JULY AND AUGUST 2023 Maintenance Check In


Half the year is over. I hope everyone is finding maintaining is not too difficult.

I have been doing a group of OMAD this week. I think it is good to mix it up, I’ve been doing 2 or 3 meals for some time now. I am maintaining but I do bounce a bit then drop back down, sometimes even going under my goal weight.

June 2023 Maintenance Check In

I am mostly OMAD or I eat twice. I went down another 20 pounds recently, gained 3 pounds back. That’s normal for me, to stall and gain some back. I am actually lower than my original goal now, but I still could do with losing another 20 to 30 pounds if I want to be slender. I was just going for healthy, comfortable and not morbidly obese. I pretty much reliably lose more when I go OMAD carnivore, but I am not so inclined in summer, I want my berries or tomatoes or such things when in season. I am content and not at all in a hurry now. All is well here, there is zero danger of my stopping Keto or gaining any back. Maintaining happily.

(Robin) #3

I can relate to this. I seem to have a 3 pound variance. But I’d rather not go as low as I sometimes dip.


I give myself 3 lbs. either direction of my goal weight. When I get a bounce it will usually go back down the next day or two without any effort from me. At my age, if I go down more than 3 lbs. I just let my body do that. My goal is at the top of the normal range for my height. I know too many who have gone lower and when they got a serious illness, they lost so much they had a hard time getting back to where they could even do things like a simple walk or open a too tight lid. I don’t want to go there. I am happy, can do just about any exercise I am up for, and my husband thinks I am beautiful, so I’m good.

I like the feelings I get when I do these kinds of fasts, otherwise I would not be doing them for all these years.

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Tell me, This thread, is like a journal? to keep a record of improvement or stability or lack of it?

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I am averaging 19 hours of fasting each day of the week, I am officially off my diuretic, stomach, and cholesterol medication. I am down 5 pounds since the first of the month. Most importantly is that I have taken well over an inch off my waist. I am now wearing my cowboy cut jeans, as well as my 34 jeans. I had a great talk with my doctor and with his suggestion I have set my sights on a weight goal of between 175 and 184.

(Robin) #7

Define stability…:wink:

(Robin) #8

Yea, it is for that exactly.
You can also start your own accountability thread.


I fluctuate, always did.

But thankfully now I’m fluctuating around a healthy weight, and not fluctuating around a steadily increasing weight under the ‘eat anything diet especially carbs.’

But yeah, If I feel a bit bulkier in myself, I’ll modulate by going OMAD alternatively with 2MAD.
Then back to normal keto/very low carb routine.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

This thread is for support in our efforts to maintain. There was lots of support in the forums for you loss journey, but nothing for those who hit maintenance, but had no forum for discussion and support.

Anyone within 10-15 lbs. of their goal is welcomed here.

Lots of us have been successful at losing in the past but always regained. Hopefully this will support everyone’s efforts for staying in maintenance.

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Thanks. See if I can use it. So After an initial 17kg loss in 3 months the last 2 months have been Status Quo. Nothing lost nothing gained. BS and BP are happy. So I’ll keep going like this.


Don’t really know about those strips mate, but if you have spare enough disposable dosh, I’d recommend this, if you are serious about monitoring (I was, but I don’t bother anymore).
Oh look! It has that lipophillc molecule/carboxl group lol.
Haven’t tested in months, just did:

I’m not surprised with that, been eating mainly meat and fish for days.

That Keyto comes with a great app, for tracking, historical trends, tutorials etc., and the sensor is an acetone sensor (so may pick up other things apart from ketones pesence, but used correctly is very accurate).

It helped me, then I just got to stage where i know how to regulate myself if you will.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

I found pee sticks to be useless, unless monitoring my hydration level. Here is what I use instead.
Formula for finding Glucose Ketotone Index from https://perfectketo.com/glucose-ketone-index/#4

First, measure your blood glucose levels as described on your blood glucose meter. Then, do the same for your ketone levels, following the directions on the test.

