June Zero Jubilee :)


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s Hungary. I am 5’4" so I am aware 70kg is much and I looked like this at 62kg too… Though I think I am a tad more muscular now, my pants (the ones where I easily feel little changes. I can’t measure my waist, I lack the skill, it seems) feels the same as they felt when my weight was lower. Weight doesn’t interest me, I would be gladly 70kg with little bodyfat (still healthy for a woman) and much muscles but I doubt it’s realistic for me :smiley: But who knows?
So obviously having a more optimal bodyfat mass is healthier (especially that most of the excess fat is on my belly) but I don’t worry I get various health issues due to this. I have my anchestors’ good genes, mostly. I can be patient for a bit more.

I can imagine changes. After I tried out carnivore, the only not insane diet I thought impossible for me? Avoiding vegetables, the only food group I thought I never could skip? No matter how off days I have, I almost never eat any vegetables now. Something turned off in me. And I loved them passionately, in huge amounts… So after all that, eating rarer meat sounds nothing. I just don’t know what is safe. Totally safe. As safe as can be. It’s not a sacrifice not eating raw/rare meat so I don’t want risks.

I actually fried some beef not into oblivion once and it was good. It worked with tiny pieces. But when we make steaks (from some cheaper parts, not the typical ones. I am not sure I would be happier with the expensive stuff but I will try it out at some point. maybe in a restaurant as my trust in my skills is understandably little), I still think we should make it soft in the oven at a low temperature first.
Well, I fry the most tender livers for 15 minutes too :smiley:
Eating raw/rare is far from me. It’s odd it works so well with eggs. But those are different. I prefer my yolks runny. And whipped egg yolks are creamy and nice, heat just ruins them. Not like fried yolks aren’t awesome. But not creamy. I eat about 30-seconds scrambled eggs nowadays and it’s way better than the dry brown one I had before though I liked that too.

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@Fangs I’ve eaten it seared but practically raw for awhile. Wasn’t a huge leap lol

@Shinita I only do it with well sourced meat. If I bought it discount at the grocery store, I cook it to at least rare. It’s super delicious! I also eat eggs raw. Sadly I have no source for raw milk :sob:


I almost exclusively eat meat from local farms, that’s why I have these meat problems to begin with and I trust them but I have my limits when it’s about my health… And I lack knowledge at this point.
Raw milk doesn’t interest me as it’;s full with sugar, not for me. My body is especially sensitive to carbs if they are from lactose. I don’t think I am intolerant but I still feel it’s not ideal. Getting raw milk was always doable here, somehow it’s a thing in this country :slight_smile: They always warn everyone to boil it first but it totally ruins the taste and I never did that. The best was when I drank foamy, still warm milk in the neighbourhood, they kept cows and many other animals, it was fun to be there. My Grandma only kept chickens but at least I had blood :smiley: Blood is tasty, well that’s super hard to get, our egg and sometimes rabbit source gave us some once, it was the only time in 3 decades for me.


yea I so get this. We all have our limits or comfort zone on so much stuff in our lives :sunny: We all fall where we fall in that! Cool.


Junebilee……WEE…just got another drop on the scale. I am thrilled.

I am now down 1.8 total for June so far. I got like 7 days still left…maybe I will hit into my 2 lb. mark like I did for May. I know this is slow weight loss but again, I am fine with it losing my last vanity lbs. and I eat so much, all I want, when I want and truly put in NO ‘dieting’ efforts or tricks ever…I just eat and losses come to me and body composition is still changing and I am super thrilled with ‘clean zc’ and what it gives me…and so happy with you guys and the challenges we hold to keep our eating clean and on point!!

woke up not hungry. no food in mind I truly want today ya know…a lot of times I wake up saying I want this food later, right now nothing is calling to me. I got my usual. Eat whatever later. All good!!

