AUG 2021 Maintenance Check-In


Another month, another thread.

Hope everyone is well and staying on point with this WOE.


July 2021 Maintenance Check-In
(Central Florida Bob ) #2

July was a good month for me. Going to 72 hour fasts, then adding a fourth day (about 40 hours) got the weight loss going again. Still a meager loss, only about 3 pounds in 4 weeks, but I’ll take it as opposed to last month’s summary.

One thing is certain: I start August in a fast because Sunday is a fasting day, it’s just a question of whether or not I continue with the 72 hour fast or if I try the ADFs again.

As you said in the last July post, good to hear another 2KD podcast. I can identify with the sentiment that Carl talked about first about not liking to be “the keto evangelist” (my words, not his) where you pass friends someplace who are eating pizza and they act like they’re embarrassed for you to see them.


Glad July turned out ok for you. It did for me too. I did make a big adjustment near the end by deciding to follow Dr. Westman’s page 4 protocol. It worked out well for me and I will continue on it for a while longer, I want to get back to the low end of my goal weight range. I have been doing 3 meals a day and found it weird, so I plan to finish out this first week with three then drop to IFing in my preferred 18/6 range.

I learned early on to not bring up my WOE early on. The few people who asked me what I had done to loss all the weight tended to turn pale as I mentioned dropping grains and starchy veggies. I never say keto and rarely use LCHF either when I do discuss what I have done and only mention the IFing, not breathing a word about extended fasting. I don’t want them fainting on me. LOL.

(Central Florida Bob ) #4

My problems are with my brother. Bro’ has been diagnosed type 2 for at least a decade, and I remember our mom talking about having it 50 years ago. I believe trying to follow low carb and then going fully keto kept me from the family diagnosis, too.

He was on long acting insulin and metformin. I would mention keto pretty regularly and people getting off their meds so at one point last spring ('20) he started the experiment, getting off his meds by this time last year. Then he hit a stressful point in life and went back to his old eating ways. Now he’s back on some medication again, though I’m not sure it’s everything.

I think he’s uncomfortable talking to me about it.


Maybe just remind him that everyone is not perfect all the time and it is easy to slip up.

My weight gain is from the added stressors began on Jan. 6. I am just now getting a good grip on myself again.

Maybe he would rather take his chances with the pills/ injections than trying to control his eating habits. We can only lead a horse to water, it is up to the horse if they drink or not.

Glad you have missed the bullet so far.



Dr. Westman’s pg. 4 protocol seems to be working for me. I am down 4 lbs. already. I even had some raspberries instead of olives a couple of days because we are in the peak of our patches growing season. When I eat fruit, I like to eat it only when in season. We have raspberries and apples, so I pretty much stick with those. Occasionally I will get a locally grown melon.


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