Just started the 18:6 fasting

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Concentrate on eating only fatty cuts of meat and salads (with blue cheese dressing for extra fat). If you really want a vegetable, eat broccoli and cauliflower. Remember–no sugar, starches, or grains, and you’ll be all right.

Get your energy from fat, instead of carbohydrates. If you need a snack, eat some pork rinds, buttered chees, or pepperoni, then eat more at the next meal. If you are eating enough at meals, then snacking becomes more a matter of emotional eating than need.

The ethical and moral considerations involved in vegetarian and vegan eating are not as clear-cut as people would have you believe. The truth is that all food production involves killing animals, and who’s to say that the life of a beef animal is more important than the lives of all those small mammals, birds, and insects that are displaced or outright killed by farming crops?

The environmental considerations are even easier to deal with: proper regenerative farming methods restore the soil, rather than depleting it. Eliminating commercial fertilisers and pesticides by adopting proper adaptive multi-paddock grazing saves an enormous amount of fossil fuels and sequesters a surprisingly large amount of carbon. The increased permeability of healthy soil reduces flooding and allows grasslands to survive and even thrive during drought years.

Furthermore, there is not enough cropland on earth to feed everyone (and we’ve built cities on a lot of it, which doesn’t help). Most agricultural land is suitable only for grazing, so if we are to have a hope of feeding the world, it will have to be with animal foods.

Sorry for the rant, but the picture is not as simple as a lot of people make it out to be.

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The high cholesterol and high blood pressure are caused by too much carbohydrate. Restrict your carb intake and live off meat and fat, and you will see amazing results.

Also, the belief that cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease is based on surprisingly little science, and there is far more evidence to suggest that whatever causes cardiovascular disease, it is not cholesterol. Again, the picture is very different from what people would have us believe.


Indeed but being a vegetarian instead of vegan is directly supporting mass killing of bigger animals as the male ones simply aren’t needed in huge numbers. I can understand if one still think they find being a vegetarian better, I was the same (though I didn’t think these over and had many other reasons for it) but we just shouldn’t be so horribly naive… The vegans can be the worst when they feel all holy and enlightened, of course just the bad ones but I had some run ins and they made a big impact.

I usually don’t compare the life of the pig with the life of the insects, I think about MY life quality that would drop quite much without animal food… Sorry/not sorry, I am selfish and my life matters pretty much to me. I do try to do what I can for the planet, the animals and so on but I don’t sacrifice myself for making things maybe a tad better.

The animal part of the food industry should be change a lot for it… That is the way to go but of course the comparisons often use the normal, crops eaten by non-grazing animal situation… Even so, the comparisons forget about certain things… The picture is quite complex and people are far from being biased, we know that very well…
Changes must be done, the current things aren’t good, no matter what diets one consider good… :frowning:

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Well I won’t ever complain about eating meat and seafood lol seriously I could throw down a few lobsters with ease.
Ok lowest carbs possible, highest fat and proteins.


I wouldn’t say THAT, no need to force-feeding fats and proteins :smiley: (or even eating them unnecessarily, no matter how awesome is having twice as our needs, sigh). But you probably shouldn’t fear them either. (That’s me who should minimize both as much as possible, rather more. I still don’t actually feat them. I have quite high numbers occasionally and it’s fine.)
There is a thing as too much protein but most of us can’t reach it without really trying or not even then.

I saw people worrying about protein and fat/protein ratio so many times, very unnecessarily. We don’t have a single fixed target. It’s fine to eat less or more as long as it feels right and in the right range but occasionally going lower or higher isn’t a problem either.
And keto has NO fixed macro percentages, can’t be as our needs are different and 75/20/5 would be horrible for many of us, at least sometimes. It’s overeating level for me now.
As you can read here so often, the basics are simple. Low enough carbs, enough protein and fat, there are no fixed specific good-for-everyone numbers.
Fortunately you aren’t obsessed with numbers, it’s good but many are. Well THAT is eating disorder, doing keto in a very strictly ordered way for no reason and no matter what. Therapeutic keto styles often have lots of rules and specific percentages, that’s another matter… Or when one experiences they feel best at 80% fat. It’s according to their individual experiences, not following some general thing even when it’s a bad fit.

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So far what I am eating seems to be working because again this is only day four and I lost 8 pounds in less than a week.
I kind of got into counting all the numbers last night, carbs,sugars,proteins etc
As long as I’m familiar with them k should be ok.
Low carbs all the way. The high protein and low carbs in a few lobsters and a steak would be awesome

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Oh the weight will fly off! … My doctor is in shock.

