Karim's muscle gain carnivore adventure

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Interesting… I need to think about it some more

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Landed in Narita Japan and about to board the flight to Taipei…

The usual Japanese fast food was way too rice and ramen full:

So I decided to get this spicy dried fish instead…

I can’t read Japanese so if anyone knows how many servings are in it, let me know

And I got a package of frozen cod roe for later tonight in the hotel:

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I had two thin sheets of the dried spicy fish and I like it… but I think it has something sweet in it. I think I got a sugar headache but it might just be the jet lag.

Any Japanese readers out there?

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Wanted to mention the liver does store glycogen too but very little.

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Yes. Actually compared to its size, the liver stores a lot of glycogen. There’s just a lot more muscle overall than the mass of the liver.

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There’s always a vegan meal option… where’s my carnivore meal option?


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Technically, it’s day 16 in Dallas but Day 17 in China … so I’ll call it Day 17th - Monday morning.

Don’t have my fancy scale, but I brought my little teeny traveler that reads ~ 1.3lbs heavier than my big one… we’ll get what we get.

(Karim Wassef) #388

So 0.5lbs down and lower ketones. Actually ketones have been all over the place:

I’ve only eaten three things on this trip:

Egg omelette with cheese (~1egg + 1 tbsp cream cheese)
Flat fish jerky (100g)
Cod roe (100g)
Beef burger patty with cheese (1 patty ~~ 150g)

Neither macros nor total calories, nor even frequency should justify a ketone crash to 0.8 but there it is… might be jet lag induced. Cortisol?

I just can’t trust foods prepared by someone else. The lowest ketone reading was last night at the hotel with 80G, 0.8K = 5.6GKI after the cod roe, 50g of fish jerky and the burger patty…

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Breakfast today was good. Plenty of eggs, bacon, cheese and sausage.

I usually OMAD but the trip was a little metabolically challenging and I was actually hungry.

As promised - food pics so I can track

First plate was a 2 egg omelette with a tablespoon of ham + tablespoon of mozzarella + 4 strips of bacon.

Second plate was 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 sausages, 1 slice of roast beef, 2 small slices of Gouda and 2 small slices of cheddar.

Third plate has 2 sunny side eggs (it’s a decent hotel), 2 bacon strips, 4 small slices of Gouda and a half teaspoon of cream cheese.

Probably won’t eat again today or might eat a late dinner.

Before: 67G, 1.4K = 2.7GKI

After: I’ll update in an hour or so.

Thanks for being on this roller coaster with me :smiley:

(Karim Wassef) #390

After Eating 78G, 1.1K = 3.9GKI

Feeling very full - OMAD is hard to break

Also - no easy gym access during the day. I might have to set up real early to use the hotel gym or just focus on pushups and other body weight exercises like planks, supermans, and squats.

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Last nights dinner was 5 lamb chops.

No chance to work up numbers but ketones dropped again so I have a feeling protein is a little over the top.

Also… there a hotdog 711 style convenient store just about everywhere…

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Day 18… day 2 in Taiwan

Looks like I lost 1.3lbs and ketones rebounded but still all over the place and down from my disciplined OMAD in Dallas:

And ketones down then up

GKI at 2.8 so I’m going to have breakfast again - I’m also stress eating on a stressful business trip.

Tonight, I should be catching a flight to Shanghai. No exotic foods thus far, I know… but I’ll keep taking pictures.

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I have to say … I love Taiwan. It’s like a jungle tropical city with a beautiful mix of old and new, natural and man made beauty, easy and west…

I’ll try to take some pictures today to share.

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Lots of eggs and bacon, I know… but they’re very convenient sources or protein and fat. That’s a three egg omelette + 4 fried eggs (over hard) + 3 hard boiled eggs (total 10 eggs!)… Then 8 medium bacon strips, 4 sausages, 6 pieces of Gouda, 3 half tsp (little la vache qui rit cubes) of cream cheese, 4 pieces of cheddar, and a tablespoon of mozzarella + tablespoon of bacon in the omelette (total 9 bacon strips)…

Plus coffee with a tablespoon of cream, cacao powder, ACV, Stevia and salt…

I’ll work up the macros soon enough… hey! There’s no ribeye for breakfast so I made an equivalent composition from bacon and sausage.

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What does this even mean?

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Ok! Now… I’m sorry, what does that mean again?? :smiley:

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I think you got butt dialed.

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Butt thread texted? Bizarre.

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Dinner last night 300g tenderloin:

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast but had a very stressful day. Before dinner, I was at 89G, 0.4K… that’s a pretty powerful change from 76G, 1.5K in the morning.

Didn’t measure after dinner. Too tired and just fell asleep