I can relate. So you just are back? To me, it’s sometimes the most perfect thing ever and sometimes I need a few days’ struggle. Only if I epically mess things up. According to my body at the moment.

I have no joint issues but it seems my body hates peanuts now… I pretty much forgot about nuts and oily seeds when I dropped vegetables (except the tiiiiny amount that never caused any problem and I don’t even need it but it’s nice to have some juicy slice of cucumber or something), somehow they are a single package but if I fall off the wagon, some peanuts come back. Falling/stepping off the wagon without almost all rules in place isn’t healthy for me. Chaos ensues and I clearly see that I am just as undisciplined as ever. I just don’t get tempted on carnivore.

Berries are harmless… Nope. Yes, theoretically and even practically but only if they happen accidentally. If I ALLOW some plants and can’t ensure it’s important and it’s only THOSE (I should do it with protein only when I have too little meat, never with mostly carbs stuff like fruits), things easily get out of hand. In the last nearly 2 months (raging fruit season in my garden and picking a big amount of most little fruits without eating some of them is a skill I don’t have yet) I proved that again and again. I didn’t even want the fruits but they were inevitable. And everything went downhill sometimes. I know a little off should stay so but my mind has its own logic. I stay on track way easier if I am actually on my woe and I know I won’t even inevitably break it in the next days. I often had the idea of carni and carbier days mixed but it rarely worked. I need longer times. Now that it’s only plums and blackberries (it’s not winter so some fruits are always around. not like I don’t have fresh fruits in December but that’s little and November is pretty empty) and I have a theoretically okay amount of supplies and a HUGE motivation, I can do that. I don’t even want to see carbs in the near future, Alvaro should pick most of his own blackberries. I had enough of fruits (we canned plums today, tomorrow will be pears and it’s not even pear season yet!) and I had no apricots this year, those trees came closest to cause me a breakdown this far :slight_smile: And my apricot trees need zero care… They just yield a ton of fruit in some years and I will live among jars filled with fruits for a long, long time.
I do like my garden with its everything :slight_smile: Plants and fruits are very beautiful. And Alvaro eats the fruit and thrives on his inevitably HCHF diet. He’s that type.

I am sorry but I live a fruit-filled months and I love them :slight_smile: I just don’t want to eat them, really. Just some tiny taste now and then. But who knows? Maybe I will be fine with just looking at them later. Usually. I can’t imagine giving them up, they are harmless if I get more mature and/or I manage to get a minifreezer and enough meat. It seems Alvaro’s Mom still uses her, she gets a bigger or more modern one from someone at some point and then we get her still properly working one…? Something like this. We would only need it right after we get a big amount of meat or when our fruit trees get too excited… We don’t even have meat now (except 2 small trouts) and our tiny freezer is full again. It worked in winter but now I want to buy bigger amounts of meat (the “beef farm” had no beef/mutton/pork since MONTHS now. maybe because they have kids camping? it had something once or twice every month not counting the birds until lately) AND I keep some fruits and vegetables and cooked meals inside. I still would buy half a mutton in a heartbeat, no problem… It’s good I like fish more and more but it’s still not the proper, substantial meat to me.


I have days where I am full on carnivore, then fall off after a day or two. I need to be all in.

We have very short summers and fruit bearing months. strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bilberries, a few raspberries, thimbleberries, sugarplums, damson plums, apples of all varieties, and some of us who have patience and work at it…we get grapes. NO matter what the fruit is, it all screams “sugar” to my body upon eating. So, either I need to make an allowance for it- like I did - and then suffer with trying to get back to ZC. Or I need to not go there for a long. long. long. long time.

I love gardening and growing things. I love my chickens, turkeys, and gathering eggs. Butchering, eh. Not so much. I love cooking for my friends and family. But right now, I feel especially weak - a contrast to my normal all-in /warrior type attitude about my health. Just can’t explain the why and end the cycle.

The ONLY solution that has worked in the past is extended fasting. So perhaps, that is the next step in confronting this beast. 8pm tonight, we shall begin.

(Edith) #113

I went through a phase at the beginning of quarantine where I could not stop snacking on tortilla chips. It lasted about two months. Then one day I made sure I had a good meaty breakfast to start the day and stopped with the chips. It was just a decision I was ready to make. I think I was wallowing a bit with the social distancing and being stuck with the same people (my family lol) all the time.

