Just started the 18:6 fasting

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me too lol
so far with my breakfast I’ve had 721 calories and 19.4 carbs and 99 grams of protein


It’s very hard to really seriously overeat protein for most of us. Some people can do it but it has symptoms, @PaulL knew those, I just vaguely remember. And I know the 3.3g/kg limit from him too. Or very close to that number but some tiny individual differences surely exists anyway.

So, if your normal weight is 75kg and we don’t care about the tiny fat there, 75-150g is a range many people use but I prefer the 112-150 one, not everyone is good with only 1g/kg protein and it’s keto, you probably don’t want to eat a tiny protein with lots of fat, it’s all about taste and whatever your body likes though. Too much fat makes me nauseous and I LOVE fat but I want enough protein with it.
I wouldn’t worry even with 200g protein on average but I wouldn’t go way further. Over 250 all the time is supposed to be a problem (that’s about the 3.3).
It’s still just vague for various reasons and if one is heavier with the same activity, the muscle mass
should be bigger too, there are the individual differences… But as it’s a huge range anyway, it’s fine.

I am a usually moderately active, not muscular short woman, my normal weight is maybe 56kg (never was slim in my life), my really lean weight, without the fat is below 50kg? 50 is easy to count with, I use that. So I supposed to eat 75-100g protein according to my calculations and my original, desired target was 100. I eat 130-180g on most days (I put effort into staying that low) and it feels very good. I surely had weeks around the 3.3 limit, it was fine for me but I never went significantly beyond. Some people handle tons of protein well, apparently, though. Again, personal factors, they are everywhere. but everyone has their limits somewhere, ideally too far away to reach it. I never had a problem with too protein beyond making my woe more expensive and running out of meat sometimes when it was supposed to be enough for the next day too… I still consider eating really high protein instead of adequate or a bit more (not like we truly know our actual needs) wasteful but I wouldn’t worry about my health when my body is elated with the amount.

TL;DR: No :slight_smile: It’s almost sure you will be just fine with some more protein.


NO, 150g sounds perfect to me. It may be not for you, we are different but it seems very, very fine.

And if you like to eat such lean meals like your breakfast, you need plenty of protein to eat enough fat anyway. You may change that though, I don’t know. I can eat fattier but have a super hard (about impossible) time to lower my fat/protein ratio, it tends to be in its usual small range since the beginning.
Sometimes we should accept it and use the best macro set we can even if we would use another if we could. Though maybe our idea about the good macros isn’t what our body needs…

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I’m making a steak now :slight_smile:thank you for this Shinita

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I can’t see 19.4 carbs on your plate! … looks like 5g?

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the 2% face yogurt was 14 carbs alone, sorry i was wrong, the yogurt has only 5 carbs lol so the new total is 10.4 carbs and this steak has zero carbs :wink:

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My favourite is sprinkle salt and pepper on the steak and bash with a rolling pin. Fry in butter ghee, pour in cream and serve

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Ah yes. My full fat yogurt has only 5g of carbs

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Since I am doing this fast everyday, I am wondering if it might be good to do a 24 our fast on the seventh day of the week ? Ive went from eating a ton to 2 meals a day, why not kick it up a notch ?
Anyone know if this would be good ?

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It would do no harm at all … But hey, this should be easy, if it’s a struggle no need to knock yourself out … Some might say eat when hungry. With a Keto or Carnivore diet most people feel hungry less often


Slow and steady, sure and steadfast.

Stick to the simple WOE at first, IF if you think it’s OK…and the worm will turn.
The results will creep up on you in a pleasent way.

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I’m an extreme person lol which is what got me so fat !! Hey if two of those are great let’s have ten,
Your right slow and steady Freddy

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Okay. First 208 lbs. = 94.5 kg. Assume that 70% of that is lean mass (or make up your own number). That means lean body mass is 94.5 x 0.7 = 66 kg. According to various recommendations, this means you should be getting anywhere from 66 to 132 g/day. Since beef is more or less 25% protein, that means you want to be eating 264-528 g (or 9-18 oz.) of beef a day, more if it’s fish, since fish is about 21-22(?)% protein.

The easy way is just to eat an amount that “feels right.” Many scientists believe that, like all other mammals, we have an instinct for eating the amount of protein we need. The point is that, so long as carb intake is restricted, we can eat what we feel we need and not really worry about it.

Notice that this is not licence to stuff your gullet, it means listening to your body and giving it what it asks for, no more, and certainly no less. Fat is not magic on a keto diet. It’s just the alternative source of energy for the body. If you have cut out, say, 300 g of carbohydrate from your diet, you will probably find yourself adding 133 g of fat (fat contains more calories, so you won’t need as much). But again, go by what feels right.

Within reason, the body compensates for what we give it. There are limits, of course: far too little, and the eventual result is death from starvation; far too much, and we will get (or stay) fat. But there is a broad middle range where the body can adjust the metabolism up or down to deal with the food we give it. This is why we advise eating to satiety. If we eat a bit more than necessary, the body will cope by burning more. Remember our ancestors evolved eating a pattern of alternating feasting (after a kill) with fasting (going out hunting).


It’s true…sometimes people mistake meats as pure protein when calculating optimum protein intake, which of course is for the birds.

It does no harm to periodically remind people of that fact; it can be a minefield of info when embarking into keto/IF.

(Derek Reese) #95

Here’s where I get confused Paul, am I eating 66 to 132 g/day of protein ? or 264-528 g of protein?


No foodstuffs are pure protein, including quality meats.

So, for example, a 500gram steak was 20% protein, you could eat it whole and that would be 100grams of protein.

The rest of the steak mass is water (blood), fat , glycogen stores, bones etc., so not all will be amino acid providing protein mass.

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Most meats are one-quarter protein, so to get a given amount of protein, you multiply it by 4 to see how much meat you need to eat. For example, 400 g (14 oz.) of meat will give you 100 g of protein.

Most fish is one-fifth protein, so to get a given amount of protein, you multiply it by 5 to see how much fish you need to eat. For example, 500 g (17.6 oz.) of fish will give you 100 g of protein.

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The amount of meat or anything else I can look online, I’m specifically talking about the daily amount of protein in grams, I read recently that you take your weight which mine is now 208 and multiply it by 10, so I should eat 2000 calories in a day, then take the same weight and multiply that by 0.7 which is 145 grams of protein in a day.
Is this correct ?

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Man I totally got my protein wrong today lol I have a 28oz steak which is 196 grams of protein on top of my breakfast which was 99 grams of protein,
Total grams of protein is 295


It doesn’t sound outrageous a number to me…I’ve eaten more than that in a day many a time.
But that’s after initial keto adaption.

Later on, I just upped my protein and lowered my fat intake.

You’ll figure it out- stay away from carbs and processed foods, eat whole foods that aren’t factory produced if you can, enough quality protein & healthy fats to sustain body & mind.