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Hi guys and gals :slightly_smiling_face:. I SO don’t feel like I should even be posting this, some of you know that I was Carni for Months and rocked it like a meat eating rock star chick. But then I was a silly billy…or silly betty, ( cos I’m a girl, and Billy is a boys name…Actually no…Billie Elish.) So a silly Billie.:orange_heart:. I am very embarrassed. I got into the booze hard. Vodka, cos it had no carbs. And was just planning to have a few drinks once in a blue moon. HAHAHA, WHAT A JOKE!!!:scream: I ended up smashing down half to three quarters of a bottle a night… for weeks. And when pissed, well willpower pisses off. So I ate naughty carby foods. Bye bye keto, by Carni.:sob::sleepy:. Then my stomach started hurting terribly and I got a terrible stomach ulcer. Very very painful.:pensive:…So the doctor told me I simply must eat bananas, cranberrys, cranberry juice, fruit, nothing spicy. I HATE going to doctors, so for me to go…means it is very serious. It’s so serious. I have a hospital bag packed just in case. As I have had multiple major stomach surgery in the past. 10 years ago. So what a loser, to not protect my gut better. Oh well. Once this belly heals :pray:…Im coming back to Carni…I liked it. I liked being in ketosis and was very fat adapted. I was SO strict with my OMAD. Carbs, wow my hunger is here there and everywhere. It’s crazy. So it’s hard, but I’ll get back to this WOE. That’s why nobody gets my " Ugly keto carni" photos… cos there’s been none. But it will come. So yeah. @Shinita Your meat looks delish.:heart_eyes:. @Fangs This silly Billie goat, will join the BBQ soon.:pensive:


I hope someone will be able to say something useful for this situation because I don’t care if it was a doctor, cranberry juice would make me sick. My body definitely dislikes extreme quick sugar (not like it likes slow carbs in not insignificant amounts but quick fruit sugar even with the pulp is much worse). And I am healthy, my body just tried very low-carb and decided it’s for it.

I know nothing about these things so I stop here. Just wonder a bit. Why fruits are so advised everywhere, for a healthy one like me? I just went to look at the weather forecast and there was that in hot weather, we should eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Why? I surely need to do the opposite and I don’t feel I have a special snowflake body. What is their explanation for it? I am not as curious as to start a research, it actually doesn’t matter to me but I am a tad curious. If I get my nutrients and my body is content, why would I need some extra food group? It doesn’t make sense to me.
Oh well. I am back, carni day #1. I had a carbier month so I am very very very very full and satiated now. Normal people wouldn’t eat for days at this point (not average, normal. with my state) but I probably will get some urge to eat in the evening. Even hunger has some chance. Real need for fuel, I won’t have that now.
Maybe I mentioned my carnivorous flirting times made the miracle and now even carbs (and often small meals) can’t make me particularly hungry? I never had this before, it’s very new, 1-2 months…?
Of course the willingness of my body regarding handling carbs without any complaints and warnings got lower, it always does that so I only feel totally fine at very low. I don’t feel too bad way, way higher either (of course, still low-carb. high-carb is some unimaginable thing for me at this point I guess) as my body can handle much, it’s healthy and capable just doesn’t want to.
It’s perfectly fine as my desires gets stronger towards carnivore food and they are (usually) minimal to carby food and those very rarely taste good or interesting (I usually don’t even notice vegetables now, it’s odd. I taste Alvaro’s food and no joy. I feel the taste, it didn’t change but it means nothing to me. The only raw vegetables I enjoy are usually pretty tasteless as always but juicy or crunchy). I like subtle warnings and information.

Okay, I am at the height of my desire for carnivore(-ish) now, after a carby month. I so need this. I had enough of fruits weeks ago in general but it’s not that simple. But now I really had enough and need to regenerate. I will be quite fine tomorrow, probably. And June is only once per year and I can mature and change until next year.


You have such great posts Hawkeye :slight_smile:
Loving that the roots are changing a bit darker for you. That is so cool to get that perk for sure from zc! Wild.

