Jeff’s accountability thread

(Khara) #41

What’s your current timeline and fat loss or other victories so far? I know I read in one of the other threads but don’t remember. I think(?) maybe we are similar in timeline. I’m at 8 weeks today. 10 lbs down on the scale. 8 of those lbs were in the first 2 weeks and then stayed at the same place for the last 6 and now finally a little 2 lb bump down. Still same clothes so not really any size change except the jeans got more comfortable after those first 2 weeks. Anyway, it’s been mildly frustrating but at the same time I just believe something is happening that I can’t see. Hard to explain. Aside from typical non scale victories like just feeling better, I just have this sense that improvements and healing is happening even though I don’t have data to back it up. It is nice to get a little confirmation though on the scale this week! Anyway, hope you are noticing some similar improvements in how you feel. :yellow_heart:

(traci simpson) #42

I think I’m around two months now with only like a 2 pound weight difference. Some of my clothes feel better, I’m not as bloated as I was previously, less lethargic, better mood and better blood pressure. That’s about it but I’m not giving up. I just haven’t found the right formula to get the scale to move.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #43

My weight started to go down around the five month mark. Hang in there everyone. I seem to maintain with several meat only days per week.

(Marianne) #44

It’s a matter of personal opinion, but I think you look just right where you are now. I wouldn’t say you are overweight in any way.

(Jeff) #45

Thank you. One of my goals is to attain that illusive six pack.
One thing I have gained in the ten weeks I have been doing this is, this is very sustainable.
I now have no end date in sight, and carbs & sugars are not appealing to me now.

(Marianne) #46

I hear you! Isn’t that amazing? The food on this is delicious and there really is a lot of variety that can be incorporated. My husband and I look forward to our meals. I never thought in a million years that I could resist my trigger foods so effortlessly. Didn’t know that was one of the benefits when I started. What a gift!

(Jeff) #47

My blood results came back today. My cholesterol is too high.
They gave me a food list to follow, a lot of keto foods are in the high cholesterol side. Can you lower cholesterol on keto ?

(George) #48

I believe that’s normal on Keto. I could be mixing them up here, but I think as long as your HDL is within normal range, I wouldn’t worry too much about LDL.

I think @PaulL might be a bit more informative than me on this from what I remember.

(traci simpson) #49

So is Dr. Ken Berry.

(Marianne) #50

Do you ever go on (Love it and subscribe to support the mission, however, seems like 99% of what’s on there for members is free to non-members - which is another reason I support them.) Anyway, there is a whole library of videos on “high cholesterol.” Dr. Eric Westman says that lab results need to be redefined, depending on whether the patient practices keto or is non-keto. The old interpretations don’t necessarily apply now; they are finding out it’s not “one-size-fits-all” diagnostics anymore.

(Jeff) #51

These are my results. Still don’t really understand what it all means.

(George) #52

@PaulL @Karim_Wassef @CarlKeller would you guys be able to help with deciphering these results for Jeff?

(traci simpson) #53

Your Doctor didn’t discuss these with you?

(Carl Keller) #54

I’m a bit of noob when the results are expressed in mmol/l as opposed to mg/dl here in US but if I’ve converted them correctly, I’m seeing

HDL @ 42.54 mg/dl
Trigs @ 70.86 mg/dl
LDL @ 251.35 mg/dl

The LDL is a bit high by most archaic medical standards but your HDL to trigs ratio is 1.67 and not bad at all. I believe if your ratio is less than 2.0, you have a much lower risk of coronary heart disease. As for your LDL score, Dave Feldman showed how easily this number is manipulated. He drastically lowered his LDL simply by eating nothing but Wonder Bread and lunchmeat for less than a week… so do we really want to judge our basis of health on a marker that is improved by eating junk?

Your Hba1c is good at 33. Anything under 42 is considered healthy.

Anyway, the general recommendation for people on LCHF is to take your first cholesterol test with a grain of salt and take another in six months to see if it has improved (it ususally does). And I hope @PaulL comes and double checks my numbers. This is the first time I’ve tried to interpret a UK test so please forgive me if I made any errors.

(Jeff) #55

yes my doctor did discuss but I was taking in a lot of info.

(Karim Wassef) #56

Looks great actually.

(Jeff) #57

Last night I was so sick, I mean violently sick. From both ends, I know TMI. I literally thought I would die. Anyway. Feel much better now, but I am craving pizza now. But I will stay strong. I am drinking high 5 drink.

(Carl Keller) #58

Average lipids in patients hospitalized with coronary heart disease (N=136,905). 104 LDL, 161 Trigs, 39 HDL

(Jeff) #59

12 weeks done, very happy with these results.
And I now know I can do this for a long time.
And I now have no short term goal.
But I have set myself a goal of 15% body fat.
But this keto lifestyle is great.

(Doug) #60

Wow, Jeff, well done! :slightly_smiling_face: Hammerin’ it…