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Whew! Lol, yes I meant 1 pound of hamburger, 3 ounces pulled pork, and 2 ribs that were bunch in two rib sections. I’m still full now so probably won’t eat anymore tonight.

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I wonder if that “acidic meat - bone loss” myth is true?

That’s why I like chia seeds, just kind of knaw on few occasionally because they have boron (an essential nutrient) that make your bones super strong.


To all zc people, you can never eat enough, truly. If you eat it your body wants it and when full, you stop. Beauty of this lifestyle…as our body demands good protein/fat for repair/healing/balancing hormones and more work it is doing to correct internally…it will ask for high quality protein and fat to do just that and if we feed it what it asks for at all times, we heal and down the line big changes come for all of us as we get healthy!!

Great read on those posts!!

But Moo you said you are eating a bit on the light side for weight. By light you mean the protein choice right? Not purposefully eating less food even if hungry? I notice when I eat more seafood and leaner meat I do get that push more toward the scale dropping a small bit of weight…but I still don’t ‘gear at that’ as a thing I do…I just eat whatever I feel like and sometimes my body just wants lighter like seafood vs. heavy dense meats. Just checking in on ya :slight_smile: cause on zc you don’t want to ‘control your intake’ and limit kcals just cause we think it might shift the scale. Best plan of attack on zc is just eat. Eat to heal up and then our body asks way more specific and we can listen and truly hear what it wants. I think you are trying a good experiment on yourself as long as you are always full and doing ok.

So as our bodies change and we commit longer time on zc, oh yea your eating might change alot. Mine shifted around a ton from ravenous to not hungry for like 2 days and then I found a middle ground on food intake as my body wanted…then it was more about hunger and what food I wanted. My body would say…you want sardines so I ate them…or you don’t want that big steak…today you want chicken and scallops. My body would choose on its own to go heavy dense meat or leaner meat and that is where I kinda am now. I got hunger under control and I got a real life natural eating pattern and choice of protein source kinda as my natural go to with what to eat for the day.

again, just checking on ya cause I am all for experimenting a bit on zc easily, but never with under eating for any of us! but I don’t think you are doing that tho.


Bunny I respecfully ask do not bring this BS crap onto our monthly challenge threads. If you want to address any myths and more non science junk about zc, please just start a new thread. I ask this politely in that I truly don’t wanna see this useless info on a challenge thread we are all trying to commit and change our lives for the better. This is an upbeat, get info, learn and get healthy thread, not a sling useless guess science thread.


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How is bone loss informational, healthy and upbeat, very curious?

I certainly would not be eating just meat if it’s melting my bones away?


Bunny, again I respectfully ask you not do this at all. Obviously people have medical and dental situations in life thru other controls and not geared 1000% at their current eating plan. Obviously and so clearly is zc not known as my worries to me about the problem for the situation I posted and much more is involved with our lives etc.

I clearly will not post any personal information about myself again. I will stop all that because of reactions like this.

I don’t think you are cute in any way being very aggressive to me for no darn reason other than to stir it up.

I said you can chat all the zc BS nonsense you want in your own thread, please do not pollute this challenge thread for zc eaters when you know nothing of our lifestyle truly.

That is all I ask. Start all the new threads you want, please do not ruin this one. I am asking something very simple from you and I hope you are kind enough to give us zc people our space.

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Just asking a simple question not trying to rain fire and brimstone on your Gaza?


again your aggression continuing this nonsense is just beyond belief to me. Clearly you can’t understand someone is asking you to back off and leave this thread alone and start all the new threads you want, whenever you want. I ask, I can’t demand obviously :slight_smile: but I would hope you had some kindness in ya to just walk away.

Our thread is for us people eating zc. There is tons in our monthly threads showing how zc is giving each of us benefits and our zc people post just that.

But this isn’t a debate thread. Start your own any time but please give this a big rest. Your total BS and nonsense being spouted is so not wanted.

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Your the one who’s talking about “bone loss” if you don’t want to answer a simple inquiry why mention it to begin with?

You posted something about a physical condition that gives serious concern for everyone following your thread not just me?

Just the fact your trying to evade the question makes me and maybe others think that your trying to hide something as a result of your dietary choices?


Bunny I will never post another person issue about me ever.

I ask you to personally drop this battering of MY personal issue please.