You said it and in truth. We heal internally and I can almost say it is like reversing time inside our bodies…key on zc and this is why I love this plan!! and then we do get weight loss out of it. hey might be slower than eating so little and starving down the scale but who cares, we eat great, get wonderful perks and health benefits and ‘feels’ like we reverse age for sure and we lean up our bodies.

You rocking zc!!


WOW B…wishing you the best my friend. I know you are younger than an old fart like me and you are just pushing that ‘young’ envelope a bit too much ya know. Younger, even if we do have med situations, we still feel that youth immortality kinda, I did anyway…but now it is time to get right and you are doing just that. You fix up your guts as you need and then back on the carni bandwagon and get the guts healed up better.

Everyone goes thru crisis situations thru everything in our lives. We just bob and weave and get thru all of it best we can…but medical we gotta take notice a bit more, we can’t get worse ya know…we gotta improve our bodies or we got bigger troubles coming at us, none of us what any of that for ya :slight_smile: We like ya too much!! You hang around and chat up and heal up too :sunny:


July-A-Ganza is going great for me.

Got me some tenderloin defrosted. Will pair with shrimp or chicken later. second meal might be the ribeye I am defrosting for tomorrow HAHA who knows, I eat all I want, when I want and am thriving literally.

Like Hawkeye said my benefits from zc are outstanding. Clear thinking that is like, even beyond just thinking clear, it is just wonderful LOL and feel great, energy thru the roof even in like 95 plus heat wave and I love it, hot weather gal here and just enjoying life like crazy with everything I get from carnivore.

Did have a darn bite. 2 actually. UGH. Hubby wanted his famous southern fried chicken from his fav shack restaurant and came home with a bucket of chicken. omg the smell. so good. I took one bite of crispy crunchy breading and the taste was thru the roof wonderful. I tell ya I was ready to drive into this bucket of chicken and eat myself out of it from the inside out…lol…but then I had a second bite of crispy breaded skin and I got that ICK OIL taste. Not rancid oil but that overused, never changed out old weirdo oil taste and I said hell no. I ain’t eating this crap! So that stopped me right there and I didn’t give it another thought.

I tell ya guys I can taste ICK in a heartbeat. I can taste ‘OFF tastes’ in a second, I can taste ‘SUGAR’ from a mile away HAHA My tastebuds are so clean the best part about that is they save me. They save me every time from going past a bite cause real fast I know food is wrong for me just from a bite. I like that. My early warning system :wink:

so off to enjoy this fine day before big Tstorms come in again. Had monster storms last night. Gotta hit the pool and get out all the leaves and twigs that blew into it :sunny:

Hold zc everyone. Be the Carnivore. This plan is wild and wooly and just so much to everyone who eats this plan…hang onto your health and get the benefits! We will rock out July easily!!

(Daisy) #26

This is a side effect I was really hoping for, but haven’t seen so far. But congratulations!!


Yea guys I am over in my Zero Carb: living the good life site and one gal said in about 9 months zc she got rid of her eye floaters.

omg I hate mine and I am way past that and my darn eye floaters are not gone…why did she get that and I didn’t…MOAN MOAN MOAN, ugh…maybe down the road? another yr on zc and eye floaters gone for me too? I just wait my turn to heal up as I need…ya never know, I got hope :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #28

Ok so yesterday was not good for me. I definitely cheated into keto land. We had a church picnic and they asked me to make sugar free desserts. I made my sugar free cheesecake, but it was barely sweet, I used a half cup sweetener in the whole cake. But I had a full slice over the course of the day. Then I also made some little cookies that are made with nut butter, coconut, etc. 2 different kinds. I ate too many of those. Way too many. But otherwise I ate steak, chicken and burgers. I don’t want to admit to that stuff but this is for accountability, right? Here’s the meat


wonderful meat pics again KD

and yes you do not ‘truly have to admit’ anything to us if you don’t want but they WHOLE key thing is admit it to yourself.

as we changeover there is not a time that someone doesn’t slip…everyone does it LOL but then we have to make that active decision, did we slip and can leave it behind, or are we gonna go back to eating junk we don’t really want? or just choose a new plan to adopt or??

those are personal decisions. for me I went up and down like that til the day when those bites and nibbles and a few too many cookies…I could just get away with…put me back up in fatty weight again, felt sluggy and more.

