Juicy june keto meals

(Robin) #1

June is now open for business. Thanks @Just_Juju


Gah I’m fasting til Monday :rofl: Can only take pictures of a glass of water. Lolol

(E P) #3

Pork butt. Made chimichurri sauce from the garden to go with it. Usually, I’m ravenously craving that fat cap, but now that I’m on 80/20, the meat and the fat were about equally appealing.

And spicy curry ground beef.


So yesterday I made a cucumber salad for my hubby (my fav cold summer salad with fresh veggies.)

And I dehydrated cucumber slices into chips for snacking later this week. I mixed them with avocado oil, salt and garlic powder. Yummy. One batch I added paprika to them and those taste really good

(Robin) #5

Never heard of doing that. Sounds (and looks) good!


I cook almost every day, focusing on recipes that are both delicious and low in carbs. My go-to meals include grilled chicken with avocado salad, zucchini noodles with pesto, and cauliflower rice stir-fry. But, today I want to eat out, and I am looking for restaurants that offer keto options. Any reviews of metro diner customer service? I usually look for places with good salad bars or ones that offer bunless burgers and grilled meats.


I look for places that serve steaks and fish.


So this was our meal today.

Rump roast with garlic and red wine cooked atop onions and carrots. I’m no longer liking rump roast now though. For some reason no matter how I cook it it’s very dense and chewy, even when cooked medium rare, and this one had a thick fat cap too. It was like an eye of round roast but with a fat cap. I think I’m too spoiled by cuts of meat that are super tender and fall apart with first chew. But it still had a nice flavor. I just didn’t like the texture.

Heavenly gravy from the pan juices thickened right up by adding a tsp of glucomannon powder, and then a few Ts butter after it was thickened.

Maria Emmerich Keto bread rolls. 4g net carbs per roll. Really tasty. She tops with sesame seeds but instead of that I topped with my homemade minced dehydrated vidalia onions and a touch of garlic salt. Super yummy.

(Jane) #9

Pork belly smoked with Mesquite. Garden squash with a cream sauce of butter, cream and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Garden beans steamed and tossed in butter, salt and pepper.


Din din tonight

1 lb 2 oz ribeye
pecan walnut veggie medley with butter, Keto maple syrup, and orange zest


My desert for this month: chocolate cake mix cookies. Made 27 big cookies. They turned out delicious and it was a complete experiment using a King Arthur’s Keto chocolate cake mix I had in my pantry. They are higher net carbs per cookie than my homemade cookies usually are, at 6g per cookie. Big cookies though but I’m of the sort that feels why bother making a cookie the size of a quarter just to get it down to 2 net carbs? Silly. I make big normal sized cookies and usually they fall between 3-4g net carbs per cookie. I think these are higher because of the cake mix ingredients?? I also taste the stevia sweetener more strongly than my make-from-scratch cookies, more so in an after taste too, so I doubt I’ll use this recipe a lot. Saves me money to make things from scratch anyway as Keto products are overpriced. And I like my net carbs to be a lot lower per serving than this so … Still they turned out good.

Anyway, totally freezable, they will thaw fast, and they will last a while that way. My two guys in this house LOVE them so they might be gone quicker than I had wanted. Lol

I added 2T extra fine almond flour and 2T King Arthur’s Keto flour to the cake mix. Then I added 2 eggs, 1/2 stick melted butter, 3-4T melted coconut oil, 2T coconut cream, and1tsp vanilla. Then I folded in 2/3 C sugar free dark chocolate chips. Used a big tablespoon to make balls and flattened a bit since they don’t spread. Cooked at 350° for 14 mins.

Each cookie
97 calories
6g net carbs
10.8g total carbs
9.5g fat
2.4g protein