Rocking Junebilee….lets tear up June ya’ll :wink:


yup, so agree which is why almost ALL carnivores won’t touch it but some still say it is animal food so fair game. Drink milk…why when you can eat great damn good nourishing food and get all ya need? But some say it satisfies them and ON plan so??? to each their own on that one with zc……lol.

blood is very darn tasty and it gives salt hit also our body requires…so it gives, while any milk takes from the body in full truth.


congrats, @Fangs! :smiley:

I don’t understand. Maybe because days passed in the fridge. Maybe it’s me. But I went back to disliking chicken breast… It was so dry today. I used it to make the overly salty smoked/cooked pork chops edible so it was okay… But days before I liked them alone! Oh well, it’s over now. Alvaro can have almost the whole chicken and rabbit breast in the future. But the rooster had so little meat left after we cut off the limbs and it had so big breasts… I had to eat some :slight_smile: But it’s way better when still somewhat fresh out of the soup!

My plant matter is basically the very tiny amount of fruit I just can’t avoid while picking them for a long time, it’s like licking spoons, the not perfect ones usually got eaten to avoid waste (I try not to go near my fruit bushes, trees and other plants, whatever strawberries have if possible… I meet more than enough fruit on my walks in the wild) and things got better right away. I don’t eat “all day” (I never start before noon but I am not a morning person anyway and go to bed late), I feel okay… If I could wake up early again and feel more than the usual zombie me, that would be nice.
It’s a useful training for me. Strict rules are easier but as I probably always will eat plants now and then, it’s good to learn how to avoid straying farther than absolutely necessary or inavoidable. I wasn’t so good at it lately, I either did carnivore(-ish) or went over 50-60g net carbs… There was a reason but still, it wasn’t okay that way considering how rarely I could have a carni day. But it’s logical I need time to handle every frequent situation well.


this is normal when one goes toward almost all meat eating. the very little other stuff ya eat doesn’t even come into play…the majority of what you eat on meat protein is key.

we change. I ate tons of chicken thighs. Tons of wings. NOW YOU can’t get me to eat those meats LOL which I thought would be a staple for life but on zc we change, and most of us longer term people want and desire red meat. Heavy dense red meat…lamb, beef, bison, deer and if leaner we add in extra red meat fats or butter if required.

this truly is an evolution all us zc people go thru. We just do it on our own timeline as we change :slight_smile:

the flip back and forth is rough. I know I been there. It never gives you that ‘truth of your body’ if you go all low carb and hold it, like total of 20-30 carbs per day or if you go all in zero carb and hold it, only meat/seafood only. That jump between the 2 leaves one in ‘wonderland’ of what their physical truth and how they can change into a life long eating style…leaves on on that fringe, the edge of just being there but not sure what path to follow.

it boils down to you. how do you require to eat thru life and get good results for health, be happy as a clam eating thru the day and it has to be personal on how hard you hit that path you desire or know suits you.

it is a game of should I, could I, will I and all the while we do this we must listen to our bodies and mind to show us personally how to roll.

I think you are on a great path. I think you wanna be ‘low carb’ and do well there for what you want out of life in your eating and that is fab. Not a darn thing wrong with cleaning up eating to fresh and local and healthy and seasonal. My mom is 92 and only on one small blood pressure pill and eats it all and thriving literally and living alone still with our help………so who knows what paths lead us where LOL A lot comes into play with long life and health and more. Find you and what works for you is always best :slight_smile: I do that for me and others should do that for them!!

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Ok…confession…i drank a lot of vodka…like a LOT!!! And stuffed up big time…binged on the naughty wrong foods…Then got sick…Now I eat not much…But we learn from mistakes right…Will be back on Carni as soon as I’m able to eat again…So I will be not here for a while…whoops.


B, whatta ya want and when you figure that out thru other changes in life you can proceed with health and more.

what do you want? hardest damn f’ing question on the planet if you ask me :slight_smile: love ya and wish you the best!!


