I am so lucky no one batted an eye during my no-breakfast decades (I ate breakfast as a kid, hated passionately as I was super hungry at 9-10am when I ate in the morning… and then I stopped). But everyone and their mothers believes everyone SHOULD eat breakfast, even the persons who don’t eat it - except me. If my body is happy without it and miserable with it (hunger, inevitable massive overeating, and so on), I don’t need it, what would be clearer than that? I tried out non-carby breakfasts later, still made me hungry in 3 hours. And I always wake up very satiated, my diet never mattered.

But hunger as a mandatory thing for health… It’s unusual if one isn’t EVER hungry but the person still can be perfectly healthy… Odd. I would think, being hungry too often may be a sign for a problem :smiley: Not necessarily, I imagine some people need lots of tiny meals. Poor ones, I find 2-3 troublesome enough. Well 2 is nice sometimes, one is a bit too few for me. 2 is a bit too many…

Cereal and fruit… I still can’t understand that. I know somehow it got popular but it always avoided me. That never was food to me. But it’s individual. Some people get satiated even with a bunch of sugar for very, very long.
And we can change.

So I popped in but I still can’t do carnivore yet. Hopefully soon. I am the usual though, I am never hungry (well I eat a lot and often, from my viewpoint, at least, how could I get hungry?), I eat lots of eggs and some meat and whatever finds its way into my life.
I am a bit too relaxed, I try to change it tomorrow…

But today I reached perfectness with a dish! :smiley: I probably mentioned it before. It’s originally a “vegan sausage” thing (horrible, wrong name but what can I do? I have a perfect name for it but it’s a Hungarian wordplay. I usually call it Spicy Fried Thing). The recipe was the most indulgent recipe ever. I kept changing items and it always got better. Today was the first time when it became carnivore (with spices, though). And it’s way, way better than the previous ovo-vegetarian version. I don’t care for seeds anymore, their taste annoy me. Oily seeds were fine on low-carb and keto, they helped me in my meatless low-carb times but we are sooo done. I simply swapped them for the thick rooster skin from the stew I had no idea what to do with (though I suspected I will mix it with eggs and fry, what else?). And it’s awesome. It doesn’t even need the fried onions and fresh garlic the ovo-vegetarian version does (it’s edible without but something is missing). Fine, the stew had onions but next time I will use pork skin and no onions. Just a tiny bit in the spice. It’s a good spice, my own mix though it contains my fav BBW spice mix too. And lots, lots of red pepper, of course :slight_smile:
I ate it before I could make a photo, maybe next time. It was very good and very bready as all my skin+egg creation. How it happens, I can’t comprehend but it’s a nice variety and I enjoy it every time.

@SecondBreakfast: Ouch, I can’t even imagine not having a fridge… Good luck with solving that problem after this horrible luck this far!!! And let’s get back to carnivore, I really should do that already myself.

But I am fine :smiley: My body stopped its subtle complaints as my most intense fruit season finished. In the past it seemed carbs are about the same but nope, I handle starches better and certain fruits not well at all (apples and cherries. I reach my limits extremely quickly with them).

I had a raging waffle mania (I bought a sylicone waffle mold and made waffles 2 times a day (I wanted them crunchy and low-carb, this task is so beyond me :D. thankfully Alvaro could help eating them) but now I am okay. I go back to pancakes now but I will resume my waffle experiments but those will be carnivore ones. I don’t need to try zillion variations that way, yay. I have too many ideas when experimenting. But it’s one of my hobbies, I won’t stop that. I appreciate being able to eat simple, it’s my normal attitude now - but sometimes I need my little fun.


@Shinita … Are you doing the chaffle waffles? Those are so flippin’ delicious! I made some for the cousins that were visiting because they desperately wanted to learn about food options on Keto. They were amazed at how “uncheesy” they taste. Adding a TB of oat fiber to the cheese and egg does wonders for the texture and crunchy outside.

As for the fridge, I am close to believing that the LG company makes the buy back option insanely long and beyond difficult in hopes that customers will just say ‘the hell with it’ and let it go. I am NOT one of those customers. LG will likely block my phone number before this is over. I’ve also found a consumer page with the LG president’s email address, along with both VPs email. So far, only the president has heard from me once. I am far from done with them. I don’t get nasty at all, but remain factual and constructively criticize the current process (or lack thereof) - which is meant to help those behind me who have to deal with substandard products they produce. No one should have to deal with this sort of situation, and no company should title a department “customer service” if the people there are unable to actually provide service to their customers. If a person pays thousands of dollars for ‘state of the art’ appliances, then it should follow that the manufacturer’s service department would provide a similar quality of service. Ironically, both the product and the service suck more than a brand new Dyson Ball.