So I had to decide to go all in. Now I am longer on plan and walked this journey. This is your walk now. Your personal journey. You just have to make sure you have a clear path of what you want for yourself and if that path has a detour we swerve around it and continue on our journey or we might hit a crossroads where we think…hmm, do I wanna go this way.

I was one thru the years that KNEW deep down ZC was my life. What suited me. Meat hound hard core. So I went all in and said this was my path.

So you are normal for sure LOL You just realize that what you ate was an event, social gathering and you choose to eat it…but where do you go from there. Are you one to carb crave now? Get irked that you are ‘missing out’ and…well…play all those damn mind games that I played with myself. I gotta tell ya those mind games suck royally HA

You are fine and doing well. No doubt about that to me. Normal situations that many of us have walked and you just find you and what you want in all this. That is truly all any of us can do.

No ZC police here right now, heck I took a bite of breaded crispy off southern fried chicken LOL

The mind does want. The mind wants to experience again.

Kinda think…your brain on drugs (carbs) is a terrible thing to waste HAHA

you might be way too young but I am older and that was a commerical on tv showing scrambled eggs in a pan and saying this is your mind on drugs…omg I am off on a tangent LOL

You fine KD!


For the people who are able to do it… I am a hedonist. I just can’t not eat if it’s uncomfortable and especially not when I am hungry. Not just because it’s unpleasant, I consider hunger as an obvious sign to eat. Yeah, there are some “stomach hunger” that isn’t reliable, I for one always can tell if my hunger is serious, reliable and what is the situation… But strong, annoying hunger means I should eat. And if it comes too frequently or strongly or whatever, I take it as a sign that my woe is off.
I had no other chance but finding a good woe where things happen comfortably and naturally. It has so many other benefits anyway… I like to feel better even if I felt pretty okay to begin with. I aim for near perfection (aiming for complete perfection is unnatural and stressful, not hedonistic ;))!

I am very careful with my pork. But I don’t even want to eat only that. Pork feels quite substantial to me and egg is a fine side dish. Or one of my main courses. Or snack, extra something when I still need a bit… I usually have a bigger first meal but now I ate some very little amount of egg before my planned dinner aka this:

I had to use this angle with my macro lens (I can’t go close, that’s for tiny stuff :D) but you saw the pork slices already and boiled eggs aren’t exciting. The cheese is emmental this time. I never noticed problems with cheese and I need some variety. But I don’t desire it, maybe I will stop using it unless my dish asks for it.

I am not really hungry today, it’s a small meal even though it’s my big, main one.

Mmm, cheesecake, I will make one soon too as I bought mascarpone many weeks ago and it nears its expiration time. As we have lots of fruits in the garden anyway, it will be on my off day. I don’t know how much sweetener one needs for 250g mascarpone… Maybe 10g will be perfect. For Alvaro’s part. He can sweeten it more if needed but it sounds a big enough amount especially considering the fruits. We came a long way :smiley: And I am nowhere finished :wink: I am quite interested what will happen if I stop eating sweets for a whole week or something… Or just not using sweeteners, well I was pretty close or maybe reached that during my carni trials… I never desire any sweets on carnivore-ish. But as I remember, I only ate sweets for my rebellious and nostalgic self and whatnot, I didn’t even enjoy them. Alvaro’s Mom didn’t bake anything, fortunately, she makes extremely good and extremely carby baked goods…
I still don’t like my chocolate. It is totally meh (like vegetables) since many weeks. I just ate it from habit and hope on my carbier days. But it didn’t work. Oh well. Life just gets simpler.
Coffee with cream is still strong, I try to lose it at some point… My current brand (I couldn’t buy my usual) is bad black and no coffee? Unimaginable. Maybe later. Coffee addiction (not a real one but I drink it like I had to) is the only one that always stays strong on carnivore too.