Yeah I understand changes but I always hated chicken breast, horribly dry. Yeah, Mom could make it edible, I would find ways but it’s not a nice one to begin with. But we made rooster soup and the breast was GOOD! 2 days passed and it’s the same boring dry thing as usual. It was too sudden!

I have the “wanting what I don’t have” thing but it’s understandable :smiley: When I have beef, I want some soft little fowl or rabbit. When I have ONLY rooster (and the usual fish and smoked pork), I want red meat. Ideally, I have all kinds I like. I will work towards that goal, I need the minifreezer and big orders, I tried them out and know what to expect and what parts to buy if the animal is big so I can’t buy a half or a whole.
I like chicken and rabbit sometimes, it’s nice to have those soft tender things… It shouldn’t be very often as I never liked lean meat. But there are good dishes with them, they are tasty if properly home-raised… I need chicken because of the skin too ;). Pork skin is special as well. Variety is important for me. I even want fish sometimes, it’s just not substantial enough for me to be a main course. Chicken is much better and red meat is the most heavy, rich, substantial item. It would be too heavy alone. I had such a day, it was nice but I couldn’t do that all the time at this point.
(And there are eggs and dairy. Actually, dairy is only important for me when I don’t have enough meat and I still eat very little of them. Eggs are little wonders, they make ANY meat and skin enjoyable.)

I am low-carb since almost a decade (with some off days). It was perfect in the beginning. I needed a stricter approach later. And experimented. I changed very much since my original low-carb times and I keep changing.


still holding my low on the scale. hey I got some little bit off me, so I am happy. eating well while doing it :slight_smile:

Junebilee is ramping down but I am going into July with another eat clean/hold the zc line tight month. Eh, why not? I love these accountability threads and small challenges that keep me focused and alert to my eating plan…and all the great people who join the thread to do the same :wink:

yesterday ate a 1 lb. of shrimp and 2 small nice beef tenderloin steaks and 8 link sausage. yum.

today I might just do the same but change around a bit…1/2 lb shrimp and a big ribeye steak. I want some red meat and a big old hunk of it LOL haven’t had a good ribeye in a bit, got a hankering.

all zc running well. working now on relaxing, chilling out, enjoy summer and just ‘be’ ya know. No drama, no stress, no crazy of any kind. Will now avoid it like the plague HAHA

hope everyone is cruising along and doing well also!!


oh my, we can start a countdown now…day 5, 4, 3, 2, 1–the last day!

I think June went fast, whew.

holding 1.8 down for the month. I don’t know why but I feel like I am set here with this loss, not getting more and have to do another month to get a tad more down that scale LOL

which is cool. just eat on plan, do my thing, let zc make it happen for me :wink:

ribeye steak was yummy

today eating the other 1/2 of that big old steak and pair up with maybe chicken? not sure…but I know steak for sure and then something else LOL

be strong ya’ll, us few on the challenge are doing great!!!


Is it too late to start? hahahahaha

I had a baby this month.

I haven’t really stopped from “May I Carnivore”. But I haven’t been as mindful and strict. Interesting that dirty carnivore sees me back in nutritional ketosis with low routine fasted blood glucose tests. And I feel good. I have no idea what any scales say, as I don’t believe they are a good health measure. But clothes fit hasn’t changed much this past month, whereas trousers did get looser in May on zero carb. Belt notch is where it landed at end of May.

The plan is so easy it is routine. But I have been eating some seaweed and some seasonal fruit (as in pumpkin mainly) in the mix and not cooking up enough bone broth (for me).

I have got a Labrador puppy now. She loves her low-carb 2MAD meals. The vet said I have to feed her highly processed commercial dry puppy food for her growing bones. So I mix up her fatty beef, in a bone broth base with mineral salt, with some full fat yoghurt, maybe some sardines, sometimes some chicken necks, and dump 2 handfuls of a well known brand puppy kibble on top.

This is her food bowl at the end of each meal.

She is a magician.

She is a Labrador. I did mention that. The dogs with the ‘greedy’ gene and insatiable appetite.