I feel somewhat wiped out and unmotivated today. Did my push ups. planked. Walked. Pulled a few weeds in the garden, and then it started raining. Had to run a few errands, and now am hoping, contemplating a nap. Eh. I’d better do some housecleaning. I can sleep when I’m dead.


I planned the chaffles but somehow they didn’t happen even when I actually made carnivore waffles… But they surely will. I liked them in the pan enough… The waffle mold will improve them!
But I don’t want only that kind, I like to eat very little cheese, just spicing up things with it.
I will use up my fiber and won’t buy it again. Carnivore is amazing, I barely even do it but so many old low-carb items disappeared from my diet… Fiber usually makes things less tasty for me, I prefer using boiled egg yolk as flour (yeah, it has its limits, very much but it’s carnivore)… Or meat. Or skin, it’s the best. But a tiny bit of fiber may be useful for a while, I will try that. I actually put it into my pancakes sometimes, they become real pancakes then. The full carnivore ones are a bit soft. But good so I almost always use them. I take my carnivore-ish seriously, fiber is a stretch. If I get too relaxed, a bit too much chaos ensues. I am that type.

I picked a lot of blackberries today (the first ones! not my fav so I barely tasted it) and decided on a
carni day for tomorrow. If I announce it here, I have more motivation to do it… I need this extra help. It was so long… Without a carni day I would taste the vegetarian pizza I will make for Alvaro :smiley: Wheat flour and everything, of course, I bake bread too as always, I doubt I missed a week since months. I so don’t need that but I usually taste the pizza if I don’t have my own. One bite only. I wonder when I will seriously dislike bread. I dislike most stuff with flour already, traditional pancakes are awful to me since ages but bread is still borderline tempting and very useless as I could eat a ton without getting satiated, it’s a confusing item. Keto bread is satiating at least but not good unless I use a lot of spice. But it’s easier and better to eat eggs :slight_smile: I need to find myself without eggs and meat (or a very serious dislike towards them) to choose gluten. Or a huge desire towards it. As it tastes a bit bad, my chances are great. Oh my keto bread times, they barely started and practically ended. I don’t mind.

Oh, plank, I started it myself. Alvaro do it since month and he’s around 4 minutes now. As I basically have no abs (I don’t understand how I can stay upright with my super week muscles there), I never did plank if we didn’t count the few times when I tried it and fell in 5 seconds. But I tried it now. The knees on ground easy version as doing 5 seconds is very demotivating and useless. I felt like I was hit hard for hours after my first time (20 seconds). But it was only the first day, I have no such problems now though I feel the strain for a while. I am at 52 seconds now, a few days later. Yay. I won’t stop now. My weightlifting progresses too, slowly but I always had that.
I want to be way more active and a bit more muscular and I will compare my workouts on slightly different diets :smiley: I don’t know if anything will be noticeable until I am a newbie…


That is a rough combo SB! One of the worse things about making hay was I fretted about the rain. Always worried the minute we put it down was it gonna rain LOL Hay making is stressful even before ya do the work to load it onto the wagons!! I hope you get a big load of good hay!! I loved standing at the hay barn admiring our hard work with tons of hay stacked and thinking, wow good money to sell some and my horses and livestock are fed thru the winter…it is extremely satisfying for sure!

I so feel for ya about that fridge situation. enough to tear your hair out and if ya do…use your kid’s rogaine and replace it HAHA

I loved reading how great your kids are doing and working and keeping busy and all. Sounds like they are adapting thru all the crazy out there now and doing their own thing thru it all!

Great post, enjoyed reading it all!


I never was the type being able to comforted by food but I definitely care a bit less if tiny tragedies happened. Sorry, it’s a nice topic so I write whatever here now, it seems. I try to be scarce until I get back to carnivore.

