Jelly Slice

(Sarah Barnbrook) #1

I’m tinkering with a recipe for an Aussie Jelly Slice. I’m 89% there, which is exciting for my kids doing keto.

Sugar free Raspberry Jelly top
Cream/Cream Cheese middle
Almond/Pecan Base

My base was too crumbly, so I may add some coconut flour next time and post the recipe.

(Scott Shillady) #2

Are you using butter to hold base together?

(jim schafer) #3

sounds great …any way you make it, all the ingredients are there…
…i’ve had the experience where / if the “jello” is hot it will melt the cream cheese and it will float to the top even if it looks mixed gong in so it makes it’s own layer. I’ve been adding coconut flour to my fat bombs.

have fun with it :shaved_ice:


I haven’t made these, but supposedly a keto recipe. I like your idea of using cream cheese. This recipe instead uses condensed milk. Maybe the crumb base part of the recipe will help? I don’t know.

(Sarah Barnbrook) #5

Yes I used butter in the base. I didn’t have an issue with floating crumbs as much, just when you cut into it. I will definitely add coconut flour next time.

I saw that recipe you’ve posted, but didn’t like the sweetened condensed milk alternatives, so opted to make my own layer (which worked amazing)


That looks great!

(Richard Morris) #7

oh wow @Sarah_Barnbrook that looks amazeballs