This isn’t a debate thread. It is a challenge and personal goal thread for zc eaters. Please take the content somewhere else if you want but stop now please.

WOW that was some super inappropriate things to say in your post!

I wish I never posted. I won’t be posting hardly anything anymore cause of the BS spread thru simple chats. Geez Bunny just walk…omg.

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I think that’s a nice, informative article for anyone, actually; not just carnivores.

It also states how many of the markers measured in blood tests improve on the carnivore diet as time goes on.

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This topic has degenerated into name calling. Enough.

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Now that everyone’s had a chance to cool off, we’re re-opening the topic.

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Thank you.

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Hey @Fangs, I went back to some salads and such other Keto foods, a while back there, for a week, but I didn’t really enjoy that food as much as I thought I would. I do need to lose some weight, and imo I have been over eating when I’m doing my carnivore thing. So I thought I would just, I know, cut back on my eating a bit and see whether I’m hungry or not. Difficult for me to tell, so I’m trying to get in tune with my satiety hormones.

So far I’m good, I know about and have been warned about not eating enough, so I’m getting lots of food, just not stuffing myself. If I feel hungry then I’ll eat but when I feel a bit peckish :chicken: I’ll try to wait for dinner. Drinking lots of water when I feel like having a treat.

Like now, it’s almost 2pm here, I had breakfast of 2 eggs, bacon , sausage and 1/4 rack of ribs. I’m feeling a little hungry right now, but instead of having my dinner at 2, I’ll wait till 3pm which will fill me up until tomorrow. Dinner tonight will be 3 baconburger patties, and 3/4 rack of ribs.

It’s an experiment of sorts, I don’t quite understand why a carnivore woe is not for weight loss, when a keto diet is, although the fat and protein macros are similar. I’m just going to try and lose some weight doing carnivore as an n=1 for me, and see where it leads me. I don’t feel I have many other metabolic problems that need fixing other than the weight, and I do like just eating meat. I started back July 4th, about the same time I posted I was going back to Keto. haha.

See how the month ends up, but I’ll just keep going for now. Enjoy the time away. Cheers


Macros can be very different on keto itself, it depends… My macros were all over the place on keto except my carbs…Simple keto isn’t for weight-loss for me, I am unable to lose fat an keto without tricks, it seems… Carnivore (or rather carnivore-ish but I am pretty strict then) is perfect for it as far as I can tell but I still have very little experience. I just know I eat less on carnivore and my fat-loss is all about that according to my experiences. But we can consider it a mere hypothesis too, it’s not like it has much effect on how much I eat, I follow my desires and body signs anyway, calories be damned. I never forced my macros into any range except carbs. I don’t even have a fat limit…
But I have other goals than losing fat despite I am sure I am basically healthy as during all my life. It still can be improved. For some reason, a better woe feels better, is easier, gives me more joy and helps in fat-loss and has other benefits as well at the same time. The easier part is a bit tricky but when I actually DO my chosen woe, it’s easy. I just may stray away for some reason and it’s so not good.

(Why I am here again… I still couldn’t buy some proper meat. But I bought hake fish and trout and plan to behave from now on.)

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You are right, my macro’s were also all over the place with Keto, and I do track, because the spreadsheet system i have only takes about 30 sec’s to figure out my daily intake. Now the macros that I was supposed to be aiming for on Keto were 67%4%29%, fat,carb, and protein. Since there are no macros for carnivore, that is to say, I have no goals except to eat to satiety, I have figured out my actual macros to be averaging around 70%30% with a few carbs not counted so pretty similar.

The books I have read on carnivore and from these forums, the carnivore woe is not an ideal way of eating if you want to lose lbs. Most guru’s tend to say, look for some other woe besides carnivore if you want to lose a lot of pounds.

I like eating carnivore, so I’m going to tweak it to make it work for me, if I can. The worst problem I have, if I become hungry, is looking for carbs to fill the void. I have done that enough over the last few years, so I am well aware of my weaknesses in that area. I will still be eating more than my BMR which is around 2,000 calories per day, and more in line with my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) which I calculated at 2200 for my current weight.

When I started carnivore I was eating around 2500 to 3000 in calories, and I don’t really feel I need to eat that much. I’m kind of stuffed now, and I ate about 2300 calories, so it’s in the ballpark of the numbers I want to be at. I’ll see how it ends up by the end of the month, but I’m quite happy with it the last couple of weeks that I have been keeping food to quantities that were lower than before.


