Karim's muscle gain carnivore adventure

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Some people take their dumplings wayyy too seriously

“black truffle xiaolongbao“

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So I’ve been building up my macros as best as I can… using 1/4 chicken to represent pigeon and shrimp sashimi to represent jellyfish…

And I understand why I’m crashing so hard… even though I’m only eating carnivore and 2x a day, I’m hitting 3200calories with 1.5g/lb lean mass! Also sees oil inflammation… and stress

I’ve been under 20g carbs every day but near zero ketones (<0.5)

I’ll post in a bit … my protein sensitivity is ridiculous - I wonder if the fasting made it worse than it used to be.

Wish I had collected higher resolution macro data before and after the fast.

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Meetings all day until late at night and then I leave back for Dallas tomorrow afternoon… looking forward to being home

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Let me know if that works

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It’s like a Vine (rip) video.

It works! That’s so cool.

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Bubble bubble goose liver and pigeon face trouble…

Scare the Dena and don’t be subtle…

Even with her bearded stubble…

Make her run off on the double…

Ha ha … boring train ride bad poetry

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Here’s what I think happened:

so my macros went way high on protein … and the GKI showed it.

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and here’s the plan as it’s unfolding (or not)

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Hey I resent that! It’s fully grown now! I worked hard at it.

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All beards begin with stubble… :joy:

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Day 22 - fourth and last day in Shanghai

It’s Saturday and my flight back is in 11hrs

Only had one food last night for dinner - tenderloin 300g. Only a small piece of butter on top. So very tight control on protein and fat… and I’m back:

5.0GKI is a good recovery and the sudden drop in water weight (4.4lbs in 24hrs) corroborates my hypothesis that it’s insulin when I overdo protein. This lines up with the high glucose and low ketones very well.

Yes. Not lifting, stress and sleep are all confounders but this is the same effect I saw during my first carnivore week…

I can’t wait to hit the gym again!

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I will say that not once did I consume more calories than my metabolic rate & never did I go over 20g carbs (mostly due to cheese) but my glucose and ketones suffered anyway.

This experiment is halfway done but my conclusion so far is that there’s an optimum range of protein and fat intake to keep GKI low without compromising lean mass & potentially building muscle. Carnivore makes it easier but there’s still a balance for those like me who have a strong appetite for protein & a body that reacts so intensely to it.

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This morning for breakfast, I discovered a lovely little keto treat from Japan:

Onsen Tamago is served cold and has a wonderful texture with a soft yolk. I wish I had learned this four days ago but at least now I know.

That’s onsen tamago with lox :slight_smile:

You open it into a small bowl with whatever you like on it- I just did salt and pepper

And of course I had my bacon… etc…

Last meal in China so I made it a good one but I think I kept my protein under control. Update in a bit… :smiley:

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macros pretty close to target given that I just eyed it… :slight_smile:

I hate tracking macros, but if I’m going to do it - I’m going to DO IT. :smiley:

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I have one week in Dallas to reset and then DEXA again… the moment of truth to see if this combination of protein corridor + fat balance works

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Continuing my traveling food adventure… I thought this was duck jerky

Really need foreign language translators

But inside are individually wrapped vacuum sealed “nuggets” of duck…

Still not sure what I’d get, I was delighted by a roasted nugget of duck in its own fatty gel (congealed duck stock I assume)… all jiggly too.

Which gave me a nice carnivore fat boost.

I think someone should offer a ghee blister pack like they make for gogurt… salted instead of sweetened and maybe spiced. Just the fat please.

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About to take off but if congealed duck fat doesn’t get like a million hearts… I don’t know how to move you people. :smiley:


Theres apps that translate thru phones camera in real time.

And that congealed duck looks a bit yikes

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We can be an ambiguous bunch here. :smile: