Just started the 18:6 fasting

(Derek Reese) #121

this is great Paul thank you again

(Derek Reese) #122

I am simply saying that eating better does affect how I feel inside in a positive way, moods and eating are connected in my opinion


OK mate, I would half agree with you.

I would say it is more that one is pissed offf with the effect of said food.

Never mind, onwards & upwards x…

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #124

Derek I read a book called ‘The Easy Way To Stop’. The truth is it’s way easier to stop smoking than I could ever imagine.
Nicotine is the chemical addition and that only stays in your system for 3 days. OK 3 days of hell but after that its all in the mind.
The book deals with the mind. (Alan Carr)

(Derek Reese) #125

Coop Dave your pissin me off now !
Lol just kiddin, I had to do it :wink:

(Derek Reese) #126

It is hard for me, I’ve tried quitting maybe 74 times over the years, but I have to do it, I have to be around for my daughter and my music


It’s OK Bro, I have thick skin mate,

I’m pretty sure that you will be OK, and bleating like a spring born lamb at all the weight you lost.

I know this. I have witnissed this.

(Derek Reese) #128

All of you are so great, I truly appreciate the support, it really makes a difference :pray:


Man City just won, lol!

You now have my full attention.


You have a point there! :slight_smile: Eating well and feeling satiated definitely enhances my mood and surely most of us have this :slight_smile:

And it’s quite individual how we feel when hungry. It can’t really change my mood beyond wanting food and feeling a tad miserable (when it’s a strong, painful hunger but it’s way harder to get - for me - when fat-adapted). I don’t really get the “hangry” word as I never get angry when hungry and I don’t know anyone who is like that… I just want food so yep, I am less pleased with life but it’s not active despite I having a temperament. Anger needs a reason.

Wow, really? I imagine it’s super hard, I just never started, that is the easy way :smiley:
I have enough fail with trying to “quit” coffee. I am super bad at denying myself things. It’s the same with food, if I fancy anything, I eat it, if I fancy food at 2am, I eat… But the almost complete lack of plant carbs is effective and tasty… :smiley: I don’t have this with coffee, just with food :frowning: And 3 days may be enough if it’s smoking (though I suppose one easily relapse, it has a big mental part too) but coffee is more stubborn :frowning:

Yes, yes! Good luck!


(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #131

Smoking is only hard to quit because everyone thinks it’s hard. Only tough for 3 days.

Reese, we are on your case because we can see how easy it is to save you lol

(Derek Reese) #132

Pjam what a beautiful thing to say !
I didn’t realize how easy I was to save but that makes me feel like a sweepstakes winner !
Bless you

(Derek Reese) #133

What else can drink after breaking the fast to satisfy my dry mouth and thirst ?
So far I’m doing black iced coffee, water, lemon water, mineral water but my mouth feels like a desert lol

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #134

They are all great drinks. I personally start with black coffee then green tea. Got to like both.

These are exciting times. Those first weeks are amazing. I enjoy sharing that :grin:

(Derek Reese) #135

I made some really delicious bone broth, ok I will drink more of that, yes this is really exciting Pjam

(Robin) #136

My morning coffee with heavy whipping cream, a bit of coconut oil, some stevia satisfies my need for a sweet but subtle taste. And at night, I often do the same with decaf. It’s like dessert at the end of the day.

(Derek Reese) #137

Tonight my wife and I are having a little whiskey and wow, Paul wasn’t kidding about taking it easy lol
I have zero tolerance now, I would usually sit and read or listen to music with a few glasses of whiskey, sometimes more, but tonight i had a few sips and felt it. This is great because I won’t over do it nearly as much as I used to, see more good things are coming from this diet !!!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #138

What do you like listening to Derek? … I’m enjoying ‘Skyscraper Stan’ …. I fell Over :smile:


Finally someone thinks so… For some strange reasons people seem to have problem with a low tolerance, I only see benefits… Way cheaper to feel the alcohol, easier for some part of the body for sure if we don’t drink a ton even if we feel it similarly…
Sadly I am unable to drink enough to feel most of the time. IDK why, some mental barrier, I go and decide to pour a lot of vodka and end up with 20ml or so… :smiley: Never was a big drinker. Our first, wonderful Glenlivet bottle lasted for 4 years for me and my SO. While I still drank beer in my first few on/off keto years, we always shared even a 0.33l can let alone a 0.5l bottle! It’s just too much for me alone (I could drink multiple ones alone before but definitely needed many hours, a party and hot weather).

If I am super thirsty and mere water can’t do the trick, I use carbonated water, for some reason that works best for my thirst. But I should never get very, very parched, I may drink 1-2 liters of water and still feel dry… I drink early enough.

(How anyone can or willing to do a dry fast I can’t imagine. I just read “dry fast” and immediately run to drink a few glasses of water…)

(Derek Reese) #140

It depends on what I’m in the mood for, could be Bill Evans from the early 50’s, Earth wind & fire or Zeppelin. I’m an artist so music is my prayer,
I’ve never heard of Skyscraper Stan but will give it a listen :slight_smile:
I have a recording studio which needs to be broken down because we are finally moving out of the Queens and into the quiet suburbs of Long Island.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn and it is time to live in quiet, away from garbage on the streets, constant car alarms etc, we are So ready for this