Maybe you just need to pull yourself up and make the decision? Just set your mind to getting back on track. You’ve done it before. You can do it again!


Have a listen to Dr Pelz in that podcast (above), maybe? At least it will put your mind to reviewing some interesting ideas. She talks about targeting the strategies for optimum effectiveness.

Since Fangsy is on vacation, I’ll have a go at channeling her spirit.

“Nuts! I get ya truly. Nuts can be small looking things. But they can have a big impact. They may be creating a craving. If you stay on plan, you will get all you need. Sometimes change it up, add some shrimp or seafood you like. Seafood has lots of good stuff like the nuts but it’s on plan…”


Thank you, @VirginiaEdie ! I needed a pep talk!

Guess I have just been feeling a bit down, maybe. I had been handling all of this mask wearing, etc. with stride. That changed, I think, when our temps up here started getting ridiculously high. Had a few days at work when it felt like was suffocating. We had our fridge break down on June 8, and I still don’t have a new one. Had two batches of company here, and trying to keep everyone fed, and having to turn down $$$ business orders was stressful. My new fridge has been ordered, but, I am waiting for LG to issue a refund for a depreciated amount. Can’t pay for a new fridge until I get the refund for the old one. I remain stunned that a company the size of LG cannot get their shit together enough to have someone write a check. Cripes, they can do it at home in their comfy jammies, and send it out through the snail mail! How hard can this be???!! They have the receipt - formatted correctly or not. They have it. My dealer is one of their remote service technicians for crying out loud. The LG sales rep can see the receipt if he really wanted to, and verify the validity of it to the head shed, if need be. No one has made that effort though. The dealer is mad because the sales rep won’t go to bat for me. The rep is made at the dealer because the dealer won’t sell the LG fridges anymore- because of the way the rep has failed to help in this situation. The only reason I’ve held onto to any hope is because I managed to find the email address to the president of LG off a consumer website. I emailed him a factual, slightly terse message regarding my situation, and detailed the seven-fold failure of his “customer service dept.”. I ended up getting the nicest email from the presidential secretary/liason weeks later - who is personally working now to get me a refund. No idea if her efforts are for real, but I am holding on to a shred of hope that they are.

Hubby has been tense because he is trying to get hay cut, but we keep having issues. Rain, tractor breakdown, more rain. Repair tractor in 94F heat. (Not good) Try to run tractor with new cutting blade, though the temp is down to 88F now. Made a meal for a gal at church who just had a baby. Dropped that off a while ago, and now I am trying to clean up the kitchen. Just feeling like a slug. Rufus is mad at me because I’m not playing with her. Feeling like a bad dog mommy right now, too. Going to drink some water, and get back to work in the kitchen, and organize the basement a bit.

Fasting has begun. Phase one of climbing back on the carnivore caboose has commenced!

(Edith) #116

I just listened to this podcast a few days ago. I did find it inspiring for some reason.


Wow, I didn’t even know some of those berry names :slight_smile:
I have fruit from May to December in the garden except in November as I wrote. Though we probably can pick apple in November as we did that in December last year… But December is for medlar.
Grapes don’t need much work from us, except they run away so we need to cut them a lot :slight_smile: And give them something to lean on. It would be great to grow them as a natural terrace ceiling (part of my terrace has no roof above) but that stability with DIY things, oh my, we need to be braver and less lazy than we are. But I have lots of fruit hanging prettily under the roof and gutter, I will make a photo and put it into the picture topic later. Patience was needed as I simply had no sunlit place for them, they had to find the sun with years of hard work. Then they started to run at surprising speed and I do know the abilities of grapes, I just never could fully used to it, they surprise me again and again. Grapes are decorative things, I definitely not keep them only for their fruit. I actually can’t do much with the fruit, I could still eat them last year (when I mostly did low-carb so often not even keto), one little ball a day but that’s about it :smiley: This will be the year when we will have a lot of grapes. Oh my. I hope Alvaro can handle it. It’s just a few plants, like, 3 has fruits at this point?

