JULY AND AUGUST 2023 Maintenance Check In

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

Saw this group of wood ducks on my walk. So cute I had to share. They usually just pass thru but this group had babies so will be around for a while.

(Pete A) #22

I did Atkins a couple of times in the 80s. I lost a good bit of weight, while on Induction. The adding foods part didn’t work for me.

Fast forward to 2017 I decided to just stay on Induction forever, and lost 80 pounds… Thinking to myself that will work. After a couple of months I learned about “keto” and laughed cause I was already doing that haha

(KCKO, KCFO) #23

I am lucky, so I found I could gradually up my carbs on Atkins, I did stale out after a few months, then I started doing IF, then shortly after longer extended fasts, 110 hrs. was my longest, that routine, mixing IF and EX fasing got me to goal weight in about 3 months. Expcet for putting on extra weight during the height of Covid, I have stayed at my goal weight. I lost those extra lbs, 10 of them, easily. I was too stressed for a while to lose. My clothes still fit, etc. Just the scale didn’t budge for months.

I am happily staying where I want to be again with very little effort and I love the foods I get to eat, so I can not image doing anything else than this WOE.

(Robin) #24

Happy for you! Isn’t easy Maintenance the best?!

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

I just changed this thread to July and Aug. sorry I forgot to get a new thread started for this month earlier.

(Robin) #26

My maintenance has been modified a bit due to new heart health issues, so I am straddling the fence between keto and moderation, adding in more veggies, nuts and leaner cuts of meat. Not an easy transition, mentally. But worth a shot. So far no difference in weight or energy etc.
So onward and upward!


I was 75kg in the morning of the 1st of August, after carby days, not like they tend to make a change, of course, I am 75kg in the morning, period.

I weigh the same now and it’s evening so maybe I went down a tiny bit…? It’s quite memorable when I manage to go up or down 1kg, it happens but not often…

I still want to lose though :slight_smile: Carnivore-ish with a small eating window is the plan. The former doesn’t make the latter easy… But I will go there. Until then, it’s maintenance as usual, the easiest thing ever (with my chubby body, at least. never was slim so no idea if it is easy for me to maintain that. probably yes if I exercise enough…).

(KCKO, KCFO) #28

Add in things gradually to see how you react to them. I have lots of nuts in my diet these days, I also add in fresh veggies, mostly greens and squashes from my garden over the summer. In fall I have a few of the apples from our apple tree. We also have raspberries so lots of those this time of year.

Hope it all works out well for you. As long as you aren’t adding in sugary things hopefully you will be all good.

(Robin) #29

The thought of adding in sugar is horrifying!

(B Creighton) #30

I have to admit being weak here, and having desserts in the low carb phase of my year. However, I recently decided to cut back here as well - largely because I am just cutting out American dairy - so I have eliminated cottage cheese and most ice cream. I have also cut out the oatmeal-raisin cookies I love because I noticed my blood pressure going up after eating these things full of hydrogenated oil. So, last night I had about 3/4 lb pork tenderloin and a large mixed salad with kale and my homemade MCT dressing. I did have a dessert which was a JoJo bar(very little sugar), and was still hungry so had pistachios and then some watermelon for dessert. This morning I achieved a new low - 174 lb. I am inching towards that 6 pack I’ve wanted. I have found that I enjoy a whole fruit for dessert such as a peach or mango or some watermelon, and still have been losing fat. I think the processed desserts are going to become more rare for me.


I am quite happy just maintaining my current weight until fall, so I have added in some fruit. I do love my fruit. I stay within smallish amounts by adding them to some whipped heavy cream, that makes each serving super filling. And I still prefer my berries, local blackberries straight off the vine these days. This is what I want my Keto maintenance of the future to look like. Keto with this little addition makes me feel happily decadent. I am, after all, still a foodie, just that fatty meat is now my main enjoyment.

(KCKO, KCFO) #32

Robin, not sugar, just slightly higher carbs, like an orange instead of cookies. Is what I meant about adding in things.

I would never add just sugar, agave, or honey into anything. Dr. Phinney told me a teaspoon of honey in a salad dressing shouldn’t be a problem, but I couldn’t do it. Stevia is my only sweetener.

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New thread it up. SEPT. 2023 Maintenance Check In