January 2017 Zornfast

(Joel Abdul) #121

Totally agree.

(AnnaLeeThal) #122

I’ve decided to join after all, it feels right to fast today. I ate last at 9pm last night. I’m doing fat fasting because of my fertility situation.

(Stephanie Hanson) #123

Fat fasting is awesome. So glad you joined us.

(chris.coote) #124

Wave 3 of hunger hitting now at the 46h mark (More mental than physical). The only good part is I’m out in the middle of nowhere and won’t be around any chance to eat for the next three hours. If I can make it home and then to sleep…

(chris.coote) #125

Don’t mean to obsess about this. Just finished Fung / Moore’s book, and (spoiler) one suggestion they had was that hunger comes in waves and you just need to focus on getting through the current wave. I’m sure the posts are a pretty dry read, but it seems to be helping…

(John Spanos) #126

No problem, I agree the posts did help me too! You can make it, it’s all in your head!

(AnnaLeeThal) #127

Still here, a surprisingly easy day of fasting. I’m going to sleep now at 27 hours fasted.

(Adam L) #128

Finished at 67 hour mark, by far my longest fast, it was good knowing others were doing it at the same time. Found the time between hours 40 to 50 the most difficult, a few mental cravings kicked in but was able to ride them out. Woke up day 3 with blood sugar 3.7 (66) & blood ketones 3.8 finished fast at sugar 3.1 (56) ketones 5.1 new record numbers for me, will be back for another next month. Thanks for all your posts.

(Alex Dipego) #129

25hrs is it. Too much going on and couldn’t sleep through the hump as I needed to stay awake. We’ll see next Friday night and see if I can get through to Sunday morning.

(AnnaLeeThal) #130

39 hours here. Sipping some delicious espresso with butter and coconut oil. I feel very good, not hungry, and energetic. Blood glucose was 75 this morning. I’ll keep testing every morning.

I’m planning to break my fast with homemade Pho. A friend gave me some Thai basil. I’m just not sure if I will do it tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m rather enjoying not having to worry about eating.

(chris.coote) #131

Last wave for last hour at 66. 45 minutes to goal…

(Mark) #132

How’s the not eating going for everyone?has anyone else noticed how many cooking shows and food commercials there are on TV,never paid attention til I started fasting, no wonder everyone is getting fatter and sicker,food needs to stop being a hobby,let’s go back to stamp collecting

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #133

Believe me, I notice. I prefer Internet to television, especially while fasting. Also reading or lifting at the gym. In warmer months, walking, swimming, and my motorcycle. Staying indoors anywhere with a television is torturous.


Very good observation, Bacon. I came to that conclusion, too, during fasting.

(Mark) #135

Holding out til 11 to see if I want to eat or go to bed hungry,think I might just have another tea,I sleep better on an empty stomach,but a definite wave is coming on I think it’s thinking about the four days,thanks for coming up with this idea of a group fast it is a good reason to begin,hit the lowest weight I’ve seen in 20 years and blood sugar and pressure looking good

(AnnaLeeThal) #136

Not eating is going ok for me. I’m sticking with the fat fast. I had a cold brew Starbucks coffee with a little heavy cream. Tea with coconut oil. Duck broth with butter.

I feel like I could break the fast tonight if I wanted to, but I’m going to push through to tomorrow morning at least.

(AnnaLeeThal) #137

I like to torture myself by watching cooking and food shows while fasting.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #138

That is FANTASTIC!! So happy for you. Good work!

(Ann) #139

Brenda, would you be able to explain what we are allow to consume on the ZornFast? I did a search on the internet, but found very little about the topic. I’m interested in joining in for February.


You did the right thing, Brenda. One reason I do fasting is to learn to “listen” to my body. Now I know what real hunger is. And you listened to your body when you broke your fast. Bravo. Becoming more in control and navigating your body through better health is the ultimate goal. Not obtaining an arbitrary number of hours in fasting.