Yeah, I know the sugar thing, my body decided even raspberries are too sugary if I eat more than a few and it nudges me then. Apples were the first I had to very seriously minimize years ago. Instant sugar rush. Soft, less acidic summer apples don’t do that, just normal ones. And bananas are still fine. So it’s not just the sugar. And I can handle anything sugary in tiny amounts anyway.

I can’t butcher animals, it suited my vegetarianism better but well, I can’t do so many things so I use other people for that… It’s pretty normal. I don’t even bother with dead, cleaned chicken, it’s still so much work and poor Alvaro does that, he still didn’t get lessons from his Mom so he struggles. I don’t have space for keeping hens but when I was a kid, it was fun to collect eggs, feeding and watching hens… They can be quite hilarious.

EF sounds good right now but I suspect I can’t make myself to do it. I am still too much addicted to eating every day, it’s challenging enough to skip lunch and I extremely rarely need food that early. But now I am ready to wait for some serious hunger (or some other valid good reason to eat). I kind of miss that hunger, I barely meet the subtle (but potentially totally annoying) version now and then.
And EF would have so many benefits… But I have no power, I can’t make my body not feeling hunger and hunger at some level or type means I should eat and I do eat then every time as I should.

After this 2 months I am ready for anything strict :slight_smile: I don’t need a real, close unpenetrable determination now (it made wonders a few times in my life but I rarely can do it) as my body NEEDS as low carb as possible and no part of me wants carbs anyway, I had more than I wanted, actually. I am not really unwell but I need serious limits for a while. We will see. It’s easy to say I am ready for strict times after some carbier ones at 12:30pm :slight_smile: I feel very full (if I focus, I can feel my stomach isn’t full but it doesn’t matter) and don’t even want to think of food right now. Fortunately I don’t need to cook today.

I find the few days easy when I am at least a bit determined. And then I have momentum. Next time I will look hard to spot what breaks it.

I need to improve my life in various point and it’s always better when I do at multiple ones. They help each other somehow, I get a bigger momentum. So I go for that now.

Good luck for all of us :smiley: On day #1 and #zillion alike!


Hi’ya SB! I signed on with my kids phone hotspot :slight_smile: checking in with you all…hey you ain’t alone at all.

You are normal :slight_smile: You are ok. You are transitioning into zc all the way baby and it takes time. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t had to fight this but the thing is if you want zc, ya gotta eat zc LOL in that make that mental commitment in that you know you feel great eating this way and the carbs/fruit/nuts etc. are just the beginning of the slippery slope that makes ya slide head first into weeks of eating junky carbs…we all know, we all been there :wink: :sunny:

Key is EAT and EAT HUGE any and all times. I ate so much when holding onto zc it was scary. Big ribeye, then a pound of bacon, then 12 chicken wings, then I still walked around thinking I am only a tiny bit hungry, not enough for a steak but maybe a few french fries, just a few, or maybe some crackers with cheese on them, or…enter my carb thoughts LOL…but instead I said no, if I am hungry I eat zc, so a can of tuna, a tin of sardines and still hungry so I would fry up some chicken breasts and if still hungry I would then attack another ribeye steak and maybe with shrimp or scallops or crab legs to boot!!

I was beyond belief I could eat that much, but I did and one thing to remember is if you eat on your zc plan at all times, no matter the amt it takes for you to be perfectly full and happy…you are never the failure that keeps dropping off plan we think in our minds, we are not the miserable icky physical junk we get from eating carbs for us, we are way stronger than we think we can be and ALL POSITIVE comes from eating as much zc meat/seafood as you need.

Many zc people hit this…we start zc and get this ‘settling’ in with our no hunger, then our eating pattern settles in and we think we are ‘cruising so easily’ then BAMMO…we are starving and can’t understand why…it is just your body asking for more, like I need more to heal/repair/change and is this food gonna come to the body as it asks, and if you give it…then you settle back into calm again but each zc person usually goes thru this ramped up insane I wanna eat the world period, and truly it is normal. You just attack all the meat and seafood you need!!!

And compartmentalize your life in that stress from the hay season and farm (and oh yea I sure get that one cause I was a farmer just like you :)) and feeling down a bit…you have to put that ‘there’ and deal and put your food intake as a separate entity when you can’t ‘eat your feelings’ and yea hard to do but you can…you say every meal is zc and it will be the best darn meal I ever had.

