Karim's muscle gain carnivore adventure

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i need quite a lot of magnesium! 1000 mg at least, and with heavy cardio up to 1500. and always after every workout i spray myself with mg-oil :grimacing:

sauna in my opinion does somehow not fit with keto. cause of less hydration in your body - and this is just MY opinion - sauna cant be good than.

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I take 1.5g Mg too 2x a day… I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do that… :laughing:

I don’t have bathroom problems with it though.

I take one dose in the morning and another with food at dinner time.

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now that makes perfect sense to me :+1:

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I have long muscle bellies (short tendons) with deep insertion, so my muscles don’t pop as much until they’re massive… so I just have to keep working it.

And for those bonitas who don’t know what a muscle belly is:


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And a sparkle of joy to my statistically dreary thread :slight_smile:

I think people check in just to see what weird thing you’re going to say next…

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I’d share a sauna with that anyyyyy time. But Id tape his mouth shut. :rofl:

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dinner today was very filling

Over 2000 calories and 1g / lb lean mass… that should kick me out of the low GKIs.

Before eating, I was 62G, 2.6K = 1.3GKI which is approaching my fasting autophagy state

We’ll see what happens in an hour or so…

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Holy moly, I can’t keep up with your thread when I am traveling.

Admiring your dedication that you are going to keep going while in China. (and stubborness?)


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Let’s say “tenacity”


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After that big meal 85G, 1.7K = 2.8GKI

with only 8g carbs, I dropped from 2.6K to 1.7K and climbed from 62G to 85G… definitely a function of the higher protein.

Strangely, I am feeling cold…

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When’s your flight? Do you get the chairs that lay back like a bed? Those look enticing.

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not this time

flight is 1:30pm central time but it’s international so I have to be there a few hours earlier

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since tomorrow morning in Plano is the equivalent of tomorrow evening in China, I’ll be having dinner at 9:00 am

I do this kind of thing with food and sleep to reset my internal clock with my destination clock

So - here’s tomorrow’s 9am dinner:

and then I’ll fast until Sunday evening in China. :smiley:

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Day 15 and it’s the day of my flight… Dallas, TX to Narita, Japan then Taipei, Taiwan.

So 1.5GKI in spite of eating a beast feast last night.

Feel good but suspect the weight uptick is just water and food… still concerned about being catabolic. The travel will create some interesting sleep and stess effects, I am sure.

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Headed to the airport but didn’t get to eat my full dinner… ran out of time

So no liver, clotted cream, or sliced meats. Got my eggs, bacon, bison burgers, bone broth and heavy cream… those are the essentials anyway :smiley:

Oh well… just means I have a bigger dietary budget for sashimi when I get to Japan. Just need a source of sugar free fat to go with it. I know I should have packed that baggie of ghee! :joy:


We started with lots of 3-7 day fasts, When we did the EF’s we’d eat until satisfied but I wouldn’t say “feast” other than the post fast binges that sometimes happen. But we definitely ate plenty to be full after them. Longest I went was almost 8 days, then most of it was just skipping breakfast for both of us, which morphed into me doing OMAD more or less and her still eating lunches.

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I always wonder that’ll happen when I break my pattern and today was a good test.

I never have breakfast but today it’s dinner (China time ) in the morning (Dallas time)…

before eating 78G, 2.9K = 1.5GKI
after eating 66G, 1.6K = 2.3GKI

So both glucose and ketones dropped which is unusual. I didn’t eat the full meal but also stayed under 10g carbs. I expected glucose to rise and ketones to drop.

Actually, because my body isn’t expecting it, I expected glucose to rise very high.

My hypothesis is that it actually did and the insulin response squelched it down to the very low level I’m reading now.

I usually get a boost of dietary fat ketones but I really didn’t get enough this morning. The eggs, cream and bacon are fatty but he bison and broth are heavier in protein.

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Thanks that’s a good idea!

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I wonder that to and I’m thinking; depending on how much subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue you have in ratio to muscle you have decides your metabolism speed?

Fat acts as if it were muscle tissue when you have a lot of it, when your body processes calories it may not know the differences? This determines your real metabolic speed?

What is really strange and a little known fact is that adipose fat tissue also stores glycogen but not as much as muscle tissue[1]. So sugar/carbs (including ketones and FFA’s and possibly others?[2]) can be stored as both a triglyceride and/or glycogen in adipose or muscle tissue, that is really odd?

So the onboard storage capacity of fuels and where they are stored and how fast they are depleted determines the speed limits of metabolism in terms of catabolic energy expenditure? …when your eating…your building something…anabolism?

It takes 8 hours to replenish glycogen stores if you are skilled enough to deplete them which would take 3 hours of rigorous exercise to deplete vs. 90 min. of endurance[5]? That would leave you with a eating window to eat anything you want and remain in ketosis and not gain a pound AND BURN BODY FAT AT THE SAME TIME SIMULTANEOUSLY?

What is even more interesting if you could take what I’m describing here and get creative with it? (…if your replacing your glycogen storage faster than your depleting it?)


[1] “…What is a glycogen? Triglyceride storage in adipose tissue comprises the principal energy reserve in mammals. Additionally glucose can be stored as glycogen in the fed state, primarily in liver and skeletal muscle, for mobilization during times of energy deficit. Adipose tissue also contains glycogen stores albeit at very low levels. …” …More

[2] Muscle: The major fuels for muscle are glucose, fatty acids, and ketone bodies. This glycogen is readily converted into glucose 6-phosphate for use within muscle cells. Muscle, like the brain, lacks glucose 6-phosphatase, and so it does not export glucose. …More

[3] The Role of Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Breakdown for Regulation of Insulin Sensitivity by Exercise

[4] Fundamentals of glycogen metabolism for coaches and athletes

[5] “…Where is glycogen stored in the muscles? Muscle glycogen provides 1,400-2,000 calories or 350-500 grams of glycogen, which is enough for 90 minutes of endurance exercise. It is stored in muscle cells and used by those cells for energy. Liver glycogen provides about 400 calories or 100 grams of glycogen. …” …More

[6] “…What is the function of muscle glycogen? In humans, glycogen is made and stored primarily in the cells of the liver and skeletal muscle. Approximately 4 grams of glucose are present in the blood of humans at all times; in fasted individuals, blood glucose is maintained constant at this level at the expense of glycogen stores in the liver and skeletal muscle. …” …More