic so I never had my A1c tested before. But I have a brother and cousin who are diabetic, so I knew it was a matter of time. I recently tested my A1c with a home kit and it was 5.1. I’ll retest in a couple of months. My blood sugars are usually in the low 90s, but I’d like to see them a bit lower.

Actually, once I learned about the power of keto, avoiding dementia and cancer are two of my biggest motivators because they both run in my family!

(Doug) #11

Gatita, that 5.1 A1C is sweet! Thinking about dementia and cancer - it seems very fast, to me, since it’s only recently that I’ve been paying attention, but the evidence of blood sugar’s involvement really is piling up.

(Gabe) #12

Um this is exactly what I needed right now!

Cf my latest frustrations with plateauing: The last 10 pounds

(Gabe) #13

p.s. @richard and @carl – this is the reader mail for this week! :wink:

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #14


Slow clap from the girl in the back.

This. This statement is everything, and often something I need to remember. 30 pounds down in two months should be good enough, but I get so impatient. Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear today.


(Brian) #15

I started on a keto diet just under a month ago. Had been on something resembling the McDougall diet for quite a long time and the weight was going nowhere. Even cut down and exercised more. Nothing. It was as though I was locked at 285 pounds.

I had broken a leg very badly back in January of 2015 and was not allowed any weight bearing on it for 4 months. I had to have surgery to put it back together again and while I was in the hospital, there were two numbers that I remember. Weight was 262 pounds. And a random blood sugar was 182.

I didn’t like the blood sugar but no one said a word about it. I wasn’t too upset with the weight but I’d just gotten off of a seasonal job where I’d been walking maybe 5 miles or so a day. It wasn’t like I was getting no exercise and yet the weight really was higher than it should have been even then.

So about 4 weeks ago, I made up my mind that I had to do something, I was setting up for a heart attack or diabetes or a stroke or who knows what. Found some videos by Eric Berg and Sarah Hallberg. They made sense to me. So I figured, why not give it a try.

Understand, I was raised on potatoes and bread and also love pasta. Sweets, sure, I was always up for a treat. But with McDougall in my mind, I was figuring that potatoes and my own whole grain whole wheat bread must be good.

Cold turkey: No potatoes. No bread. No grains. No pasta. No sugar, and no honey or maple syrup either. And no beans, with the exception of maybe some green beans.

The diet has been eggs, fish, a little beef or buffalo, lots of salads (I love avocado in my salad), leafy veggies and non-starchy veggies. It’s a good thing I really like broccoli and cauliflower.

I dropped 10 pounds in the first week. And it stayed there for a week. And then, slowly, it continued downward. Today, the scale said 266 pounds! It’s not quite a month and I’m down 19 pounds.

I don’t have a schedule. I don’t count calories. I don’t go crazy figuring macros. I eat when I’m hungry but find that there are days when I may only want my coffee in the morning and then a small supper and I’m completely satisfied. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat a little something, even if it’s just a spoonful of peanut butter. I found out that I don’t need nearly as much food to satisfy me as I used to. For the most part, I don’t get to anal about there being a tiny amount of carbs in some breading used to make a chicken or fish patty. I don’t go nuts if there happens to be a tiny amount of sugar in the tomato sauce in the homemade chicken parm or zucchini lasagna. But I’m faithful to the concepts. My wife, however, would say I’m being quite strict. She’s not so into it. She’s also not losing as much weight or as fast and does a lot more cheating. (Hey, she doesn’t have to answer to me.)

I haven’t weight under 200 pounds since we got married 16 years ago. I think I was in the 190’s and that seemed like a good weight for me. That’s my goal. I’d also like to be healthy, and I think the keto type diet is pretty healthy, at least I think it can be. I try to be careful to buy as good of quality stuff as I can, both animal and vegetable products, often organic when I can. I am hoping that I can incorporate some of the things I used to like, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and beans, back into my diet in limited amounts, even some more fruit. But I know what happens to me when I put away the starches and I don’t ever want to approach 300 pounds again, ever.

I haven’t been exercising much. I think I would like to get started into something like that again. I may look towards getting an elliptical machine. I had one at one time but I exceeded the weight rating and busted it. My wife also mentioned she’d like to have one again so maybe that would be good. I wouldn’t mind doing some weight training but don’t really have access to a lot of room or a gym where I am. I’m thinking at least a little cardio would be a good thing.

Thanks for letting me chime in! :slight_smile:

(Doug) #16

:+1: Great post, Bellyman. :slightly_smiling_face:

Really had to smile at you saying you’d not been under 200 lbs. since getting married 16 years ago. It was 17 years ago for me, and my wife has never seen me under 265 lbs. Could possibly get back there by the end of this year. Like you, I don’t ever want to be thinking about 300 lbs. or approaching it any more.

(Brian) #17

Thanks, Doug!

My wife and I both put on the pounds over the years. We didn’t do it all at once, it came over time. But it’s the recent years we’ve been saying, “We gotta do something about this.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t see 200 pounds this year. But hey, it might be close, this is only August.

Years ago, we did pack up some clothes that we got too big for. They’re in a storage unit. I do have the dream of, one day soon, having to find that box again, affectionately labeled as, “The I Have A Dream Collection.” LOL!

Good luck!


Love this testimonial for KCKO! You inspire:-D


@gabe and @katiea So glad it helped!


That’s me these days! Keep up the great work.

I work out at home just before bed with free weights and freaking Richard Simmons videotapes on an old tv lol. So no gym needed!