AND ANOTHER 1/2 LB. bites the dust…and another one gone and another one gone, another 1/2 lb. bites the dust-------heehee

Got my new low on the scale. Feeling wonderful. Eating great.

Hit store for whole tenderloin but none. They had packs cuts and were pricey but I got 2 for my freezer. Every penny I spend on meat means no money to a Doctor ever and it means I am feeding myself top nutrition and I know I am, I feel so darn great!!

So I kept out a big tenderloin steak for later and will cook a lb. of shrimp with it. Then later I got burger for a second meal time.

Yesterday I ate sirloin beef tips at a restaurant. They were great. Usually they are nasty little chewy bullets ya know…she said how do you want them cooked? I said blue rare and I mean rare and they did that and they were delish.

came home and late 1/2 lb cheeseburger. 1/2 lb. of bacon. 1 pork chop.

July is on track for me and doing fab!! Hope ya’ll are doing well on plan and loving all the best benefits from zc. I am so in the zc zone it is scary and loving just that :slight_smile:


wow I was hungry yesterday. I kinda got that ‘I want to eat everything and the kitchen sink too’ attitude LOL
I had to fight eating tons of junk off plan but I got thru it. Just one of those days. Days I get very few of anymore but darn when they hit they suck rocks.

I was SO hungry around 1…then didn’t get home til about 3. driving home I wanted to stop at every single junky fast food place. Get some naked burgers, yea right, I was gonna eat other crap too if I stopped HAHA…and you guys, I thought…darn if I eat junk I gotta come here and say I ate junk…so I sure didn’t wanna do that cause this thread is a good reminder for me when I wanna go off a bit and accountability is real to me so it helps a ton!..so I just said no and get home to eat.

big beef tenderloin steak
1 lb. jumbo shrimp

and still hungry so I made a 1/3 lb. cheeseburger patty

and still hungry so…but I decided to stop eating cause at this point it was useless. I was in eat eat eat, graze graze graze mode and nothing good comes out of that

but later I ate 2 pork chops and I got content. I wasn’t content in my food ya know…but finally I got full, nourished, satisfied etc. and those pork chops gave me the final straw to get over all that wanting of junk to eat.

Today I got steak and chicken on the brain. I will be chowing down good as usual. Just cruising along.

oh edited to say I broke my little pinkly toe last night. Sucker is swollen and darn near all black. ugh. got it taped to my other toe. hope it heals fast, nothing one can do on a broke toe. My knee does this weird thing and gives out every now and then, no reason cause I never had it checked and it ‘doesn’t hurt’ ya know but if I step or turn ‘just right’ my leg goes out from under me and down I can go…last night it did it…and I put all my weight on my good leg and rolled my little toe under me and then was kinda hopping to get balance and I murdered it I guess. oh well, live moves on…good thing I ain’t a predator that has to run and kill their prey to eat, I would be hobbled up and hungry HAHA


Just OMAD today. 3 scrambled eggs cooked in tallow with 60g hard cheese.

I am building a wall and spent the day sourcing materials, dodging rain squalls and setting out the foundations.

Broke fast at about 4pm, so didn’t feel like another meal.

Took extra magnesiun citrate as had a full body work out.

More wall building tomorrow.


So this is terrible. I had been doing a stellar job of staying on track, with a few minor excursions off course with weddings, travel, a few birthdays (including mine), and then a few days ago, Aunt Flo suddenly came to visit after months of being absent. Then these horrific cravings hit like a freight train! M&ms are like cocaine around here now. I won’t go into all that has transpired, but, it ain’t pretty!
We have another round of company visiting now, went out for dinner last night. Ordered fajitas… Just had the meat and veggie filling part - no tortilla. But, even with that, I find that the bit of sweetness in the veggies even triggers more cravings. So, I have got to stay carnivore.

