Juicy John Dory June...what did you keto today thread



New month. New keto food opportunities…


I’ll kick off with last night’s spicy meatball cooncoction.
Consider May’s thread closed.


(Doug) #3

That looks excellent. :sunglasses:


It looks like sh*t, lol, but thankfully tasted pretty good, thanks!

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #7

Those look great! I love poppers!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #8

Looks great, I’d defo eat these … I think. Are these an American thing? Poppers were amyl nitrate in my day!
Ranch is… errrr cream and cheese?

(Allie) #9

I’ve asked @PaulL to merge this with the previously created thread of the same topic.


@coopdawg: It looks good enough for hungry me :smiley: Reminds me of my stew due to the colors…

This is yesterday’s lunch plan (of course I ate a lot of other stuff and left some of it, the usual):

2 different pork roasts (to balance out the fattiness) and scrambled eggs with sour cream :slight_smile:


I might have a go at making them myself- they look lush.
Welcome to the forum.

Had this as a snack earlier- pieces of Mexican style chilli cheddar with pickled garlic cloves and pickled hot peppers. Burnt the gob off me…which I like.


Some other meals to get the thread going. (I don’t think I’ve posted these previously, apologies if I have.)

A brunch I had earlier. Gammon steak, fried eggs, stir fried red onion (or are they radishes, can’t recall), tenderstem brocolli and sugar snap peas:

Another lambs’ liver dish, just for good measure:

And just for the heck of it, a picture of a wet Carly drying out in the back hatch of the car after a swim and shower down:


Going to cook pan fried salmon darnes tonight, with red pointed peppers, tenderstem brocolli, mushrooms and maybe a sauted onion too, with a mature cheddar cheese sauce.

Unfortunately I never got to pick up any liver today. I have some (3) hearts in the freezer that I may defrost overnight to do something with them tomorrow. I can’t even remember what they are, but judging by the size of them my guess is lambs’ hearts.


I am a simple one. I like a cute Carly, I press the like :smiley:

The food looks nice too but Carly is adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And those seem radishes. My radishes, the lil blighters refused to grow properly and then worms ate them (well some were left to us but they were tiny. Hopefully my summer and winter radishes and daikons will be better). At least my lettuce is beautiful (still small to eat but not for long) and nothing can stop spring onions (or whatever they are called. normal onions but they basically has no heads yet - and they won’t grow one as we eat them)… So my eating is a bit veggier than normal lately. Tender onion leaves go well with my meat.


Result. I never used any onion though.
Even though stir fried veg. had their own sauce & tweaks; I reckon the mature cheddar cheese sauce pulled it all together:



Here’s the defrosted hearts.
Any suggestions on what to do with them?
No raw eating suggestions please!

I was thinking keeping it basic. A sliced fried meat feast, with no veg or onions, so I can share with Carly?


Jeebus…this reminds me of A level biology disection class.

(Laurie) #19

I made a keto pizza yesterday. Nice for a change.



What do I do with these hearts?


I only ate hearts a few times in the last years, I usually just fried them. Of course almost everything can be made into stew if one is a Hungarian, no idea about other countries… Heart stew is a thing here (I never had it personally) though liver stew is bigger and I totally love the two at once, heart-liver stew is lovely! But I only did it with chicken liver and heart, I really want to try it with pork soon (way harder to get the rest).

I am simple and only started to meat seriously a few years ago and I am still at the phase where fried and roasted meat is perfect (I take breaks but it usually means I fry liver and eat more eggs and cheese…). I do have some more complex dishes but I rarely need them. And they rarely work with heart or IDK, never tried…


I’ll keep you posted.

(Mike W.) #23

Sous vide and then a sear. Makes great tacos!