A fire happened a few meters from my house, carbs burned (wheat, mostly) and one of my apple trees (not in my property but kind of mine) died (the firetruck broke it into half, it was a young tree) and 2 other trees got burned a bit but they surely will survive.
It could have been worse but still. So I ate a bite from everything Alvaro ate (including a tiny bit of apple from the tree, RIP, we will buy another like that, it’s summer apple that is exactly like a normal one unlike most summer apples) - except his rice and raisins and nothing else cake, how anyone can eat that, I can’t imagine, not like it helped anything, of course, I just didn’t put effort into resist the very subtle, borderline temptation (these were all new versions of dishes to try. in the past such ones were irresistible so I changed a lot). Yeah, it’s definitely easier not being surrounded with more or less carby food all the time, I never needed desire to eat something without planning. My normal meal will happen later as I am nowhere hunger yet, it’s only 3:30pm and I ate well yesterday, that meal will be carnivore. My smoked pork isn’t that overly salty this time, it was only the last time so I like it again.

Poor farmer, the wheat was almost ready to reap. A big part of the field burned.

By the way, I didn’t particularly enjoy what I tasted, I really changed very quickly, I still hardly can wrap my head around it. Ketosis, fat adaptation did nothing like this, only my carnivore trials. My carni food items are way better even if I eat them for every meal and the carby stuff is a rarity. I still adore fruits though, I just don’t need them. But if I lose nothing, I taste them as it’s a huge win.
Blackberry season arrived, we have A LOT every day. I don’t need to have a lot every day, fortunately, it’s not even among my 10-20 fav fruits (and I had little from my top favs). So it doesn’t tempt me much but picking them for long without tasting is still a tiny challenge. But I don’t even pick them every day so some carni days should be easy enough if I put my mind on it. I have more problems if they are surrounded with carbier days so maybe I should go with carnivore-ish by default again. Not “every second day is carnivore”, it’s a too relaxed attitude for me. I like similar days with rare exceptions, on and off doesn’t seem to work even though the off isn’t that far.

Sometimes simple and strict is the easiest. Sometimes not. I need to find my balance.

Fat-loss wise, I am sure I am ready for that. Even carbs can’t bring me back to my overeating times now and with less carbs it’s always easier.
I just need to wait for hunger or some other similarly valid reason to eat. I so fail at that and I totally try nowadays… It seems a very good idea to me but how to do it all the time, surrounded with temptations? Practice, I guess. I have more and more skipped lunch now but I need more time…

(Elizabeth ) #48

Good on ya!! Zero Carb zen https://www.zerocarbhealth.com/focus-on-the-zen/


4th time unlucky. Some things are still broken. Once again I was feeling great focusing on carnivore. Feeling strong and feeling satisfied.

Then on July 11. 11 days into this trial. I was feeling really good and did a day of full physical activity = lifting, wheel barrow pushing, digging etc.

That night the guests arrived and I relaxed the carnivore plan and ate some vegetable carbs and had a glass of red wine. During the day I took extra magnesium and water for the physical activity.

That night I got heart palpitations and increased heart rate. So many confounders. But it demonstrated that my electrolytes were not robust. So, instead of a hospital ER run, I had very salty beef stock, even more magnesium, and eventually a beta-blocker (10mg) tablet. My heart rate was pumping along at about 140bpm for about 3 hours. The next morning I had that “I feel like I’ve been in a bear fight” hangover.


A note about Billie. Our guests had Asian take-away food from the village. Sort of a Japanese Fusion place. Anyhow, there was left over rice.

So I made Billie dinner last night with beef mince (ground beef), egg, tallow, raw yoghurt and I mixed the rice into it. Billie was hungry after a beach run. there were slurping and slopping noises from the dinner bowl. Afterwards I saw a neat pile of rice in the bowl with every drop of fat licked and extracted off of it :rofl:. The rice pile went in the compost bin.


wow that is so terrible…while it is great not more was damaged etc and no one was hurt at all, it is horrible for the financial loss etc. one sustains!!


My cats are fine with rice unless there is plenty of meat and other proper stuff, they always hate peas. We never had a single cat that ate the few peas in the soup (I almost never give our food to the cats but well, 4 decades, I have some experience). Carrots? Fine. Rice or pasta? Why not? But peas… Those are inedible. Today they had wet cat food so they were quite excited, they always love that (unless there is medicine in it, of course :frowning: nothing helps with that anymore).