Having no fridge for over a month now makes it difficult to thaw meat properly. I can’t do it in my workshop fridge, as that is waaaayyy overstuffed right now with everything else. The overflow fridge we borrowed from my inlaws has majically been stocked with miscellaneous foods and drink as well. So, I’ll have to figure something out. (I really just need to make me a huge pot of short ribs. I could live off those.) I don’t have to worry about cooking any big meals until tomorrow evening. I work today until 930pm - ish. The rest of the fam is going to a birthday party/bbq. And, tomorrow, I work 830-5. So, at that point, I’ll have to work out a dinner. I’m off this weekend, so hoping to do some hiking, and maybe even another cliff-jump into Lake Superior. THAT is a zero carb adventure!

So glad you made this thread, @Fangs ! I will report back soon, or vent. Whichever comes first. LOL!


What exactly is this wall for and is it a foundation for your off grid home? just curious cause I am an off grid type gal…being a farmer type I am right there with you on that LOL

tell me more please on that, I 'd love to hear.

and hope Billie is doing great…I still got her picture in my mind since I am an animal gal to the max. Bet she is still eating good!!

This is my daughter Nicole and her ‘brother’ BOLT the Papillion. Her dog is everything to her and since she ‘hates’ horses and chickens and our goats and cattle, only thing I can bond with on her on is this little dog :slight_smile:


omg so could I and I would make a monster load of those :slight_smile:

It sounds frantic and fun and crazy and ‘off a routine’ of control for ya and I so get that.

but at some point we all must ‘do us’ in there and say ‘nope’ to whatever and we put the ‘give and take’ as a biggie…as in I will eat but I won’t eat this other thing and go ‘there’ ya know.

Walking the path of change thru fun times, events, sad times and more mean truly we need structure cause our default always is ‘take the easy route’ while overwhelmed and overloaded.

and it took me YEARS to figure this out. Yea…my resolve is way tough now vs earlier on in my change and it is just that…we walk thru and learn and take the smarts thru that truth or we bail. Us hardcores never bail in the end LOL

SB you are doing fab!!! You work thru what ya gotta and make it work best for you and don’t think what works for others. Others can eat it all ya know when it is imperative we eat for ourselves more. This is where self preservation kicks in…I learned on our camping trips not to stock the tiny rv fridge with mac/cheese/mashed taters frozen/ice cream but put that whole fridge to meat. the carby eaters can find food at every turn but I could not :slight_smile: so you do you as ya need.

niking, cliff jumping, omg I am so jelly on all that. You are having a blast and so happy for you!!! I wanna be there with you!! Great fun post to read from ya!!


So those forever hungry days happen on carnivore too? Makes sense. It’s probably foreign to many people but I have those days. I eat and eat and eat and at some point I get full so I stop but I stay hungry for hours… At least I know I had enough food so I don’t have the mental compulsion to eat as I surely need it. It’s just an annoying feeling. Some people like hunger. I like it too as long as it only lasts for minutes. Hunger means I must eat, it’s basic to me. Maybe not very subtle hunger.

BUT! I am so not hungry lately, yay :smiley: Even my on/off carni works now very well. Every second day I have a carni day (or almost. I can’t see the point in saying no to 2 raspberrries when I will have much more carbs the next day anyway but I can try) and on the rest, I have a carni first meal. And with a tiny luck, it’s still keto. So I am probably in ketosis now, I don’t feel such things but I would be surprised not to. But who knows?
Whatever, I only care about feeling right and eating proper amounts (first I wrote “little” but it’s not informative enough if someone doesn’t know me and my eating habits and past well. and anyway, if I need much to feel right now and then, that’s fine too. I never feel the need to eat much for long on very low-carb. my body is smart and I have lots of extra fat). And things are very fine now. I am not too obsessed with food, I don’t feel compelled to eat lunch even on the days when I am satiated at that time, I don’t need to eat a lot of food at once so even without OMAD or TMAD, I won’t overeat… So it’s good. Actually, I feel just like I felt on my carnivore trials most of the time and I eat similarly too. Well, with less meat. I am so glad I had lard and white bacon or else my yesterday would have been my first vegetarian carnivore day and it still sounds very wrong to me. It will come, eventually, I know that… :smiley: But I try to postpone it :smiley: It’s odd to have a meatless day, I don’t even know if I had that since December except when I run out of meat (it never will happen again). I loved smoked pork but now I enjoy it less and I don’t have fish every day when we don’t have a proper meaty dish. So such an abomination happened. It wasn’t even too eggy, only 9 pieces? I added to the tiny experience that fat tissue is just as satiating as protein to me. So barely adequate protein is enough for satiation if I eat fat tissue. I won’t do that often, I love my protein and I don’t plan to buy white bacon, too expensive, I can buy meat with that money… But pork hocks have much fat on them and Alvaro eats the lean part anyway. I eat almost all the fatty parts and the skin (okay, that’s a fatty part too).
I always had some aversion to eat only the fatty part, without any meat. But I tried out it in my scrambled eggs yesterday and it was nice. I still prefer sausage though. So I probably will just add it as extra but meat should be present as well.