Do not fast or limit food or change things up in any weird way. Key is eat til you drop if need by :wink: You eat like the queen you are and your body is asking for…Hooray!! Extended fasting gives you ‘back control in your mind over body’ type thing but it does not feed your body as it wants.

You eat ALL the meat/seafood you need til you can’t eat another bite, and repeat, repeat, as you need. Your thoughts should be I can eat every single meat/seafood item I want all the time, you are not restricted, you are not limited, you are not deprived in any way from food…you are allowed all meat/seafood on zc at all times, any amt ya need to make it thru your day as your body asks. Key here…made my head spin I could eat SO much in a day and it is what I needed and then my body calmed down and said, hey we ate SO much, but now we are changing a bit more and I want less, and your new more normal pattern will emerge.

never fear eating zc. our meal patterns, hunger signals, hormones rebalancing etc all mean we can change our food intake pattern…just go with what your body asks at all times. Alot of food wanted…eat big…not that hungry, eat smaller, not hungry do not eat and just go by it and ya got it made.

We got your back SB! Eat and smile while doing it and never look back to those carbs…you easily got this!!


ohhhhh spooky :wink:

love ya FB!! heehee!!


IDK how @SecondBreakfast fast but when I do EF, I have about the same control as any other times when I am in a well-fasted state and not hungry yet and I give my body what it wants. Yeah, my body very rarely wants a multiple day fast but I call 40-48 hour fast a short EF as I skip a day, it’s something very different from eating every day.
I am not for not eating when hungry or undereating for sure but not eating for 1-2 days can be pretty normal for certain people and the best they could do to their body in some situations. I feel the desire to do it when I ate very unwell (but lots of nutritious food so there are no need for more food for a while), to let my poor body rest… I don’t force it, I just wait until hunger if I can do what I should.

I can imagine it’s way easier not eating than not eating carbs for some days too. I would want rather some harmless hunger than making my carb poisoning worse. I think I am too hedonistic and health-conscious for that and carb poisoning triggers a very serious aversion to carbs anyway but sometimes, for some people fasting is easier therefore the success is more certain.

But I find the eating as much as we want and need more tempting, yes :slight_smile: I just can’t help but imagine special cases (and if I fast for days, I eat exactly as much as I want and need. I usually eat more off carnivore, that’s bad. less then what I want isn’t me but sometimes I want less than what I need, no matter, it’s rare and temporal). And a longer fast may have lots of benefits. Not for everyone, not no matter what, not any time, obviously.

Okay, I try to be scarce. I shouldn’t even come here with my eating habits… But this topic still helps to bring back myself to where I should be and even feel better. Thanks for it.


@Fangs…Give your kids a big and smooch from me! Thank them for the phone use…I SO appreciate it! LOL!
Had a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ yesterday, and got myself back together. Started fasting at 8pm and am continuing indefinitely. I’ve found that fasting for me is like the restart button on the computer. Getting all the gunk and cravings under control should tidy things up inside, and eliminate future cravings. The way things are now - no company, no travel, no excursions to the dark side (where there are cookies), and having an 40+ hour work week - all helps tremendously.

I know you know the whole farm thing really well, and all the stress of getting hay done while the sun shines! When the diesel tractor breaks down, nothing happens. We have a few other tractors, but that one is the easiest to maneuver with all the different farms and terrains we cut on, and up until now - none have been as reliable as the diesel. Hubby is trying to get 200 round bales for this winter. Ideally, I’d like for us to sell a few head (live), so we don’t have to feed so many. But…we shall see.

For my own self-improvement, I’ve been working on upper-body strength, re-teaching myself how to do push ups properly. Found a great Youtube channel - Redefining Strength - that has helped me take the steps I need to improve form, efficiency, and alleviate pain caused from incorrect movements. Gonna buy me some weights soon, and see if I can add in some variety.

For now though, I’ve got some food storage to work on, dry canning, housecleaning, and then I have a short shift at the store. Just polished up my Bluestar stove. (I love stainless steel! ) I’ll post as to how this fasting episode goes. I’m inclined to do a longer one, just because I feel so crappy. I think I had a UTI or kidney infection over the past 5 days . . Drinking all this water has alleviated the lower back pain - so I tend to think that’s what it was. I’m 15 hours in - which is nothing compared to my EF record. Can’t wait to feel better!

