Just started the 18:6 fasting


I also wouldn’t be in a hurry to do extensive fasting, unless you suffer from auto immune metabolic and/or rheumatic syndromes/conditions. No need. One step at a time mate.

You want to get into ketosis, and stay there for at least a year, that is what your priority should be IMHO. By then no doubt you’ll have already fell into 2MAD without conciously attempting to. Trust me. :slight_smile:

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So what’s a healthy protein number for a day in your opinion?
Yes no processed food at all, no sugar and low carbs for sure


I could eat 400 to 600 grams of quality various meats a day without blinking a guilty eye.

I may not do that every day (some days i eat very little). But that’s normal, conditional on minimal carbs, and enough healthy lipids to keep you kosher.

Trust me buddy, after a couple of months, you’ll be advising us backsliders what to do!

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Great, moderation!!!
Thank you coopdawg :smiley:

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Here’s something I just thought of,
I usually drive my wife to work on Saturday, which is an hour drive,
we leave before I break my fast at 10am, how do I do this one ?
The food near her store is all processed stuff which I won’t eat now, feels strange to even type that lol
We all spend the day there but I have to eat to cook at her store so how does a guy eat and eat right ?
I have turkey, bacon and chicken breast? Maybe I cook this all tonight and bring it with me ? I just don’t know if I have enough food to spend the day out there.
How do you all adjust to life events ?


Live your own life mate.

You’ll figure it out…

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8oz ground beef 46g protein
4 slices bacon 10g
10 slices turkey 18g
4 hard boiled eggs 25g
Pound of chicken breast 134g
Cup of almonds 30g
Can of sardines 18g
I’m at 281g
If I do another pound of chicken then I’m at 415, pretty good :slight_smile:
But I’d have to cook all of this right now because there’s no time in the morning, oh man smelling all of this and not being able to eat is going to be hard lol


It’s never this simple. Our energy and protein needs can’t be calculated from our weight. My SO weigh 152 now and he eats way, way above 2000 when he wants to lose fat and it happens smoothly and quickly…

Protein is easier to calculate from your bodyweight without excess or any fat but it’s still individual and more like a range. But 145g sounds good. 200 too. Probably 100 wouldn’t make you lose muscle like crazy either… What if you just eat whatever your body tells you and what feels right as long as the macros seem somewhat okay?

Wow. Okay so I would aim 2-3g/kg then :smiley: Well, 2 but if it goes a bit higher, so be it. I doubt you would be happy with tiny protein :smiley:
But I can’t possibly now.
Maybe you could go lower with more fat? How much fat did you eat yesterday?


Well it’s not much at all… Why would anyone feel quilty about it? I know people think like that but never understood why…
I am poor and anyway, I minimalize my protein intake but 600g meat isn’t THAT much! I have that amount regularly though not on my average day due to all my other important protein sources.

I always heard about carnivores eating MUCH more meat than only 600g. I would find that an extremely bad idea in my life though. I overeat protein and calories without going that far way too often already…

(It was so nice to eat 1000g very fatty meat a few times but it’s just not good for me. Too much fat, too much protein, too much meat to buy… But occasionally, why not?)


Yeah- I agree!

As was said before, it is really hard to overdose on fat and protein.
There is a very effective negative feeback mechanism in play after all.


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And of course non keto sugar burners, I assume, need about the same amount of protein. Though their bodies won’t know this because they’ve been confused by sugar!

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It’s been less than a week but I am noticing some changes in how I feel.
First I am super alert, my mind is very clear and I feel like I’m on a natural high, it’s amazing. I’m even a little less angry.
After I finish my eating window, I’m never hungry after that, I just woke up and I have a few hours before I can eat and I still feel good :slight_smile:
The only thing I am missing is a cup of hot coffee with half and half and a small spoon of sugar lol
I can get heavy cream in place of half and half but that little bit of sugar was a little bit of heaven for me

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Artificial sweeteners can be useful for that sort of thing. Just read the list of ingredients carefully, however, because some of them say “0 Calories!!!” on the front but then list sugar or dextrose in the ingredients. (It has to do with how they define the serving size.)

As a sugar addict, I find it’s just simpler to avoid sweet tastes altogether, for the most part, but my sister uses a blend of stevia and erythritol that she likes a lot.

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Ok it’s not the end of the world, the only time I ever had sugar is in my coffee but now I’m drinking iced black coffee and it’s not too bad.
Paul I need your help, how do I go about eating when I’m not home ? What if I can’t prepare my two meals to take with me ?
Do I extend the fast and eat later, are there other ways to alter it ?

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Fast food is mostly terrible and it of course it’s usually nasty oil. But you can eat the burger, just not the fries or the bread.
And Fried chicken, the bones are more value than the coating.
I always take my mix of nuts for car journeys.


It took a long time to me but I managed to strongly prefer unsweetened coffee (even cocoa) eventually. Sugar alcohols were perfect right after sugar, that wasn’t a problem but I drank (and still drink though I put up some fight now) zillion coffees a day and I would hate consuming a ton of sweetener too.
I don’t like to give up the dairy (sometimes egg for me) part but sweetness is overrated :slight_smile:

And you didn’t ask me but it’s quite individual if fasting is the answer when you can’t get the right food. It depends how hard is the fast, how bad is for you to eat carbs, what kind of carbs are in the food and how much, how important is keto for you etc.
Until fat adaptation, I just didn’t eat off, I was on a mission. Now I am way more relaxed but I still don’t want carbs galore so if I know I won’t find okay food, I pack something. Fortunately I don’t need it very often. And I personally can fast until evening if I must.

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But great work. You will get a big high. I did too. And bags of energy … you may get a dip sometimes too… Don’t forget the salt

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This new lease on life feels right,
If I tell you what I eat a week ago it would blow your minds lol such an unnecessary amount of food, I’ve always ate pretty healthy but now I feel amazing.
The clarity and focus is worth it alone, my outlook on life is turning more positive and I feel better and it’s just the beginning:-)
Once my weight is under control it’s time to stop smoking cigarettes, after 34 years it’s time, I had my lungs checked and the doctor told me there was no evidence of me smoking so this was a pleasant surprise

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Fasting is one way, yes.

My favourite diner meal is steak and eggs with bacon and sausage, hold the toast, hold the potatoes. I find that most diners are perfectly willing to serve meals without bread or potatoes, and many will offer extra vegetables to make up for the missing potato.

A lot of convenience stores these days also sell pre-cooked bacon and hard-boiled eggs. One thing I regret about living in the boondocks is the serious shortage of Korean delis around here. When I was working in New York, the Korean delis always had a table of prepared dishes and salad fixings so you could mix and match to suit.

You can also pack a cooler bag with your own pre-cooked bacon wrapped around some cream cheese, a hunk of hard cheese (I like buttered cheese, myself), some pepperoni, or some leftover meat. Stick in a bag of pork rinds, and you’re good to go. If you rummage around the forums, especially in the Newbies section and the Food section, you’ll find plenty of other tips.


None of my business; but I wouldn’t correlate your moods with whatever you are eating, especially an excuse for anger.