Full fat everything. Cream, Yogurt etc. That meal looked excellent. People won’t understand how you can eat all that fat and lose weight … but you will!

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This is amazing lol
Can I have milk and iced cream also ?

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A lot of the initial loss is usually water, but hey! we’ll take it, right? The reason is that glucose and glycogen (the storage form of glucose) cause the body to retain water, three or four molecules of water to one of sugar. So that means your overload of sugar is starting to be reduced.

As for fat loss, don’t be discouraged if it only averages 2 lbs./1 kg a week. A slow rate of loss allows the skin to shrink without getting too loose. But you are also likely to experience what we call “whooshes,” which are a week or two of no loss followed by 20-30 lbs./10-15 kg in a single day. The process of fat loss is not linear, and you may see it go up as well as down. As long as the overall trend is downward, there’s no need to be concerned. If you’re clothes get looser, then all is well, no matter what the scale says.

The fat is fine, but watch the sugar. Heavy cream is better than whole milk, because it’s usually sugar-free. Whole milk contains the sugars galactose and lactose, but it’s not too bad, if you don’t drink too much. Avoid reduced-fat milk, because removing the fat increases the amount of sugar per unit volume. Aged cheeses usually contain the least sugar, because the bacteria eat it.

There are a couple of brands of sugar-free ice cream on the market, Halo and Rebel. I’d avoid the sugar-sweetened brands like the plague, for many reasons.

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Thank you for this heads up Paul, the human body is so interesting wow

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awesome, iced cream and milk aren’t my fav’s at all so this is good to know, I ADORE CHEESE, this is fantastic Paul, sending you hugs brother, thank you again


Good, many cheese (almost all I eat) is zero carb… But not very satiating for me, it’s no problem when my eating window and other items are right though. Many of us shouldn’t eat it galore but a little makes life more enjoyable :slight_smile:
I love milk so I drink it, it’s very carby (cream isn’t just less carby but less is needed and a box is smaller… and milk never can replace cream. or vice versa…) but it’s animal sugar and that’s fine for me. And it’s not satiating so I wouldn’t want to drink it galore anyway. Look at the pros and cons (experiments may be needed to figure them out) and decide. I would lose A LOT without milk now (I barely drink any for decades but I had my plants then) and it seems pretty harmless, other people get less good and/or more bad…

I make my own ice cream, it’s rarely needed but sometimes useful. I like making my own food as my food can evolve and change with me. And it’s fun to make new recipes anyway. But store-bought ones may work, it’s very individual. I can’t even buy non-sugary ice cream here and that would be horribly watered down anyway I suppose like normal ice cream. I want fatty protein from my food including my ice cream.

If you are fine without certain treats, just try to live without them, simplicity has its joy too… Focus on replacements more if you can’t seem to forget about them and feel the need.

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If I weigh 208 lab’s how many grams of protein should i be getting in a day ?150grams or higher ?


Lean weight is more important. 150g may be fine but there are individual factors even there. 1-2g/kg for LBM is what many of us consider right.

(Derek Reese) #75

whats LBM ?


Lean Body Mass. The extra fat doesn’t need extra protein, after all. It doesn’t matter much when one has little extra fat as we don’t want to eat some super fixed number of it anyway, there are even individual factors. I am unable to eat only 2g/kg protein, for example, I stay hungry.

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I still don’t know how many grams of protein I should eat for this all to work ?
My normal weight is 165 pounds, so i want to lose 51 pounds, so how do i figure out how much protein to eat ? if I eat more protein than I should, is this bad ?
My eating is from 10am-4pm and I’m still full from that breakfast (99 grams of protein) but I have two more hours to get in more protein, I’m just not sure how much more I need ?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #78

I’m no expert here, as said, I don’t count anything but 99g of protein is enough. In UK measures 1g of protein for 1kg of body weight is OK.
I’m now 74kg, so 74g of protein would be right. There’s some scope I think

(Derek Reese) #79

so your 163 pounds (74kg) and you eat 74 grams of protein.
Im terrible at math, can you please help me ? I now weigh 208 (94kg) but my normal weight is 165 (74kg) so should I eat protein for my desired weight ?
If this is so, seems like I’m eating too much protein

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #80

You’ve got me stumped there. I new to this too lol. Actual weight or Desired weight … hmmm I don’t know but some people eat more than 2g per 1kg of weight so if that’s healthy then you could eat 150g of protein even for best body weight