Karim's muscle gain carnivore adventure

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I’ve heard that! I have a friend who was a Navy SEAL, and this guy was tough as nails. He said it made him lay on the floor and cry like a baby. I can’t even imagine how bad that is for a dude. :exploding_head:

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My doctor said that female patients who have given natural childbirth and had kidney stones basically say the stones hurt more.

I have no context, but that’s the feedback.

I was personally hoping to pass out so it could stop

I love spinach and Brussels sprouts… they just hate me.

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I was pretty skeptical of chiro before, but when I started seeing mine, I noticed The Paleo Solution book laying around for anyone to read. I knew right then we’d get along, and behold, I haven’t been exhorted to eat 8 cups of greens once in the 2.5 years I’ve seen him.

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The only thing I may be missing is hormetic stress - like when you give your body a small dose of poison so it gets stronger.

I see the oxidative stress from breathing air, weightlifting, sauna and ice as sufficient triggers for hormetic stress… so I’m good without the extras that come from things that grow in mud.

Having said that, I will hang my carni head in shame and admit that I do make exceptions when I find real medicinal or herbal benefits of some plant derivatives. Here’s my current list of sinful plant uses:

Raw Cacao powder
Ginger root juice

Forgive me :smiley:

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Ok, but just this once.

And also, I’m a veggie eater, so I don’t judge regardless lol.

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Today’s dinner

and updated plan:


I decided to add the actual measured weights to see how close it tracks, even with the variability of water and food.

(Karim Wassef) #327

before dinner : 72G, 1.2K = 3.3GKI
after dinner : 70G, 1.8K = 2.2GKI

So… definitely working… glucose dropping nicely, ketones rising, GKI dropping

No hunger and plenty of heat (no chills).

With 112g of protein, I feel very solid and strong.

By Friday, I’ll be at 112g of fat and 112g of protein. I really really hate measuring my macros but these last 20lbs are tough and a complete fast did not do the job… neither did just eating carnivore due to my addiction to big steaks.

The protein is an issue for me, so getting it in the target (not too low, not too high) is working.

I think I could eat as much fat as I want too and still be in keto and lose fat slowly… but metering it out should help accelerate my use of my own fat.

So far so good… I feel like I’m fasting, but I’m eating steak every day and having teaspoonfuls of clotted cream and feeling great at the gym… weird… but good weird…

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Traveling in China next week, it’ll be difficult to keep this under control. I’ll have to guesstimate a lot more.

(Mario) #329

i will try with your calculations and start from here:

macros slightly different, and if i feel heavy hungry after workouts, i will eat more:

good luck!

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Are you taking a slow boat?

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Ummm no?

It’s a business trip. I fly out to Taiwan on Saturday morning and then I have visits to sites and customers in Taiwan and Shanghai all week. Be back in Texas by Sunday.

I’m already catching grief for missing mother’s day… wife, mother, mother in law… even daughters complaining since I can’t help them plan Mother’s Day… how many women does one man have to please!!! :joy:

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You’re in deep trouble with all of them by the sound of it :joy:

(Karim Wassef) #333

Day 13

so 2.6GKI and that’s probably lower than I’d like to be if I’m trying to grow too. I’d like to be in the 3-6 corridor to balance catabolic and anabolic.

I could tell I’ve swung too far because I woke up cold today. Not the same as the fasting chills but it’s not the same kind of heat I get on carnivore.

If it’s not addressed, I suspect that would signal my body downshifting metabolic rate… so I’m going to make a couple of changes:

  1. I’m going to adjust the fat transfer rate estimate from 34cal/lb of body fat down to 31.5 (average). This basically represents that my body is not able to pull as much from my own fat as I originally thought.

  2. I’m going to adjust the metabolic target from 2800cal per day to 3100cal per day. Since I’m weightlifting every day, I think the 300cal gap is too much and I need to take in more energy to remain anabolic.

I’m not hungry but given that I’m accustomed to fasting, I think my body is just going to down throttle metabolism rather than giving me hunger signals.

(Karim Wassef) #334

Plan update:


So basically, I’m increasing my fat intake by 46g so that’s about 400 cal more.

And that puts dietary intake at ~1800 calories now and ~1300 calories from my body for the total of 3100 total.

So today’s meal plan looks like this:

Can’t quite align, but it’s close.


Seems we’re all different that way. Me and the wife got into EF for a while and at first we were fine but over time we noticed weight gain, then the weight gain seemed worse and we would up both plateaud. I had my RMR tested and it came back at 1700! I have a physical job, lift weights 4x a week and do cardio on my off days. I used to eat around 3000/day on my heavier lifting cycles without problem, I reverse dieted and got it back up, and over the last probably year I’ve slowed down again, been doing a lot of 16:8, EFs and OMAD mainly for convienence but fasting got me again. I learned my satiety signals can’t be trusted, went back to watching my macros and it’s coming off again. I think the reason eating to hunger/satiety used to work for me was I was a lot bigger then so by default I had a higher metabolism, never wanted to track but it’s all that’s working now. My mindset changed on a handful of things after being keto for a couple years.

(Karim Wassef) #336

dietary intake
body fat availability
activity level
timing of meals

all drive the resulting metabolic rate… and it takes some sensing and some measuring to stay connected.

I find that it is very dynamic… not just day by day, but as I study more of the literature, it’s literally second by second…

So you don’t break it by fasting or feasting… you just change the throttle bar range.

That’s why I’m making this adjustment to more fat intake. I don’t want my body to go back into fasting mode. It’s also why I’m using GKI as my indication of the catabolic/anabolic corridor.

I know it seems like I’m tracking a lot of things, but I’m actually not tracking the one thing I need… RMR

so I have a model and keep adjusting it to avoid being “too wrong”… :smiley:

bear with me … :blush:

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Also have two sisters… two mothers (mother and mother in law) + aunt who helped raise me = 3 moms, two daughters, just one wife…LOL

I’m vastly outnumbered - that’s why I spend so much time at the gym?

Girls want to get a girl kitten too … there is such a thing as estrogen poisoning! Just me and my dad swimming in it. :laughing:

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Saturday April 28th

Thursday May 9th (11 days later)

Can’t see much difference except maybe my muscles are a little flatter ?

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Before lifting 71G, 1.6K = 2.5GKI
After lifting 63G, 0.8K = 4.4GKI

I don’t think the results immediately after lifting are useful. This is an energy starved state, not a good indicator of the true metabolic state.

Couple of hrs later 69G, 1.9K = 2.0GKI

Which makes a lot more sense.

(Karim Wassef) #340

I didn’t do as well on dinner today… but not terrible:

I upped both protein and fat… and the reaction was surprising

Before dinner 71G, 1.9K = 2.1GKI
After dinner 64G, 2.9K = 1.2GKI

I didn’t expect this strong of a ketone boost. Sure I ate more fat than yesterday, but nowhere near the fat from last week (nearly 2x the fat in a day). The combination of controlled protein and higher fat really skyrocketed my ketones and pushed my glucose down.

so… a few adjustments again to the plan: