Just started the 18:6 fasting

(Derek Reese) #141

I was a pretty heavy drinker so this is a great for me, my wife was throwing it back and looked at me like really ? Lol
I said honey I have to take it slow.
So I have decided (for now) I need my one single morning coffee with half & half and a half a teaspoon of sugar until I can find something healthier, I just need one then I can do black the rest of the day.
I’m really putting in the work with this but this one morning coffee really makes me smile

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #142

Love my music too and play guitar badly lol … GarageBand and now Logic Pro opened up a little recording for me but it’s way more subtle than I realised.
Love your playlist… if you listen to Skyscraper Stan (I Fell Over) you’ll get an idea of how I’d like to play … but never will sadly.


I can’t do one morning coffee. I do 6 or whatever…
Half a teaspoon of sugar? It isn’t even so bad, I think many people uses more… Do you have a problem with sweeteners? I just never saw ANY benefit of using sugar, it’s not even good tasting, just sweet! Xylitol is way tastier to me from the beginning, of course tastes differ a lot. And when it’s just about sweetness, so many may be an option. I am very much against added sugar, with good reason. Sometimes there is a bit in a condiment or pickled stuff, even meat products, a tiny bit isn’t something I should make sacrifices to avoid when I really find the item lovely and useful. And training is different too, I mean, using something we don’t really find good, temporarily, maybe gradually lowering the amount (as I did with sweetener in my drinks. I stopped sugar as it was zero problem for me, in the contrary but considered putting sweetener into my coffee not ideal. but until I missed it, I put it in, trying to go with less and less and it took years but I had success!).


Still better than my “didn’t touch my keyboard since years despite it’s next to me”…
Even the village choir is gone (I was singing in it for several years), I don’t do any active music (low level hobby thing only but it still feels good! I can’t explain why I am not doing it), I am just listening to music like my life depended on it and I am pretty sure it’s actually true.

(Derek Reese) #145

I started very young, three years old.
My mother sent me to drum and classical piano lessons, had my first show at age seven, released my first video and single at nine and I haven’t looked back since, it’s been music music music for my entire existence.

(Derek Reese) #146

I use Logic also, by far my favorite DAW,
Here’s a shot of my hybrid set up

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #147

Oh wow many happy hour in front of that! …

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #148

As long as it doesn’t feel like a dessert, you’re fine, lol! :rofl::rofl:

Seriously, though, I find that that particular feeling in my mouth is the result of being in ketosis, so I welcome it. It does take getting used to, of course. :vulcan_salute: :bacon::bacon:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #149


When I lived in Hartsdale (Westchester) years (and years!) ago, I had a roommate who found the crickets at night unnerving. (I didn’t tell him that if you went into Central Park at night, you could hear crickets there, too!) He was born and raised at the corner of Broadway and 72nd Street, and at first he had trouble getting to sleep, because of the lack of sirens.

(Derek Reese) #150

My mother made sure I had a good amount of time being in the country growing up with camp and friends houses etc.
Ever since I was a child, when we arrived upstate Ny or somewhere just as quiet I always asked her if we could move there lol

(Derek Reese) #151

It’s my sanctuary really, it took decades to get all of this gear, plus guitars,basses,drums and my vintage Neumann u67.
I thank God every morning when I walk into the room, such a beautiful blessing

(Derek Reese) #152

Different angle


Sing it!

(Laurie) #154

For a day away from home, you can take any leftovers, such as roast beef or chicken, or even things that you wouldn’t normally eat cold (such as steak or a pork chop). I’ve traveled across the country with a cooler full of such things.

If you can’t bring anything from home, can you buy a hunk of cheese in (or near) your wife’s workplace? Or cold cuts, jerky, pepperoni, etc. – but be sure to read the label, as many contain a lot of carbs. If there’s a fast food place nearby, you can order just beef patties. As long as you’re very clear, e.g., “Just the patties” or “Just the meat,” they’ll do it. They might have to go and get the manager or someone who knows which button to press on the cash register, but it’s no big deal. They’ve heard it all before, because some people order “just the meat” for their dogs. :grinning:

(Robin) #155

Got nosy and found your web site. Just listened to The Road.
Something about your voice reminds me of a young Amos Lee, and your composition, lyrics, etc are beautiful. You should share here.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #156

He’s a modest guy. That is beautiful… your daughter maybe?

BTW the Mic you mentioned, I know, is the all time most desirable piece of recording history!
Real nerd stuff but I like it :slight_smile:

(Derek Reese) #157

You found me lol
Thank you so very much for listening Robin:-)

(Derek Reese) #158

Thank you Pjam, yea my daughter Aalea, here’s a family shot.

(Derek Reese) #159

Sure, here’s my website

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #160

awwww that’s terrific :grin: Thanks for sharing. It’s an overused line but you’ve got a engaging personality and it comes across.
defo worth saving hahaha