Once you have both numbers, take your glucose number and divide it by 18 (this is to convert the blood glucose reading from mg/dL to mmol/L. If you’re not in the U.S. and the reading is already in mmol/L already, you don’t need to divide by 18.)

Divide that number by your ketone level number.

So, essentially: (Glucose Level / 18) / Ketone Level = Glucose Ketone Index

Now you have your glucose ketone index!

You cannot classify a GKI number as “good” or “bad.” Rather, you need to understand how different numbers bring your closer to various health goals, such as weight loss, better overall health, or treatment of more serious conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, or cancer.

Below are some fairly widely accepted glucose-ketone numbers for different conditions or treatments:

  • Anything above 9 means your body has not transitioned into a fat-burning state.
  • A 6-9 GKI demonstrates a low level of ketosis: This is appropriate for those who want to lose weight or maintain optimal health.
  • A 3-6 GKI demonstrates moderate levels of ketosis: This is appropriate for addressing many common metabolic diseases including insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, or obesity.
  • A less than 3 GKI is a high level of ketosis: This is typically used for addressing epilepsy and cancers. Entering this high level of ketosis periodically each year can be beneficial for anyone hoping to use ketosis for disease prevention.

To get the most benefits from ketosis, you want to get your GKI number as low as possible.

While you may use the GKI simply to tweak your macro guidelines, this measurement can also be used in a wide range circumstances, including:

  • Cancer Treatment: Researchers first used the GKI in the treatment of different cancers, especially brain cancer.
  • Diabetes Treatment: The index has been used with metabolic therapy for both the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes and Type 1 diabetes.
  • Fasting: The GKI is a tool to see how your body responds to fasting, and whether intermittent fasting helps you enter ketosis.
  • Athletic performance: Those looking to increase their athletic performance can use the index to see how their body responds to using ketones, rather than glucose, during competition.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #14

Errr what meter?

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

A standard blood glucose meter, one where you prick your finger. Many brands out there. My husband does my pricks as I am a needle phobe and can’t do it myself. No idea what the name is, he actually has two different ones, I don’t look while he does it.

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Hope all the USAers had a good holiday this past week and if you indulged, didn’t have to pay a high price for it.

I am continuing to mix up OMAD and 2MAD, since mixing them up seems to do the best for me. It is very rare I have a 3rd meal these days. I am staying slightly under my goal weight, with any bouncing landing me on my goal weight, so I am content to keep doing this.

(Central Florida Bob ) #17

A couple of months ago, I had decided it seemed like the best way to get a consistent set of measurements (weight, % BF, lean body mass, hydration, etc.) was to measure while fasted and as close to the same overall state as possible in terms of exercise, water consumption, electrolytes, everything. I went back to doing a once/week fast from Wednesday night through Friday at midday. Midday because I’ve been two meals/day for almost the full 8 years I’ve been keto. Pretty much 40 hours from the last bite of food on Wednesday to the first bite on Friday, ignoring The Precioussss (the elixir of life - coffee) with a teaspoon of HWC. I weigh in Friday morning before coffee.

Then a strange thing happened. In May, I suddenly dropped from 209 +/- 1 to 205 +/- 1 without doing anything out of the ordinary. It has stayed that way and I haven’t seen 204 on a scale in a couple of years. Once or twice in the few months, I felt rotten on fasting days, so I just ate my usual two meals and didn’t weigh in.

A few days ago something I was reading made me wonder how many days I’ve fasted. I know I did ADF for six months, twice, so pretty much a full year. 150/160 days? Then all of the once a week fasts I’ve done probably add another 50? A couple of hundred fasting days? I’ve probably ridden my bike my average of 14 miles/day fasted close to that number. I never kept track of the number but might have clues in various places.

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These little gems make my day

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(KCKO, KCFO) #20

I started Atkins 20 plan exactly 7 yrs. ago (2016) today. Been at goal weight over 6 yrs. (hit goal in May '17).

No regrets at all. I love this way of eating and enjoy my fasting periods as well.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and doing well.