oh boy I get this. years of dealing with all that electric…til that day we converted everything to barbed wire and those big hog panel fencing and then we did rolled wire fence. Best day of our lives but pricey for sure cause I didn’t have to deal with electric anymore LOL We weighed heavy on that decision but worth every penny on that change for us.

You got a VERY GOOD handle on carnivore. I love hearing that from you…you keep a little of whatever ‘works and tastes’ great to keep you on zc all the while not eating off plan truly…condiments are personal choice ya know…as in I will eat Hellmans like 2 times a month and you will use your oil you love for the taste it gives your food.

One thing that is wild is your taste will dramatically change and that is all fine and good on zc. I loved loved loved a tad of fresh minced garlic on my steaks, now, omg the taste is horrid. sweet and weird and I dropped it but that was after like 2 years on zc. We just never know where taste will go but one thing is for sure, as we taste things we know point blank what is ok and not ok for us and we walk thru that path as each of us need!!

So glad ya had the coffee maker when ya needed it most :slight_smile:
we had big Tstorms come thru and all week they say with friggin’ hail and I hate those ones, but so far power is good but we got genny’s on the property so I am never without power which I love of course.

Your church is functioning? Around here many are doing ‘online church’ and doing ‘parking lot’ chair church but being very rural I would think it wouldn’t be that way cause our area is very active cause we are just not a city and ain’t ‘in it all’ like other areas…but nice thing is I hit the fields and see the beauty and say thank the Lord it is all given to me and I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Yeah, church is running at about 1/3 capacity - social distancing, etc. We go every so often.

We’d switch over to barbed wire, but, the cows like it too much, esp in the spring. They rub up against to scratch their itchy extra fur and leave gigantic tufts of hair all over it, eventually knocking down portions of it. 9000 volts is way more effective at keeping them inside.

Going for my second cuppa. I’ll be functional shortly! LOL!


yea had that trouble on my horses going over the 5 ft fence wire and broke that down a bit so put that 1 strand barbed wire across it all and that stopped.

the Boer goats killed my fences most in that they did what your cattle are doing…rub the winter coat off and wow they bend fences like insanity but our cattle never did that…you got goat cattle maybe? HAHA

always something tho isn’t it :slight_smile: Ya think ya got it perfect and the livestock show ya different real fast!!


A few days ago I used a recipe found on a carnivore blog the second time. I managed to find out when to defrost my fish to keep the coat on :smiley: Last time it was a mess, naked fish everywhere. Maybe using a very different fish helped too…?
Now it was easy, PRETTY and good! I guess I will eat a bit more fish in the near future :wink: I always was into very tasty meat but I guess normal (lean and not particularly tasty) fish can be nice too. I have not many options regarding fish here, at least if I don’t want the very expensive kinds.
I will experiment with bigger amounts. This far, fish helped me little to get properly satiated but I never ate much and well, it was lean… Maybe a bigger amount with enough fat, egg, cheese will be good enough? I probably need to add fat tissue, not just rendered fat.

I run out of proper meat now. But I have a few can of fish, lots of pork skin and some smoked pork. And I diminished my eating window so I am all ready for mostly carni days in next week. We will see. My tiny discipline run off to somewhere but if I can wait until hunger (or temptation or other need), I am fine.

This stuff was even better cold for some reason…

Congrats again, @Fangs!

Hopefully I will have some success myself, today I had two very cute carnivore-ish meals and cycled 3 hours. I ate rooster (it’s gone now, only a liver remained in the freezer), among others.

(Kellyn ) #71

I started kind of late in July. July 18 to be exact. I am hoping this way of eating will help with weight loss and make my eczema either get better or just go away.


Hi Kellyn

I hope zc gives you what you need and it will…you will heal your body and changes will happen. Just stay on carnivore and don’t go off plan and just wait for those good results. Happy to see you on board and any questions, fire away cause there are very smart zc people on this thread!

(Kellyn ) #74

I was really tired yesterday. I ate 2 lbs hamburger and then 10 chicken wings at dinner. My husband ate 4 and said there was no way he could eat 10 chicken wings. :smirk: I went to bed by 9:30 and slept almost all night. This morning I got really hungry at 8:30 so I went ahead and had two beef patties. I have been researching a lot on zeroing in on health Facebook and I think the tiredness could be that I need more electrolytes or it is just a side effect of the adaptation phase. I am adding salt to my water today to see if I see any improvements in the fatigue.

(Kellyn ) #75

Thank you, @Fangs! I guess one of my questions is will increasing electrolytes in the form of salt help the fatigue I’ve been experiencing or is this just part of the adaptation phase? Also, I find that I get hot often and I am just wondering if that is my metabolism revving up or is this just another symptom of adaptation?


Hi Kellyn.

The tiredness can occur on carnivore or keto, if you are moving directly from a standard western diet to a new way of eating. So the adaptation phase is important in that scenario.

What has to happen is that cells and the mitochondria in those cells need to adapt to fat as the fuel source. Either body fat or fat from the food. This is due to the low carb environment of these ways of eating.

If you are moving from standard diet to low carb, then that creates a change in your insulin response to food. If insulin is low on the new way of eating sodium is not retained by the kidneys and is lost via the urine. This creates extra urine production due to osmotic diuresis, so it is important to maintain your fluid intake. The other factor at play in all this is that the liver will release glycogen in response to reduced carbohydrates in the food intake resulting in lower blood glucose (but not dangerous because your liver balances it). As that glycogen is used up it also takes body fluid with it. The body fluid loss drags electrolytes with it. So adding extra salts (pink salts) and sometimes some supplements like potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc will reduce the tiredness or unwell feeling of losing electrolytes. Eventually that stabilises.