I really do a proper carni day today. Yay. Just carnivore-ish as usual but that’s not really relaxed in my case. Well, I may try half a deviled egg from Alvaro’s bunch for variety. It has a little tomato puree in it and I usually find it a bit boring, it’s the traditional recipe and Alvaro loves it forever. Mine is experimental with ground pork rinds. I licked the filling, it tastes good.
I have only 7 eggs left until tomorrow, it’s an uncomfortable feeling. There will be only 60-70 tomorrow, for a whole week, tricky… A lot of egg dishes are out when we are this low. Technically, we can buy eggs from other sources but I prefer to know the people and the house personally, seeing the hens themselves is good too.
The “beef farm” still don’t have anything to offer, just smoked stuff but I can get that from the pig farm.
We have about 1.5 pounds of proper (not fish, not smoked) meat now, who knows for how many weeks (though we probably will buy some pork in the city next week). I expect something nice from the farm any day. Mutton would be great (it’s so boring already, I am waiting for it since ages). I prefer seeing far if it’s about my ingredients. My egg supply is very stable, even if it goes low, there are signs for it weeks before. And I always have much dairy and I eat very little of it. So they can’t help in a pinch.


Holding my low. My 1 lb. down seems locked in so happy with that.
Just quietly waiting for my next little bit to drop. No biggie, I can eat so great and wait :wink:

But last night I did diet pepsi. 2 drinks. I drink diet caffeine free diet pepsi like 2 times a year. With my rum!!! :blush: So it is used only rarely cause it is a massive problem with my PVC which are mentioned in FBs post.

A few hours later, all is great, feeling good and there goes my heart palpations ramping up…I know point blank it was the diet soda. Diet soda is SO bad for me and yet I pushed it. I had big heart flips and the skips and that sinking feeling…horrible. I said to myself…why in the hell did ya drink diet soda? I wondered if I would get effected and I absolutely did as I know I would, yet I went forward on it…ugh, what a moron I am sometimes…Cause I hadn’t had it in ages and I thought I wanted rum and diet pepsi to drink. Bad call. Me bad. I learned again exactly why I don’t do this…and this ain’t just a zc thing for me, the PVCs mean I need to let it go…not even like 2 times a year in a drink for this old gal.

Took a while but drinking alot of water thru the evening my PVCs ramped down alot and I felt way more normal.

I ate great yesterday tho :sunny:

alot of beef tenderloin
2 small chicken breast
1/2 rack spare ribs which were delish!
1 can of sardines

So I learned again why I don’t do certain things…again. Someone smash up side the head with a rock please!! I had the thinking of ‘I can get away this one time’ and NO I CAN’T.

So all well, learned a big lesson again cause it freaked me out, my PVC situations can get very scary for me and I know I won’t be doing diet soda again for another year, til I probably try again and get the same results HAHA…definition of insanity, doing the same thing over again knowing the outcome is not good yet ya do it anyway…ugh. Thankfully I don’t drink alot anymore so that is a plus for me.

So my eyes are open again to me and what I am doing to me :frowning: No more of that stupidity :smile:


Cleaning up the eats now that company has left. Yesterday, I worked 8-40. Had coffee with cream and collagen for breakfast. Beef sticks for lunch. 2 cheese sticks for a snacky. Then, half a roasted chicken with skin for dinner.

Having collagen coffee this morning before I start in on LG. Have to find a new beef processor since the old one won’t return calls. Have to re-do my car ins policy since they changed things up on the PIP laws, Plus, house cleaning and cooking. No wonder my “Days off” don’t feel like days off. LOL!

And, the poor garden needs some attention. the weeds are getting bigger than the plants!


Good morning all!

@Fangs - No crunchy dead lawn here. Well, unless you’re listening to the cows munch and crunch on their grass. Then it is crunchy. Hubby let them out yesterday before the rainstorm, so they did a pretty good job “mowing” the lawn for us. Now, we just gotta navigate all the cows pies while playing fetch with Rufus.

Hubby is up to 68 round bales. We’ll need around 100 more (give or take a few) to make it through next winter. trying to find 3 days in a row with no rain now. He has 10 cords of wood being delivered next week - which get chainsawed into 2t-4ft sections for the boiler. Found a butchering operation that can handle our bull, but we’ll have to do some work - getting it gutted, skinned and quartered. Folks, this is the LAST job I wanted to have to do…especially in near 90F heat. It’s been nearly 17 years since I did that. At this point, I will pony up the cash and hire someone to do it, because I just don’t know how to work that one into my mental capacity and schedule. All the processors with a kill floor, in a 200 mi radius, are backed up until February - which is what necessitates us dealing with the first part of the job. Grrrr.

