Just started keto. Are protein shakes with sucralose and carrageenan keto friendly?


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Sorry for posting yet another question about Sucralose. Everyone on this forum seem to say that Sucralose in liquid form is ok but not in solid form.

So here is my question:

We bought protein shakes (Premier Protein Shake - Chocolate) that would perfectly fit into our macros and would make our lives a lot easier since do not have a lot of time to cook every day. They have only 2g of net carbs and 30g protein. They seem to be keto friendly just by looking at calories. However, when I look at the ingredients list, it has Sucralose and carrageenan Ingredients List. I am not sure the used liquid or powered sucralose.

Then I looked for alternative protein shakes and MOST of them seem to have these two ingredients (atleast Sucralose). How safe is it to consume these shakes on Keto? I don’t want to eat or drink anything that would throw me out of ketosis.


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Protein shake = whipping cream + whey/casein. No need to buy pre-made with other junk added, including sucralose or any artificial sweetener. Sweet is a taste better lost, the sooner the better.

In my ever so humble opinion.

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Thank you.

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Sucralose will most likely elicit some kind of insulin spike which will break a fast, as for kicking you out of Ketosis the jury is still out.
And the Carageenan is very inflammatory for our bodies, it is used in test subjects to promote inflammation, which when going on a keto diet is the opposite of what we’re looking for if you want to feel good. :slight_smile:

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Well there you go Matt, I think you have arrived at the answer.

@pagetrip Don’t eat KETO products is my approach. KETO foods are all in your grocery store around the outer isles. @amwassil Mike has come up with some great easy no cook options that work fantastic for him. I’m more of a meat, eggs and bit of cheese and salt guy with coffee included. I recently reintroduced HWC after cutting it in June. I moved more and more simple as I moved through KETO. I hardly spend any time cooking now and half of it is outside on a propane grill. I am in maintenance like Mike. The simpler I go the better I seem to feel. Good luck to you and your wife finding your own groove with eating and what works for you two. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Sarcasm? Or genuine?


Not having to worry about cooking all the time is why I enjoy OMAD so much. I really look forward to my one meal, but don’t have to worry about preparing two or three meals a day.

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I have been using the Premier Protein Shake (one per day) for the last 2 weeks and have had zero issues with them kicking me out of Ketosis.