The initial hunger is your body adapting to a lower and more normal blood glucose level. As it reduces, the psychological response is to eat. Hence 10 chicken wings. But just as suddenly as things settle down, satiety will be upon you and you will forget to eat.

Enjoy the benefits as they appear.

(Kellyn ) #77

Thank you for your response. I came to carnivore from eating ketogenic for 4 months. Not a long time and I was drinking twice a week (low carb beer or alcohol & diet coke). When I started carnivore I stopped caffeine, sweeteners, alcohol, dairy, and veggies. So I know that there will be some adaptation symptoms and I guess the tiredness could also be from stopping caffeine as well. I do take magnesium at night. I add pink Himalayan salt to my steak or hamburger when I cook it. I can bare the tiredness and diarrhea since that is the only symptoms of adaptation I have. I am excited to see how my body responds to this way of eating and am hoping that the reduction in inflammation will help the eczema on my hands heal.


4 months nutritional ketosis is an excellent way to prepare for zero carb.

The other thing to research with zero carb is oxalates. Just type that into the search. Sometimes keto-eaters, I was one, that come from an accidental high oxalate keto diet (spinach salads, dark chocolates, green smoothies) can get oxalic acid release. Skin rashes can occur with that. It’s just good to be aware of if you look back and see the foods that could have resulted in and oxalate build up.

KCZCO - Keep Calm & Zero Carb On. @Fangs is a great cheer leader and coach.


I think I ate 10 chicken drumsticks at my aunt once (among others but it was the main dish) :slight_smile: They were small and I was hungry and only almost vegetarian, not really anymore (I ate meat a few times a year back then so when I did, I meant business)… During my first carni week I got full with tiny meals though.
My SO eat tiny meat. He can play with half a young rabbit for 3 days, of course, he doesn’t eat it alone but still. The whole rabit is small!

Good luck! I hope you figure out what gives you more energy or you get used to it. Getting more energy is one reason I want to stay close to carnivore, it seems to be my best bet :wink:

(Kellyn ) #80

I feel like I’ve jumped down a rabbit hole with these oxalates. There was a video that talked about dumping oxalates too quickly could be harmful and that you should take citrate to help you body not dump it too quickly. So, now I’m wondering should I be taking a citrate? And that it can take a really long time to release all the oxalates. And that you can cycle good weeks on carnivore to bad weeks due to oxalte release. Do I just eat meat and drink water or do I also take potassium citrate and magnesium and add salt?


No. You don’t know you are oxalate dumping at all truly.

You are detoxing all the years of bad eating. There is a ton happening at once in your adaption phase. Your body is dumping toxins as it needs, it is repairing your body internally, it is re-balancing your hormones, it is adjusting from glucose burn to being a ketone burning body. Believe me it is doing a ton of things right now…plus you quit caffeine and more and your body will be fatigued while adapting. Truly normal. Absolutely ok, just nap and relax when more tired and eat super well. Eat all the time you need to eat, very important.

Salt your food as you want. You won’t need more if you just salt your food a bit. I happen to be a super salter in that I love salt and I never had to worry about getting not enough LOL but if you don’t salt your food, do so or be sure to eat a little salt in water or off a spoon. Won’t hurt ya.

You don’t have to get overly crazy on supps or electrolyte issues and all that just yet at all. Normal adaption. ZC is that all in elimination menu and your body is gonna change to the better, but it has to work out the kinks of detoxing/adapting first…so you hold strong :wink: you will be fine!!

(Kellyn ) #83

That is exactly what I needed to hear. Whew! Thank you!

(Kellyn ) #84

I’ve heard tooth pain hurts really bad. I hope all goes well at the dentist. When you can’t chew well maybe you could put some chicken in a food processor and shred it up really fine or drink some both broth.

(Kellyn ) #87

We were having lunch brought in today so I brought my 4 1/4 lbs hamburger patties for lunch. I got hungry around 10:30am so I went on to lunch and ate all of them. I went back to get another seltzer water from the fridge around 11:45 and they had just dropped the lunch off. BBQ! There was pulled pork and pork ribs! The sauce was on the side. I was so excited. I grabbed some pulled pork and some ribs. Now I am really full and will not need to eat again hopefully the rest of the day. :slight_smile:

(Not a cow) #88

Wow, 4 1/4 lbs of hamburger patties plus pulled pork and ribs, for lunch.

I thought Shawn Baker was a beast :grinning::wink:

(Kellyn ) #89

Am I eating too much? :flushed:

(Not a cow) #90

No Kellyn I was just kidding, you didn’t really mean 4 1/4 pounds of patties the way I said it, you meant 4 quarter pound burgers, or 1 lb of meat. ( Maybe you did mean 41/4 pounds of meat? )
Even then it’s probably not too much if your eating to satiety. I have been told by a few carnivores that many a small woman can eat 5lbs of meat a day, no problem.

Too much eating, no, I eat once a day, and I just had 2 quarter pound burgers, 2 large italian sausages, and 4 eggs scrambled. I usually eat 4 cheese burgers, two eggs, plus a dozen wings. That’s kind of my go to.

I’m eating a little on the light side, for my weight, but I’m just trying to gauge the hunger satiety signals still, so I think you are not eating too much.