Carby stuff has less and less power on me. I do very enjoyable low-carb since almost a decade and I had not much problems with carbs but I need way less than back then. My old keto days were carbier than some of my carby days now and my body still often tells me it prefers even less. But I had my slightly triggering items. And they lost power too. Alvaro brought home wonderful, ripe bananas yesterday. I probably won’t even touch them today and it’s my off-carni day. I know they taste divine, a bit too sweet but it can be helped… I have very fond feelings towards them, bananas were one of my most important fruits on keto - but well, I don’t need or really want them at all. I feel the habit… We buy this much banana very rarely, on sale and only if they are perfectly ripe with spots - and I totally want to use the rare chance, it’s almost like fruit season in my garden, it’s here NOW, in abundance! I felt this but I had a carni day yesterday and now, after so much time and training, I actually can wait a whole day :smiley: And the day came, carbs are allowed, in moderation… And I still can’t find desire in me to eat bananas.
It’s very odd to me, you know. I never had this. I was very modest in the last few times, no wonder, lots of sugar isn’t nice even using bananas (and I handle them way better than apples or cherries) but nothing like this.
It suits me. I just love when I don’t need efforts. I don’t do hard things if it’s about food.
My own fruits were a problem enough. I don’t wanted them, just liked them and felt the compulsion to use the chance. Hopefully next year will be better. June wasn’t ideal, to put it lightly. No big problems but I prefer to have none especially when I finally know what is good for me. I still have fruits but it’s so much easier without cherries… But I had enough anyway, I need my carni days surrounding my carbier ones. It feels good.

Sorry, I will do it properly but even if I could handle the presence of fruits now, I still have no meat except one rooster for two persons. The farm went silent. They are supposed to have some meat from a bigger animal soon! That feels more substantial and it’s less work…

Still no minifreezer though. But mine is enough, I didn’t fill it with fruits this year :slight_smile: Alvaro “heroically” ate up most of the raspberries (he reached his limit sometimes), we had few strawberries and currants and we canned the cherries and sour cherries.
I still don’t really keep vegetables in the freezer, I have no space for such unnecessary things. I have just a tiny amount for soups but I have a skill to use only nothing for a soup despite Alvaro thinks a big vegetable soup needs, like, 3kg of vegetables. I think a soup needs water, first of all, his lacks that too seriously… I use vegetables as spice but Alvaro wants dense soup so my soups has eggs galore :smiley: What else, seriously. We still hardly ever have meat soup, I only really like it from fowl, we rarely have that and it never turns out so very good as in my memories while a stew is always wonderful…
I should come up with soup ideas, they are just too important for us. I can’t eat his super dense, vegetable-filled soups and mine have too much vegetables for me and too little for him, not so bad but it’s a compromise and I prefer consensus where everyone is happy.
Maybe I will end up with spicy egg milk soups while he can cook beetroot-carrot-potato-lentil soups (I mean, it’s one soup, he ate it in the last 5 days, skilled soup, it didn’t spoil) for himself (super dense, of course and probably sweeter than most of my sweets). And we learn to make perfect chicken soup or something. If we can, we may try to cook soup from somewhat meaty beef bones. But I never ate good soup from beef before (except the carby goulash, of course), I still think fowls are the best especially guineafowl. That was awesome! Rabbit (the young home-raised ones we can buy now and then) works too, well it’s pretty similar to chicken for some reason… And we love to have it sometimes but it’s more work and less satiating, lean meat…

It was nice to write (I always think things over better when I write and not just think) but I try to be scarce until I can actually do carnivore(-ish). I am really excited to try it out for weeks straight. I don’t necessary expect much change - but I can appreciate little ones like waking up easier, having a bit more energy or whatever I can have… And I am curious. I must try it.

