July 2021 Maintenance Check-In


Better late than never. As they say.

I am trying to get back into over 24 hr. fasting protocols again. I had a bounce up and it doesn’t seem to be going away. So I will do some 42 + hr. fasting days and see if I can get those lbs.to go away.

How is everyone doing?

JUNE 2021 Maintenance Check-In
(UsedToBeT2D) #2

Me too with a bit of weight gain. I was over confident with strict 20 g or less carbs, and have been letting some sneak back in. It’s time to double down.

(Trudy) #3

I’m up as well, can’t find my groove and plan to EF again in the coming weeks. My maintenance weight is 63kg, 65.2kg this morning but have been close to 68kg in the last few weeks. Eating more, drinking more to self medicate stress, anxiety and some general sadness. It’s winter here and I generally struggle in winter. No excuses, a few dramas of late, I, too, need to double down. Also need to express gratitude and get out of this self pity slump.


So I finished that fast, ate normally yesterday and today 3 of the bounce up lbs. missing. I am planning on doing a OMAD today and starting another 42+ hr. fast.

Use this thread to track your progress as it appears a few of us have had some creeping gains. Reporting in helps keep me on track. So I will be checking in regularly this month.


(Central Florida Bob ) #5

I had a June of stalls. I did two experiments, each for two weeks. One was doing OMAD instead of fasting days, and the other was fasting twice each week instead of three times (these work out to 38 or 40 hour fasts). As usual, doing OMAD does 0 for me weight loss-wise. And doing two fasts instead of ADF for three days apparently did nothing either. We can call it a stall or call it maintenance, it’s just perspective, so I can say I learned two new tricks for maintenance. :crazy_face:

In summary, I started trying to lose about 12 pounds at the start of May. By June 1st, I had lost about 6 pounds. I’ve lost zip, nada, nothing since around June 1.

Last week was the fourth, and we did our usual barbecue feast; in this case smoked spare ribs, and both Sunday and Monday were 100% carnivore. I fasted once last week; from Wednesday night about 8PM until Friday at lunch, so pretty much 40 hours.

I’m at hour 43 of a 72 hour fast as I type. I’ve never done a three consecutive day fast, so this is an attempt to “shake up things” and get back to trying to get under 200 lbs. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll do another three day fast next week, but I’m thinking I should, since my other experiments have been two weeks. Maybe they should have been longer than they were, but I can’t go back and do them longer.

Next month I have my annual blood labs with my GP, and I’d like to be settled at a good weight by the time I get the labs done. The next four weeks will have to be a spectacular weight loss for that to happen.

(Bob M) #6

Just make sure you don’t do too much fasting too close to when you get your blood drawn. Fasting (for me at least) raises TC, LDL, trigs, lowers HDL. Lowers insulin, though, but no one cares about that.

(Central Florida Bob ) #7

I accidentally made that mistake a couple of years ago. It pretty badly messed up my readings. I explained it to my doc and he understood. Two or three days of eating normally seems to be the fix.

(Bob M) #8

My cardiologist was going through my numbers and saw high LDL a while back (years ago, actually). He was shocked when I told him I had fasted for 4.5 days before that test.

That was back before I knew what fasting did to cholesterol levels…


So I am down 2 of the lbs. I had bounced up.

I am looking into Karen Olgivie’s lists of foods There is a thread going about her protocol. While I have no problem avoiding a food stuff, I HATE tracking, so I won’t be following her whole program. I went keto in the first place because I was sick and tired of tracking food.

(Pete A) #10

It seems the scale weight is most often referred to here, and for what it’s worth I decided it’s best to weigh myself regularly, and set on once a week same day/time (for the sake of somewhere to start. )

For 4 weeks in a row I’m at 146.4, which is around where I wind up for the last couple of years. Not a 1/10 more or less which is maddening.

In the past I’d lost weight and gained it back and more by neglecting to get on the scale, and knowing I could be gaining but in denial.

Won’t do that again!

Going to start weighing once a month starting now

All else good.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

I downloaded Dr. Westman’s page 4 protocol and have been following that since Wed. AM. Kinda strange to eat breakfast everyday now, but it seems to be working. I am dropping and not bouncing around like before. If all is well next Wed. I will commit to doing this until I am back at my goal weight range bottom.

So happy the 2Dudes will be back podcasting again. I don’t care if they do it every week or not, just so they don’t stop totally again.

Here is the new month’s thread.

Hope everyone is doing well.