January 2018 IF/EF chat - all welcome

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Great reasons for changing your eating. Hope all goes well getting off meds or at least seeing a big drop in them. That is some history you have.

Best of luck on the weight loss side as well.

Liz is referring to vitamin K2, google it very interesting stuff.


(Shirley A Connor) #58

Hello, I’m new…not sure how to do this

(Liz ) #59

Welcome! We’re just chatting about fasting in this thread. Let us know whatever it is you’d like to learn more about and someone will have adivce, probably many someones will lol.

(Shirley A Connor) #60

I just started this diet…not sure about it

(Liz ) #61

Yes! What @collaroygal said, K2 is a supplement that is supposed to take calcium from your arteries and put it into your bones. Boy I hope it works!! I’ve never had a CAC but my dad is 87 and has congestive heart failure so I figure I’m at serious risk.

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Read this, the FAQ, science, personal experiences, resouces to get you up and going, it is all in there.

Listen to as many of the podcasts as you can, as soon as you can.


(Liz ) #63

I know Keto probably seems 180 degrees from the dietary advice you’ve been given your whole life, but once you learn more and experience the benefits, I hope you will feel great! First thing to find out is: why are you interested in trying Keto?

(Shirley A Connor) #64

I would like to lose at least 15 lbs…It is like the Atkins diet…right?

(Liz ) #65

I think that body image distortion is a common issue for lots of folks! I know the feeling, it’s so bizarre.

Thank you!! I appreciate your advice since you’ve been through it.

(Liz ) #66

Go ahead and look at the link @collaroygal posted and read read read! The more you study, the better this way of eating will work for you. It is very similar to Atkins induction phase. It’s not a quick diet, though, it’s a lifestyle change so the more science you understand, the better, good luck!

(Dawn) #67

@LizinLowell YOU GOT THIS!!! You know all of the science behind why this happens so slowly once you get to this point. Trust the science. You are killing it. I am so proud of you. Remember, you are my motivation to keep hanging in there, so I am holding you accountable for excellence! LOL!!! That’s fair right?

I just realized how much water a human body can actually hold. It’s amazing how much water can make your weight fluctuate. But fasting is lowering your set point a pound at a time. My water weight is coming off at like 2-3 pounds per day which means my set point is probably down around 207 or so. That is a miracle for me. I haven’t been that low in about 15 years.

So keep the faith, keep calm and fast/keto on. I am super proud of you.

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Good reminder about water weight. Especially this time of year when you might have been over indulging in the feasting season.

Fasting is slowly resetting my set point. I am at weights I haven’t seen since the 80s. And now I have the tools to keep it here. Honestly if I go no lower, I am happy to call this my Phinney weight and just rock on with it.

(Dawn) #69

I still don’t understand the concept of Phinny weight. DOes that mean that no matter what you do, you won’t be able to go any lower because you body is happy at that weight? Fasting can reset even the Phinny weight right? Does it have to be EF or can IF work as well?

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I searched it and all I can say is WOW…

(Marie Dantoni) #71

Hi Ivete how’s it going ? I’m about 17.5 hours in and feeling fine so far.

(Liz ) #72

You made me snort! So thanks for that, LOL :smile: I promise to keep on Ketoing on!! FOR YOU :wink: I am going to trust the science and not worry I am the one freak of nature for whom this will not work lol ugh,

But seriously,. thank you, and I really appreciate your enthusiasm, I’m a hugger so I’m sending you a virtual hug to say, YOU GOT THIS TOO!!

(Marie Dantoni) #73

Accountability time : 19 hours in…but who’s counting ???

(Ivete C) #74

Hi Marie, I’m doing great thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I am just about to go to bed early … (London time) finished day 3 and am looking forward to day 5 on Sunday. My longest fast has been a 3 day one, water and black coffee only, kept going to the gym for weight training and felt amazing … So hopefully the next 2 days wont be too tricky.
And may I ask how are you getting on?

(Marie Dantoni) #75

You are doing great. Sweet dreams !

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #76

Ok friends…
I’m FEEDing today in preparation for a 96 hour fast. I just ate eggs and beef, next meal will be a very fatty chuck steak with a spinach salad, and then to top it off, I’m going to cook my Standing rib roast.…Oh, and I’ll be throwing in a couple of avacados somewhere in the mix. Should equal right at 3300 cal. and only 10g carbs.