Thank you again, @Fangs Fangs and @FrankoBear, @Shinita and @VirginiaEdie !! I will totally succeed with this knowing you all have my back! Fist pumps and love to everyone! SB


I ate after 22 hours :smiley: Eggs and fish. Even fish egg :smiley: Red ones. Tiny piece of cheese and pork. Coffee with cream as I have my limits and I feel unwell today, both psysically and emotionally.
Not my fanciest meal ever, to put it lightly (boiled eggs, boring lean fish, I never will make it such a very simple way, the same type was so awesome coated with cheesy egg), I can’t even rate it 8-9/10 as most of my meals, it’s more like 5, the lowest that I am able to eat but I am full now and not interested in food at all. I need that after the last months, sometimes my recipe making desires flared up and it’s not always positive. Boring, simple food is perfect for now.

5g ch, I rarely see that number but I ate little today.


yea we were the same. like 8 tractors but each one was ‘best’ and horsepower for a specific job to do and if it broke, we were like OMG! and yet we had so many backups but not the one we wanted LOL
hubby just sold the backhoe…nice chunk of change in our pocket, we sold off like 6 tractors and have 2 left and the 170 and Old B he wants to sell at the same time and use that money to by something smaller just for bushhogging the horse/cow pastures…done farming and yet still not done farming in a way HAHA

thing with fasting. You have to understand that ZC is usually never fast UNTIL one is way longer on plan and has healed thru, still flushing those toxins away slowly, rebalanced those hormones, changed their bodies fully to fat adaption on zc and has a ‘new zc life’ so to speak…if we fast too early we don’t feed the body what it requires to do all of the above.

Zc is eat. Eat any and all times and it is a key part of the plan. A key carnivore rule…eat…especially when early on and starting this plan. When longer on plan, say 6 months or so and we feel very secure and more balanced and healed up wtih good benefits we are seeing, we then can put some ‘intentional’ fasting into our lives if needed.

So that is my take on fasting, don’t do it just yet…but if you feel it is ok and gives you what you need then I have no choice but to agree with what you feel LOL :slight_smile:

One of the perks in truth is never ‘using fasting’ as a needed thing in our lives as something intentional cause a zc person doesn’t truly ever need it. One can experiment later if wanted when they are longer on plan but at the beginning, fasting is not wanted truly on carnivore. Just eat the world of seafood/meat as you need and let zc change ya :slight_smile:
ok enough from me on that HA

but you are a strong person as I can tell from your posts, you got this, you want this and you are one who hits their goals!!


I think people should fast when they feel they are ready. We are all different and there are many reasons for fasts. A “zc person” totally may need fasting just as others. Maybe there are spiritual reasons or emotional, mental, physical… But if someone just starts the woe, they aren’t like someone on it since ages anyway. After some carby abuse, a body totally may want a longer fast to rest and get rid of the lingering stupid desires or something.
And I seriously doubt everyone needs much healing coming from a different woe.

(But eating a bit was a great idea for me :slight_smile: I had a cute OMAD day, just perfect. What will happen tomorrow? I can’t possibly know, I go with the flow. Perk of carnivore that I don’t need to worry about the size of my eating window, it will be fine either way. But I will skip lunch again unless I get hungry, it seems to work very well.)


So I went about 30 hours. I was busy this afternoon, went to work, got home, and worked on some dry canning. (Actually, still waiting on the last batch.) So, I fixed some of my fresh little chicken eggs -cooked in about half a stick of butter, salted, then added a a few ounces of diced up turkey ham. I’ll be able to sleep tonight now. Planning to wait out the day tomorrow at work, and either fast or eat afterwards - whatever the bod says.