The LG saga continues. No response from the sales rep my guy deals with. He’s so pissed about all of this, he quit ordering and selling LG products. So, the salesgal calls him, wonders what’s going on. He’s sold so much in the past, this is killing his rep. Now she is scheduling a visit up here to have a chat. I told my guy to let me know when she’s gonna be here - I’ll be more than happy to “have a chat” with her. In the meantime, he is ordering a Samsung model for me which will fit that space perfectly.I just have to bark at LG more to get my check.

Got the car insurance taken care of. MI changed the PIP AE laws, so we don’t have to pay for unlimited coverage now. Depending on the limits you set, the premiums drop. Well…drop they did! More like a “drop” in the bucket. $49 less every 6 months. For what we’ve been paying, I’d expect to have seen better numbers. Well, upon further examination, it seems that they took the liberty of increasing the owners bodily injury allowances to “unlimited” at the same time. They had always been 250k/500k. When they took it to the unlimited option last year, that offset the aniicipated PIP reduction. And, our premiums actually increased. I got a little irritated with that whole thing, and dropped it to 100K/300K. Which lowered premiums by $153/6 months. Sneaky buggers.

I spent the better part of the day on the phone yesterday making calls and taking care of business stuff. Then it rained, so gardening got put on hold, AGAIN. I am cooking a sirloin tip roast for dinner tonight, and pulled out a few very meaty soup bones to eat in lieu of steaks. I get tired of digging for beef in the chest freezer sometimes. Soup bones are incredible - all the marrow, fat, yumminess. Makes going carnivore easy.

Well, time to take Rufus for a quick run. Cheers to you all!!!


you ain’t kidding sneaky buggers and heck that is on all bills we get…we all have to be vigilant not to get ‘the screw’ from what they offer from insurance to any type of ‘plan’ etc we buy!! Sounds like you did your homework and did well on that.

Yea were like like 200 round bales…estimate our use and sell the rest. Hubby got into making alfalfa for a while but that didn’t do so well here with our weather I guess, only a handful of farmers do it anywhere around us and they say it is a hard one to handle…so we went back to grass hay and wheat hay. Horses loved that wheat hay.

And I so get you on the work. After any kill or hunt my hubby says the ‘work just starts’ and boy ain’t that truth…processing and dressing etc is a ton of work. I hear ya…I would process my own chickens back in the day and then when a ‘chicken gal’ opened a farm fresh chicken biz to sell her birds at the farmers markets etc…I took mine to her to dress :slight_smile: Worth every damn penny I paid her for that HAHA She was young and needed the biz and I was older and sick of it so hey, it worked fab for me LOL

You have great reports SB! Loving how you are handling carnivore so well and sound chipper and feeling good!!! ZC truly does give us alot! Energy to ‘do it all’ and there is a gazillion tons ‘to do’ on a farm at all times :slight_smile:


I had a lot of driving to do today. And forgot to eat.

The sun went down (winter = 5;30pm) and I felt hungry. So, for dinner I had my usual breakfast = eggs bacon and some cheese, cooked in butter. It was as yummy in the night as it is around midday. I just didn’t have any coffee with it.

(Bunny) #61

That’s where a digestive bitter comes in handy, the acid reflux has nothing to do with eating fat (seed oils, polyunsaturated fat.), protein or carbohydrates.

Cilantro, Parsely, bitter skin of fruits like orange peels or lemon peels if you grind them with cheese grader or food processor, better on a salad but take a couple table spoons of that when you wake up every morning and that usually does the trick or while your having the heart burn attack, works great even when you get acid reflux supposedly from saturated fats also?

Bad bacteria has made its way to your stomach linings endothelium and is starting to infiltrate it and just because you are eating saturated fat or what ever you think the problem is (seed oils), is just putting a band-aid on the real problem?

You need a neutral substance to balance out the PH that is neither acidic nor alkaline (what bad bacteria thrive on) and that digestive bitter is going to kill the bacteria that is causing the acid reflux in the first place?

The idea is if I only eat meat and saturated fat I don’t get acid reflux right? But when you eat some plants or plant oils I do?