When we do puppy training I use dried beef or lamb liver, or rotisserie chicken (not white meat). She chews on the cartilage from pigs’ ears.

I think this pup knows that puppy kibble is mainly grains and industrial seed oils. The breeder says the pups were weaned on to it. But in the face of real food, she just leaves it.

This post went a bit off-track.


This post is right on track my friend LOL

Your dog is smarter than most people in this world when it comes to edible foods to eat HAHA…I know she was smarter than me for a long time in my life :slight_smile: :wink:

Your new pup is adorable. HER NAME? Come on ya gotta give us her name. But that is wild she leaves the crap food and eats all the good ya put in there. Magically working around that kibble.

That is my dog. He eats chicken, beef and more as main food 2 times per day…he is Papillion and 11 lbs so he just gets 2 smaller meals per day and I leave out IAMS dog kibble as ‘backup’ and he rarely eats it…if he does he takes like 4 mini chunks in his mouth, comes in front of me and drops them on the ground and waits til I get off my butt and feed him more meat HAHA He has me trained, little stinker.

Don’t waste your money on the kibble. I don’t know why I do…my bag of like 7 lbs. of IAMS mini chuck chow lasts us over a year and that is probably cause after sitting in the bowl on the ground for so long, I dump that food and put in new, new he never eats…why am I doing that? ugh…lol…Your dog doesn’t ‘need it’ at all, but you have to give your dog a good overall meat eating meals and that pup will grow just fine!!

Sounds like you are doing very well FB. You know your sweet spot thru all of this and if you hang in that spot you know…you got it made.
Carbs from plants will create more water weight for sure, bloat ya up some.

Yea the scale is the last of my ‘old dieting baggage’ I hold onto but I do not put much weight on it as a marker truly. One will be leaner/meaner/thinner and feel great at a high weight on zero carb or extreme low carb so…body composition and energy and vibrancy of life mean more than a number. So true dat!

Nothing like puppy pics! That one was super cute!




Ahhhhh…….and she looks like a Billie too :slight_smile: great name!


Scale has become less meaningful to me too as my body composition changes and I “thin out” even though numbers change little.

Off to plant Russian Sage before too hot, and then pork sausage and mega-bacon omelet. Today planning chuck roast and snow crab for second meal, with lots of Irish butter. Oh the weight loss struggle;)


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::shushing_face::shushing_face: Omg I love your last line…oh the weight loss struggle HAHA ZC is darn great isn’t it :slight_smile: as long as we give it the time to work for us we got it made on this plan. I give ya the shushing faces cause…shh, don’t let everyone know how great this plan is, everyone will be eating up our meats :smile:

and your mega bacon omelet…oh hell yea!

delish chuck roast and crab…oh my gosh that is my kinda meal right there and I know you will smiling and in your glory while eating ‘your diet food’ LOL

fab post Hawkeye!! Pleasure to read that!!


Loving carnivore.
Not one doubt about that :sunny:

ate some beef tenderloin yesterday
8 link sausage
ummm, hmm, few bites taco meat I made for family

then late last night I fried up a lb. of bacon and put some cheddar on it to melt that I grated…omg so good.

didn’t eat heavy meat as my norm like I do and toward night I was hungry.

Today tho I woke up hungry. Not eating enough kinda, feel right now with the lower eating I am doing, and this is just cause I am not that hungry, no other reason…I now am swinging into hungry times. Which is fine.

gonna eat me a big ribeye steak later with a lb. of shrimp
then I got 1/2 lb. burger to eat after that if wanted
and then I got 2 chicken breasts I prepped up to fry if required

yes this will be a good eating day for me cause I want it and will have it LOL

Still holding my low on the scale. Feel wonderful. Gonna swim a bunch in the pool and clean it up a bit and float around and relax and just be a water baby for the day!! Life on zc is great! Life in my early retirement stage is fab also! All good here.