I’ll need a few days off, but planning on pressure canning some meat before fall. Its been awhile since practicing the art. Forgot how much I enjoy it. =)

(Amy the Bunyip vadáz 🤺 🦄) #126

Hi guys, god it’s been damn ages since I been here. Ok… Confession time cos I’ll be brave. I had a massive entire greasy thick carb filled pizza last night… An entire friggin pizza.:scream:. OH MY GOD!!! Do I feel shocking. First I got waaaaaay too full. Then went into a horrible sluggish carb coma, now I just feel like a bloated pig. I am super duper carb poisoned. Thirsty as someone stuck in a hot desert. :desert:. There must be SO much sodium in that junk. And yup… it was junk food…fast food. Ordered and delivered. Soooooo… yeah.:roll_eyes::exploding_head:. I was so very very strict with my WOE. Then after momentarily becoming a terrible alcoholic for a while… Started eating carbs and sugar…but processed sugar… not candy or chocolate…no desire for that stuff. But sugary fruit juices. With my stomach ulcer as some know… I got told to drink cranberry juice…WOAH. 1.it didn’t help my gut. 2. It felt like I was drinking concentrated without water cordial. I’ve had all sorts of stuff. On and off. Biscuits ( savory). Dim Sims…deep fried… Then would eat barely anything and only eggs… cos my belly couldn’t handle big amounts of food. But have been on and off like bloody passangers on a tram. Well I’m getting off this carb tram now… cos I feel like it’s taking me straight to hell. :fire::light_rail:. Sooooooo, after waking today feeling like I’m stuck in thick sticky mud. I realize that I simply must get back to Carni. Zero carb. Let me be a lesson…To all. Lol. Ok I’ll just laugh about it. Cos I can’t change the fact. But now I just focus on good healthy meats, eggs, ect. Like I did for months. I’m SO extreme…all or nothing with bloody everything. How does one go from weighing butter and putting 1 gram back if over 10 grams…and tracking every littke thing…to eating a whole box of grease.:scream:. I’m now in AA. Lol. Cos it’s so the boozes fault ( Well mine for drinking it) if I hadn’t have drank like a big fish…(Vodka with water …Tastes like old pipe water mixed with rust.:nauseated_face:…) I would NEVER have lost control and carb binged. I was intermittent fasting and never hungry but only every 24 hours… carbs… Have made me so out of whack. Lol. So I’m back. After my rock bottom. I can barely move… So rock for sure. A boulder. I’m rambling and I’ll shut up and just do it. And will be here more often. Off I go now to drink the ocean…Nope that would be bad… salt water… But you get it. :wink::crazy_face:… How do I move?? ( ok off I go…roll the bolder down the hill, that will get her moving)… Sorry…Sorry…I sound like a lunatic.


Oh, pressure canning of meat :smiley: I think I heard of canning meat from you first in my life (except some FB group where it was considered an oddity, an abomination, a surely impossible unhealthy thing… this country doesn’t know such things at all. well some people do now)! I will try that one day, useful with my tiny freezer. But I need lots of meat for that first.

Carni day #1 was perfect.
I kept eating after midnight lately, again, it’s not normal for me and feels a bit bad next day (new development, I guess my body puts more effort into telling me things. I know it’s bad though), overeating is bad anyway and I just couldn’t stop. Compulsion, my bane.
Well, it just disappeared. I don’t know why carnivore is this magical to me. All my extremely strong and wrong compulsions regarding eating (not the right time, not the right things, without any need) simply disappear, often right on the first day. Yay! I couldn’t not notice the first time that my 4 decades old habit, eating sweets in the end of every meals that stayed strong on keto was nowhere to found, not even a thought and I would understand a thought after those decades… But nothing. I only stray if I don’t have enough meat for a while.
Only drinking coffee remained but that’s fine for now. I plan to lower the amount. It’s a form of procrastination for me, I can spend amazing amounts of time drinking coffee, one after the other if I don’t want to do something…

Okay I don’t actually wanted to talk about my huge failings here… Oh well.


I agree, my only thoughts and what the zc community usually abides by, for reasons, is beginners transitioning into zc shouldn’t tackle fasts, just yet. That is the thing, new into zc is eat and eat more if needed, never deny. Once longer on plan, any type of fasting one wants to try into their lives is ok to experiment with, can easily help many…but newer, too much fasting can backfire big time against someone transitioning into zc. ZC is not an easy plan to tackle, even tho us Carnivores are strong people heading into this plan, knowing we can eat alot when needed without restriction and other reasons can truly help us make zc a long term lifestyle. That is what I am meaning by when I say stuff about fasting :slight_smile:

SB cool on all that work for canning…my MIL canned the world from our fields but I never got into it. It is alot of work :slight_smile: I did like you, I did a full time job and farming. Tough days!