But I don’t need meat for variety, it seems. I need it for nutrition and others.
I never ever ate this very simple. I am fine with almost anything. It starts to be scary. My body, I mean, my mind loves playing with recipes. Not to the extent as before, though. I love simple now.
I even lost my big desire towards cream and sour cream. They are useful sometimes and yeah, they are tasty but tasty and “must eat” are different things.


I’m building a car tyre wall. It’s a retaining wall made from car tyres that are full of rammed earth.

It’s amazing shopping and cooking for Billie. I reckon the food quality has improved for both of us. People are amazed that she is a Labrador and that she is not greedy (despite needing to grow). If she gets a training treat (air-dried sheep liver cube), she chews it carefully and doesn’t wolf it down.

Billie had ground beef, an egg, olive oil, in bone broth for dinner. And two raw chicken necks for dessert.

I’m having 2 eggs and 350g of eye fillet steaks. They are cooking on top of the wood fire stove as the day has not been sunny, so best not to draw too much from the off grid battery. It’s a slow gentle cook, especially for seafood. Much better, I think, than a gas or electric stove top.

We do have an electric (conduction) stove top in the kitchen but we only tend to cook on it for breakfast around midday with sun feeding our photovoltaics It is mid-winter here, so sunshine is a precious and welcome resource. I love that our behaviours have changed with our awareness of where our energy and water come from and go to.

I did have surf and turf over the weekend = Scotch fillet steak and shrimp.

We had guests (like @SecondBreakfast). Guests are disruptors. I went out to lunch with them as well. There are no COVID restrictions here. It’s under control. Only 20 cases, all in quarantine, none in hospital, no community spread. So, restaurants are open and no travel restrictions despite it being flu season. The visitors had cereal breakfasts and fruit and were super hungry by lunchtime. I had nothing in the morning. A black coffee at about 11 am, and wasn’t that hungry by the time we went out for lunch. My nephew asked if I was sick because in his world, if you are not hungry, you are sick. They didn’t leave chocolate. But they left some nice cheeses and some prosciutto.


Ahhh Billie is one lucky pooch to be fed so well from such a young age…means you are gonna have one healthy dog thru her life and a great companion. Cute as a button that pic of her in the tire :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I watch Homestead Rescue on tv and they rescued a ‘tire wall’ home. Like 13,000 tires as the foundation base and walls and they did not fill dirt like you…they just stacked and they had critters living in the tires, tons of spiders and other nasty stuff going down…but the biggie was NO support of the earth you are putting in it and it was shifting and more. Good episode as they fixed their tire wall and more good info in it.

I am very rural and restrictions are low in our area too, but being ‘a state’ we have those implied restrictions the business have to adhere to and it screws us up. But not too bad for us :slight_smile: we don’t ‘do society’ mostly anyway LOL being more farmer types we kinda keep to ourselves and don’t ‘city’ it like others so…

I loved what ya said about the carb eaters and how they feed thru the day vs. you…and they asked you if you were sick!! WOW that is wild and funny thing is I am sure you are thinking, but not saying, you guys are starved nutritionally and that is why ya eat and get hungry fast and need refeeding while I can go and go without food and be fine :slight_smile:

I love your posts FB! I so enjoy reading them and your interactions with the carb eaters and how that all goes down for ya! You make great points about how well you are doing on eating and how bad the junkier food eaters are doing.