I saw various percentages for keto and ignored all, quite obviously for me. It didn’t make any sense. Carbs need to be low enough in grams, protein should be enough (and not overly too much IMO) in grams… Even our taste and preferred staples matter… 65-70% fat is natural to me as almost all my normal food is around that (it’s especially true on carnivore). But nothing is wrong with 80%, I just can’t get enough fat tissue to do it (and can’t afford the huge amount of calories that would be the result of eating added fat galore and the other options aren’t good either). But my grams varied a lot and my percentages a little (except in extreme days).

Carnivore (even if not every day but that would be ideal. not all year but longer than some days) is my only chance to lose fat, I am pretty sure of it. Who cares if it’s not ideal for others? It’s my individual case and carbs mess with me. Even on keto. I couldn’t lose fat on keto except when I did OMAD but that didn’t felt right for me and I never could do it for long.

Actually, it’s not carnivore for me but very low-carb. And I can’t do very low-carb with plants… I surely don’t add fibers and sweeteners to carnivore and use that… So it’s a side effect. I don’t even really want meat (it’s nice though) but I need that for better satiation and precious nutrients… If plants are out, I need something very close to carnivore, right? And no matter how clumsily and rarely I flirt with it, it always feels right just because I dropped plants pretty much. It’s a relief without them. I didn’t lose weight yet but it should happen and anyway, I tried everything else I was willing to (except gaining a lot of muscles first :smiley: I did the tiny steps I was able to ;)). So I would lose nothing even if I would lose nothing :stuck_out_tongue: It’s still a big win.

I usually have no problems with wanting carbs as long as I don’t start to eat them first… But I am a low-carber for life and it was very long ago I left high-carb and immediately fell love with low-carb. I had my hardships and crazy times but I changed a lot. I am still extremely indisciplined off carnivore(ish) but give me enough carnivore food and I stay and suddenly become super controlled. It’s like magic but explainable, my body and mind responds very well to the absence of carbs. The first few days may be trickier but sometimes it’s simple and easy and great from day 1.
(Except in fruit season, that’s special. But I still blame the inadequate amount of meat. And I will change. Everything can’t change in a little time, it’s magical enough.)

When I started carnivore, I underate a bit (despite eating as much as I could, literally, I can eat beyond satiation and without hunger) and couldn’t handle much fat… But it changed quickly and became perfect. But my experiences are negligible afterwards. I shouldn’t even talk about this, I have so little experience. And I really want to get them already. So I accept living on fish and eggs, mostly as I can’t get the meat I want. But it will happen one day.


As @Fangs says you have to become aware of how you respond to a change in the way of eating.

For me, I need to supplement a lot of magnesium citrate daily to prevent some unwanted side effects of my body responding to very low carbohydrate eating. But that is my personal experience, research and solution.

If you do not feel as well as you think you should, then it is good to be aware of the things that physiologically occur with the change toward more healthy eating.

I just listened to a good podcast on Peak Human where the female doctor advises about balancing progesterone, time restricted feeding etc. But the foundation was to go keto for a few months first and then explore what other options there are for health improvement after achieving a level of fat for fuel adaptation. You have done that and are now exploring zero carb carnivore as another tool for the healthy eating tool box.


Oh, @Fangs…I need you, and you’re on vacay!!!

Having a horrible time trying to scooch back onto ZC. I felt SO much better when I was ZC Carnivore. But, ya know…all it takes is littles and littles. A few berries. Eh, harmless. Not! Nuts… I got introduced to a new salty nut snacky snack, and damn! Oxalates. Cravings. Need for Nibbles. (Need for Speed too, but that’s what I got the Wrangler for.) Nuts, in and of themselves, aren’t bad on Keto. But, for those of us with joint issues, and multiple knee operations chalked up - nuts with insoluable oxalates can do bad things.

So, after coffee, I had bacon and eggs for brekkie. burger patties dipped in sour cream for lunch, plus some cheese. But I feel like I could eat a house… Like, the International HOUSE of Pancakes kind of house. Not sure if there is some sort of homonal BS going on or what. I fought so hard to get to where I am, not about to give up. Just freaking out over why I’m feeling this weird sort of craving BS.

Anyways, feeling a bit more empowered after venting.