KCKO: Patience pays off

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That’s quite a word picture… free weights and freaking Richard Simmons videotapes… LOL!! Talk about entertainment! :smiley:

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Awesome little Cat :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s my strategy too.

So some science to go along with your story … fat cells live roughly 10 years, and any single year about 10% of our fat cells die from old age and release their contents into circulation and their job gets taken over by a brand new baby fat cell. Those nascent cells never knew the bad days of when they had to live in obese bodies so they are a lot better at responding to signals than the ones that they replaced.

Eventually after 5 years half your fat cells are newbies, and half are the old ones that are still cranky about what we did to them.

This is my secret. I am outliving the cranky ones. Keeping calm and ketoing on.

Long term ketosis and how fat changes over time

Whoooooa… dude. That is crazy but makes perfect sense! I always thought fat cells lived, like, forever.

PS. Which makes me think: I really like the idea of having, say, a 5-year time frame. It’s like the time I walked a 10K race and made it my goal to come in last.


Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum.

What a great post “KCKO:Patience pays off”!

I just went off Keto. I originally lost 10 pounds quickly then nothing for weeks and weeks. I gave up. I don’t really know if going 20 and under carbs also needs to be low calorie. I have not been minimizing calories but just eating when hungry.

Maybe this is a common post. I apologize if it is. Can someone share the perplexity of counting calories on Keto? Maybe I will go back on if I can get some experience from this group.

Thank you.


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This thread really resonated with me. Been Keto since January and have lost > 100lbs but there were times in that period that the scale would go up a couple pounds or be stuck at one weight for a couple weeks. I have learned to be patient and things will catch up. It took me a long time to realize that the scale just won’t go down every day or even every week and that your body needs time to find a new normal (often at each step of the way). Early on, spent time bummed if I was stuck or even backwards a pound or two. As long as my other indicators were good and I still felt good, I’m still good.

Thank you so much for sharing.


Short answer: Most people here DON’T worry about calories, but there are other threads getting into the details. I certainly don’t count calories, but others may chime in.


Thank you, for responding. I’ve been checking out some threads. Seems as though some do and some don’t. I guess I’ll just have to stick with it and see what my body needs. I don’t have a whole bunch of weight to lose at this point…About 25 pounds. It gets discouraging when the scale doesn’t move and you’re not sure if you doing something wrong. Wrong isn’t the right word but you know. So I’m back on KCKO! :grin:

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Thanks Gatita for this encouragement. Your words are wise. And thanks Richard for that post about fat cells aging out. (I envision my bigger lumps as having their own zip code and language … they just don’t respond, even when the rest of body is slimming a bit.)
I’m 55, menopausal (fans herself), and a 40-year diet veteran. Because I’m very faithful to diets, the low fat nonsense of the 80’s did in my thyroid levels (thanks so much FDA), so I’m hypothyroid (on T3 and T4). I am one of the many many wives who get to watch the husband eat the same foods she is eating (and way more of it), which the wife has knocked herself out researching and planning and shopping for and preparing for both of them, and be rewarded with HIS drop in weight only. Yup, 2 months of HFLC, he’s down 15 pounds, I’m down MAYBE 2 (and those keep reappearing from time to time). Love my DH and so gratified to be his health supervisor and see his progress. But come on!
I am used to sticking to a diet for months and months without results, so this is not new – but it IS the first WOE that has given me a drop in appetite and consistent energy throughout the day. This plus the emerging research/findings about carb/sugar’s links to the recent rise in so many diseases in this country – THESE are motivators. So yes indeed, KCKO. Long haul. Do it for disease prevention, energy, healing. If that small foreign country that has attached itself to my hips begins to shrink some day, even better.

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Attitude is 90% of the game, and you got it going on girl! High-5!

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Wendy, thanks for sharing!

Please, do hang in there for a while. Our bodies can get kinda messed up with the diets we’ve been told to eat since we were little that turn out to not be so good after all. And it can take a while before they respond to good changes. Yours will, too. It just may take longer than some.

Dr. Berg has said that it can take several weeks to over a month for some people to get into ketosis. But if they hang in there and KCKO, like they say here, it will come.

I was fortunate that it didn’t take me very long at all. My wife is having a much harder time with it than I am. But we’re in this thing together. And I’ll love her just the same no matter how much either of us weigh. :slight_smile: We’ve been married for 16 years and we both put on most of this weight during that time. It’s ok if it takes a number of years for the weight to come back off. We’re in no particular hurry, just want to be moving in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Hang in there! Don’t give up. We’re all right here with ya, some just starting, some a little farther along, but we understand.

Blessings to you!

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Thanks Bellyman for the encouragement! 33 years married here, and you’re right: love overlooks the packaging and goes to the heart. My 15 or 20 extra pounds were hard-earned :slightly_smiling_face: – three healthy sons and all the stress that goes with raising them. I do everything I know to do: run/walk, yoga for mind & body flexibility, mindful eating. Grateful for the life and health I do enjoy!

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Wendy - I’ve seen so often in this forum the word “patience.” Your body may take a very long time to figure out what it should be doing. My has taken literally months! BUT- once it’s figured it out, clothes become too big literally overnight. Don’t weigh yourself, but either measure your waist and hips and write those measurements down and date them and/or hang on to your biggest clothes and most favorite outfit, even when they are way too big for you. You will be able to tell when you feel like a little kid in somebody’s clothing, but good proof plus before, during, and after photos of yourself. In the meantime, eat another couple pieces of :bacon: !

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Thanks Richard. I am happy to hear that those old cranky fat cells aren’t going to be with me forever. I really thought that they would be with me forever even if I did everything right for the rest of my life.

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This story is short term anecdotal but, I’ve been keto now for three months. For month 3, I did not lose one pound, although being on vacation for almost two weeks probably didn’t help. Anyway, I took my measurements at the end of the month and I had lost an inch off my waist and hips, and 1/2 inch off my thighs. Just because you don’t lose any weight, doesn’t mean your body isn’t working hard making positive changes, changes that you may not see on the scale but are helpful in the long run nonetheless.
I no longer have joint pain since starting keto. There is a lot of healing that goes on even if the number on the scale isn’t dropping.



Great report. Thanks for sharing your non-scale victories.

It’s amazing how much pain we can put up with when it’s just normal. Until you discover keto :sunglasses:


Just a couple quick updates…

A sort of NSV: I was about to board my cross country flight this morning when I realized I didnt pack any food… And Southwest doesnt offer meals. The old me would have gone into full on panic mode. But I just told myself it’s a great day for an IF. Good thing I always have salt in my purse :slight_smile:

Two, imagine my surprise when I was watering the garden yesterday and listening to a Two Keto Dudes podcast… And they read this post :smile_cat:. I loved Richard’s great explanation of how our fat cells die off over ten years (see his post above)… It’s so exciting to think that in ten years we’ll all have new, better ‘educated’ fat cells!