@FrankoBear…LOVE LOVE LOVE Billie!!! (Makes me miss our beloved Abigail.) Our ecent visitors brought with them a rescue dog. He is only a couple years old, and we don’t know what it suffered for the first 5 months of his life- but he has a ferocious bark, and snaps at almost everyone. They haven’t had time to really work with him and train him - but Rufus was a good match in terms of size and playfulness. I couldn’t put out the more carnivore-type foods that I’d normally feed Rufus, because we discovered that the visiting doggie was noshing on Rufus’s eats. Rufus has been really mopey since her playmate left, but I think some eggs and beef might cheer her up a bit!

Well, the last of the guests left yesterday while I was at work. I had to say “bye” earlier in the day, and worked a swing shift. Hubby was at home, and got to see them off. We were both exhausted from juggling work schedules, farming (hay-making now), and entertaining guests - I came home after work last night, popped the top and chugged a beer. Its rare that I drink beer, and even moreso that I finish one. So…hubby was shocked. Don’t worry…it was the low carb watered down stuff- Mic-light Ultra with lime and prickly pear. Now, I feel as though I can start the recovery phase and close this disasterous non-carnivore chapter of my life!

Despite the continuing shut-downs and governor’s edicts, work has been steady here. I’m sticking to around 32 hours a week. The pharmacy was insane last week. Lots of out-of-towners. I went to bed at each night counting pills instead of sheep! LOL! (There’s another story for a different day.) Our youngest kiddo got a part time job doing housekeeping for a local hotel, so she is raking in the bucks with tips plus her hourly pay. The next oldest (21) works at one of the hospitals, and is still working four days per week, rather than five. She kept her “fun job” at the mine, and gives tours sometimes on the weekends. Our youngest son will be 23 in August, and he awaiting a call from his work to start back. In the meantime, he has been doing tons of handy-man jobs all over the place. He’s a handsome little beast with a good work ethic, and word got around what a hard worker he is. He gets so many calls to do work, he has turn some away. Cracks me up, though. He wanted to grow a beard,and tried to let it grow in - but he said it was too patchy. So he asked me to buy him some Rogaine. He read somewhere that you can rub a little on the facial area that needs help, and it will produce facial hair. Well, he did that - and his face turned into a damn Chia pet! OMG. He went from peach-fuzz to lumberjack in a month! LOL! It looks good though.

Sorry, but I am going to have to momentarily ventilate some continuing frustrations here, which is really an update on our refrigeration issue.
I am still without a fridge. Yesterday, July 13, LG JUST provided me with the case number I needed back in June so I could have submitted my receipt. Well, I submitted my receipt and they basically said it wasn’t proper enough. Yes. Because it was a handwritten receipt on a generic receipt pad, stamped with the company’s name and address, they won’t accept it. Apparently, I need something that is computer generated with a logo (or some such bullshit). I replied stating that this is a rural area with Mom-and-Pop stores who don’t all use computers, and will handwrite receipts, etc. And, as long as they want to split hairs over the appearance of the receipt, well, I’ll go ahead and demand the $300 maximum spoiled-food reimbursement on top of the depreciated cost of the fridge. In the meantime, I am STILL without a fridge in my kitchen. I cannot work in my workshop, despite orders and classes I have to turn down. I am really pissed about that. This was the summer I had planned to spend working on sugar free formulas to introduce into the holiday collection, then gradually transition over to almost all sugar free options. Having a fridge is an absolute must, yet, the workshop one is full of all our house- food. So…once again… instead of gardening and planting flowers and seeds, .my day off will be spent attempting to get yet another form of a receipt, and haggling with LG - trying to get a depreciated refund, so I can buy a new fridge from another company. GRRRRrrrrr. I need to do some deep breathing now, and get the BP under control. That company’s customer service flusterclucks are so irritating.

In the meantime, I’m gonna drop and do some push-ups, then cook me up a pile of turkey bacon in some coconut oil, have a few eggs, and try to enjoy the minutes before I have to deal with the fridge. Eating zero-carb carnivore did so much to calm my nerves - I really long to get back to that. I honestly believe that I’d not get into such a tizzy over the fridge - if I had stayed the course in eating pure carnivore. Love you all—and thanks for being here for encouragement and inspiration!!!

Cheers to all!!! SB