The fact remains the bad bacteria is still their and eating just meat and saturated fat will do nothing to eradicate it at all?


The Sirloin Tip roast was amazing. I tossed it in the slow cooker with water, garlic salt, sun dried tomatoes,a few olives, and a jar of roasted red peppers. Hubby and the other guys ate it on hard rolls. I ate the meat smeared with butter.

Then, saved the drippings, and cooked my soup bones in them all day long. The marrow fell right out of the bones. I’m good for a day or two now.

Had a pile of turkey bacon cooked in coconut oil and eggs with butter for breakfast. Coffee or course.
Hiked out in the back 40.
Showered, went to work for a few hours.
Grocery shopping for a bit. Found fantastic deals on everything but meat. Just nibbled on the meat from the soup bones, and going to hit the sack. Maybe go to church tomorrow, then putz around and go to work for a short shift. Got a LONG week at work next week.

We’ve got a wicked storm over us now, and might lose power.


I bet that meat and drippings were fab. I save my crockpot chuck roast drippings to use again also…drippings, while the word is icky, it is some of the best stuff in the world to me LOL

Coconut oil…you can easily use a tiny bit but most ZC people truly drop all plant oils. Plant oils are not good at all…but again, some zc people might use a tiny bit cause it is such a small amt they use and it doesn’t effect them at all and just allow that little bit in their life. For me it is Hellmans mayo. I made my own baconnaise mayo and all that back in the day…but now I just use Hellmans if I eat tuna…I only eat tuna and mayo like 2-3 times a month, use only a teaspoon to wet it up a bit and to me personally, it just doesn’t effect me to use that amt in my life so I use it…so that might be you on the coconut oil :slight_smile:

just saying so you know which way you wanna roll on that one. Just a choice we all make to suit our needs and how we feel on zc to keep it as a long term lifestyle. Alot of zc’ers will not allow any plant oils ever, but some like me might use it in a condiment rarely so…just chatting on it for new zc people to know we have to severely limit etc. on any type of plant crap we do let into our lives :wink:

I did many a hike out in the back 40 checking fence lines for pastures LOL You are such the farmer saying that, love it :sunny:

You sound like carnivore is suiting you very well…keep on going!! Longer on plan the more great benefits we gain in this lifestyle.



my much wanted 1/2 lb. loss came. I got my 1/2 lb. off me and I am now 1.5 lbs for July. Yea yea those reading say…wow that is nothing, but to this zc person who eats a ton any and all times she wants in the day and ‘never diets or thinks about dieting’ is doing very well if ya ask me :wink:

I am whittling away at my last vanity lbs I want gone and my body is doing it for me on its own timeline. One day I will say GOAL hit and then I bet zc will even give me more lbs off thru the years I just stay on plan in my life. works all for me!!!

food yesterday got turned up a bit:

2.25 lbs. of snow crab legs with alot of melted butter

12 oz ribeye steak

9 slices bacon with melted grated sharp cheddar on it…yum

8 slices taylor ham, cause well, I was a ‘bit’ hungry and didn’t want much so I just hounded that down. So fast and simple to make and I love that stuff.

I am loving zc. ZC is loving me back, just giving me health and vitality and I still wonder to this day what ‘more great’ benefits I will get staying on plan down the years :slight_smile: I know there is more good to come for me :blush:

Keep rocking out our July-A-Ganza people!!


Normally, I"d use beef tallow…but ran out. The refined coconut oil works well in place of it. Butter and bacon make the smoke alarms go off, so, I tend not to use butter there.

One thing I got into- which is not an animal product, but is zero carb - is the Red Palm oil. That stuff has an amazing flavor, and passes it on to whatever you cook in it. I ate some right out of the jar. Then, did chicken thighs in it last week - and wow! So yea…just a little segue off carnivore to plant fat - but it was a yummy trip.

The trip into the back forty was dual purpose. Exercise, and rip down ferns that were touching the electric fence. Fun walk though…found some wild blueberry bushes, wild strawberries, some dead trees for firewood, saw a kingfisher at the pond…fun.

Congrat’s on the 1/2# loss!!!YAY!!! Little by little, it’ll happen!!!

Lost power for a couple hours last night- due to a massive thunderstorm. Coffee maker works now, so we’re all good. =) Probably going to head off to church soon, praise the Lord for electricity, coffee makers and so much more! HOpe y’all have a blessed day!!!