Just got my insulin level test results


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Did you also misread your blood glucose? Because 136 after 12 days of fasting seems high to me. I’m not a doctor so just have my own numbers to compare to but mine drop into the 50’s-60’s-70’s by day 3.

Suit yourself on not choosing to count carbs. But coming to a keto board and being insulted that someone suggested keto would be like me going to a vegan board and being upset when they suggested I stop eating all animal products. DUH.

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I agree with Michael, Dr. Fung created a long lasting enigma with that article he wrote on Diet Doctor if you can fix insulin/Leptin resistance, you basically solved the problem of why we don’t lose weight and store fat especially visceral fat on the pancreas and liver and why our BMR and insulin goes out of whack…

You can google saturated fat to death and get all these negative results on how to decrease saturated fat intake and not increase it (that’s what’s killing people) if you take refined sugar and carbs/grains out of the picture?

Why are you so dam hungry, eat more fat?


The hypothalamus is the root control center of energy balance for the bodies BMR and seemingly dietary sugars especially refined is the real culprit?

Study review: Dietary sugars, not lipids, drive hypothalamic inflammation

You will find endless articles and research papers on google saying the opposite; blaming saturated fat for “inflammation of the hypothalamus?”

What I cited above is rare?

Hypothalamic Inflammation and Energy Balance Disruptions: Spotlight on Chemokines


@lfod14 A few years ago I heard a really interesting podcast on RMR. What I remember from it is that Luis Villasenor (of Ketogains) eats ketogenically and lifts and has a relatively low-calorie diet (1600/day? something like that - maybe even less).

I’ve seen you post a lot on here about your lowered metabolism but you seem to take it as a given that it’s a problem. Why is it a problem? I don’t mean that as a rhetorical question. I really mean it: why are you worried about your metabolism being lowered?

In today’s era of obesity and overfeeding, we take it as a given that a fast metabolism is a good thing. But that’s purely contextual. In evolutionary terms (i.e. for most of human history), a man being able fuel heavy lifting 5-6x/week plus do cardio plus a physical job on only 1700 calories a day makes him a superior human specimen. If I were looking for a mate in world of predators and prey, you would look pretty darn good.


Because I can’t eat 3 adult sized meals a day without gaining weight! Let alone a snack! Even eating 2 meals a day and an Iced Coffee or two and I’m way over what my metabolism will allow and I gain, and not in the good way. With my physical activity I should be able to eat WAY more than I can. Plus, A couple years ago I could. Pre becoming a lower protein and fasting believer, none of this was a problem.

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Hi Squiggler,
You might have something called brittle diabetes. It’s a condition in which BS levels swing to high and low for no reason, mostly associated with type 1 diabetics. When you say your insulin was 19.6 what does that mean? Did you check your blood sugar?


I guess I’m suggesting that maybe the fasting etc reset your metabolism so that you’re actually now a beast (in the best sense of the word). Why is it a problem if you don’t eat a certain number of meals at a certain portion size?

My metabolism is high and I’ve been trying to transition to OMAD. If my metabolism drops in the process, that’s fine with me. In fact, I would consider it a good thing. Less wear and tore on my whole system.


Because I don’t get by with the size meals that my 6yo runs on. There’s just too much me. If you want to drive 100mi, you need to have 100mi worth of fuel in the tank! I can’t eat the amount I need to pull off what I’m capable of, without it turning into overkill. This is why I’ve lost muscle mass and gained fat.

I’m 5’9" weighing in at 220, at last scan my LBM was almost 180 of it. The more muscle mass you have is SUPPOSED to translate to an improved metabolism… not me. Don’t you think it’s not ideal when someone with my breakdown can’t eat the “normal” 2000 cals without all hell breaking loose? That’s really not a lot of food anyway you look at it, especially if it’s pretty fatty! I’ve had to scale way back just to be able to still get enough protein in to stop and reverse the muscle loss I dealt with over the last 2yrs. Plus all that aside… I’m a foodie! I REALLY like cooking and eating.


Re ^ it sounds like actually you can run on smaller meals. That’s exactly what lower RMR is, right?

What if there’s nothing inherently “normal” about 2000kcal?

I know that Mark Sisson wrote about this a while ago but I couldn’t find it on a quick search, but take a look at this (I’m not particularly advocating Livestrong - don’t know anything about the site - and wish I could find the Sisson article…)

I can leave you alone after this, and I promise I’m not trying to give you a hard time. I’m just struck by the fact that your body has become more metabolically efficient and you are interpreting that as a problem but the only issue you’ve brought up - besides the thoughts that it shouldn’t be like this and wasn’t like this before and you’re not in the “normal” range - is that you can’t eat as much as you want to eat.

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Actually, it is the opposite. A high insulin level should drive glucose out of your blood and into muscle to be metabolise and into fat tissue to be stored as fat. If your insulin and glucose levels are dropping only slowly, that most likely means you are still quite insulin resistant. A well-formulated ketogenic diet can reverse insulin resistance, but the process takes time.

I’d be interested to know any other numbers from your most recent blood work; for example, your liver enzymes, your HbA1C, your WBC and CRP, and so forth.

Also, just so you know, Dr. Jason Fung, the nephrologist who promotes fasting, warns against fasting for more than three or four days without medical supervision. And be especially careful when eating again after a long fast. Re-feeding syndrome can be deadly.


Not the way I want to! If I up my cals to around 3000 or so, within a couple days my energy is up HUGE, my lifts in the gym start going up very noticeably, I can run at my max which allows me to progress with my strength goals. Problem is, the adding of fat overtakes the energy and muscle gains. I’ve tried for a while now to find the sweet spot and it seems I’m either on or off at this point.

I’m not looking to be the slim/trim “athletic” guy. I’m the guy who likes strength and muscle. In the life extension world slower metabolism is a good thing, in the strength world an “efficient” metabolism is a curse… and literally viewed that way for all the issues I’m having now. We want a wasteful furnace that will melt steel! I’ve got time later in life for it to be “efficient” for now it’s holding me back.