=============HI everyone

having a great time. eating alot of meat off the grill. family wants pizza tonight, ugh, so ordering from a place down from the state park. I will get a load of chicken wings and just cook a small NY strip steak here at the camper. Trip is fun and all is good, not much more I can ask!!


If you feel so, dropping carbs again is the single good idea for you. Just like it is for me.
But don’t think your one small meal a day carnivore(-ish, I remember some cabbage) was good. It totally wasn’t. You need to eat more meals with an ulcer anyway, hopefully it will be better now.
I have no idea why you track on carnivore while eating little but if you do it, make sure you eat enough. If my butter is 11g (not like my kitchen scale is good enough to say it surely… 10! no, 12, it does that all the time, Alvaro is annoyed sometimes. it’s so not important for me, it’s not like I am able to track with a huge precision anyway), I write 11g into my program but we all have our quirks, I prefer rounded numbers myself. I write 10g then and eat 11g, big deal :smiley: But I usually write 11 then. You need every calories you are able to eat at this point… Just not carbs.


I can agree with it. I just don’t see a fast as denying food at all. I ONLY fast if I am satiated and don’t feel any need or desire to eat. I am just as against force feeding myself as denying food when I need or want it. (Well there is something in-between when I don’t want food but can eat without force, it still may feel unnatural, unnecessary. I only use that if I am sure I need the food. It’s extremely rare as my body is very loud about its needs but there are extreme circumstances.)

So ZC will be hard after a while? It’s usually super easy for me in the first days. I imagine it would be super easy for months if I had enough proper meat, the kinds I like if I can ask but everything works if I add enough eggs. It would be awful if I knew I never ever could eat plants again without problems. That’s restriction, it FEELS like restriction (that’s the main thing), it would harm my hedonist and it’s my core inner self, I guess. It’s not easy to analyze my inner workings.
I can adapt :slight_smile: Yeah, I know hardships but they were stronger on keto. Carnivore(-ish) seems to be a sweet spot, somehow my usually big problems causing struggles disappear. Is my food is too boring on keto right now so I feel a compulsion to stray away? Get out the plants only and it will be great again. Where is the logic in that??? It is supposed to be even more boring but nope. So the boredom came from the carbs and the variety they offered can’t balance it out…?
Whatever. I am very enthusiastic again :slight_smile:
Carnivore (if my current style I can’t do much about can called that but it is technically carnivore now, I didn’t even eat spice or condiments yesterday. their importance very quickly dropped) AND waiting until I really want to eat seems to work like a charm. I need it as my circumstances aren’t ideal now.

Of course, I needed my almost decade long low-carb times before I even could try a single carnivore day but still. I was and still am such a weird one for carnivore… I thought I never could even try it, it was the most extreme woe in my eyes. I wasn’t sure I ever will go vegan but surely earlier than carnivore… Okay, I didn’t “go” carivore and still don’t plan it, it sounds super scary (not the woe, the woe AND me, even now that I lost almost all interest towards plants), I just flirt with it and try to stay close :slight_smile: But it will be way more permanent and frequent as I thought, I think.
But what can I do? I barely tried it and never with much meat but it still was way better than my simple keto and low-carb.

Maybe my circumstances which caused me straying off, coming back, stopping away are part of the reson it’s always quite easy for me to actually do carnivore(-ish). It’s so very different from doing it all the time especially suddenly. But everyone has their own set of reasons for struggle. To me, it’s only fruit season in my garden and lack of meat. I feel best on carnivore, I love my food, I don’t have cravings (well in the few days I am on, of course it’s easy for some days… but I physically can’t crave carbs, it’s always mental even on low-carb and keto and it’s weaker unless some stupid compulsion kicks in)… And I need it to lose fat eventually. And I WANT the energy I felt once. And simplicity and freedom! And whatever extra restrictions I have, the woe offers a bigger variety than what I actually need! So it’s cool.

I am addicted to the forum again, especially this topic. Sorry. I wanna be scarce but you know, me and compulsions. I have no discipline.
By the way, carnivore helps with my food addiction too. I am so not interested when I am not even hungry. I like cooking and recipes are mildly interesting but it’s healthy, not what I had before. TALKING about things, well, that’s not okay yet.