Jan. 2023 Maintenance Check In


Happy New Year everyone. I hope the New Year treats us all more kindly than the last few.

Getting this up slightly before time for those on the other side of the world.

I am currently doing an extended fast to bring in the new year. I bounced over my goal weight and hopefully this will get me back where I belong to start off the new one.


December 2022 Maintenance

You and me both… It’s really time for that.

I try not to forget to weigh myself. I see bigger than normal numbers on my scale nowadays but I always measure myself in warm clothes, usually during the day, carbs may do their things too… It would be horrible if just eating whatever for weeks (I still had carnivore-ish days as I follow my desires so they inevitably happens but many way off ones too) could put a noticeable amount of weight on me, I never was like that and I always was good at overating… But I forgot, I walk sometimes (my activity dropped lately, I must bring it back) and my pants are barely tighter than before, they are just like 1-2 months ago…? So I must be fine :slight_smile:

I expect losing this month. I did when I last managed to stick to carnivore for 2 weeks (my personal record, I want to beat it very soon) and my body is more cooperative regarding OMAD/TMAD now! (It doesn’t seems I am ready for EF yet. Maybe it will happen at some point soon.) But I would be happy with more energy. I surely will have much more of the chill I like after all the baking in December…


I have been fasting for the last couple of days and made a small bounce up go down to my goal weight again.

So my New Year is starting off great for me. Hope all of you have a great year.


I just went over to dietdoctor.com to see if there was anything newish, I only check there every three months. I have always liked the images over there. I found what is new to me, guides to high satiety foods. Info starts here if you want to take a look;

(Robin) #5

Thanks for doing the homework for me!

(Central Florida Bob ) #6

I made it through the last few months with no weight gain by switching back to fasting one day a week, about 40 hours from last bite of food to the first bite) once a week. Except, I missed it once or twice. I’ve been in the same 3 pound window since about July, now, after gaining a few ounces a week from January to June.

This month is going to be interesting in that I have a stomach hernia surgery (hiatal hernia) scheduled for the 26th, and the surgeon’s office gave me instructions to do a PSMF for the full week before the surgery. They don’t use that term, just give you orders to drink low cal, low fat protein shakes and nothing else with any food values. Since I’ve never done one of those, I’m interested in trying it. They insist on a liquid diet and it may end up that I’ll add a day or two to that seven days. After the surgery, they instruct us to eat a few bites every hour and more frequent, smaller meals. After living on TMAD for the past few years, that’s going to be some adaptation.

Good to hear it’s going well for you, too, @collaroygal. Good seeing you all here.


I am so glad I never had such surgeries, that eating style seems borderline impossible for me. I would do it if it’s needed but I would hate the feeling of starvation all the time… I NEED my fat for satiation. And tiny meals are the worst but I actually did it on my super horrible egg fast day (well, 8 hours but close enough). Lots of fat with very low protein has that effect on me, I was fine on fat fast too (but I think I ate my food in one or two meals there. and it was ages ago, I am kind of interested what would happen now - but I am so against the idea of not getting even my 130g protein that it would take some persuasion or something. maybe after a very high protein day I would be able to do it for one day?).
I like to experiment but I have my limits. But making a forced experiment way outside of our comfort zone may be interesting and educational…

I can do eating very often in a 4-5 hour window (5 meals in 4 hours, I did that though that’s a rarity) but only when I have super easy satiation. Or very low appetite or lack of food or anything that keeps me from eating properly. Eating literally all day… Not realistic. And I did a super low-fat day. That was realistic (for one day in my life, fasts don’t count). Not pleasant but doable by my own will.

I often wonder about how big restrictions people are able to put on themselves. I can’t do that. I can do restriction but only if it suits me well.

One morning I will bring myself to weigh :smiley: Wasn’t in the mood today and I dress downstairs and the scale is upstairs (it would be in the way elsewhere) so it takes extra effort from my part.

(Robin) #8

Best of luck with the surgery and the liquid diet before. Let us know how you are coming along. Even if you get knocked off track food wise, you can bounce back easily enough.


Hope all goes well with the surgery. Hope the liquid diet works of for you.

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

Thanks @collaroygal and @robintemplin. The funny thing is I’d been meaning to try a PSMF for a while but never got around to it, partly because it’s hard to figure out. I mean, compared to not eating, pretty much anything is more complicated and I’m used to regular fasting. I’ve just never done seven days straight.

I’m not 100% sure I’m doing it right, but I’m supposed to follow it for seven days and this stuff came in four days per case. It was in their “approved” list, so I just ordered eight days worth.

They allow zero calorie drinks of all kinds, at least a few times a day, which is generally all I drink anyway. I’ll have coffee, which is relatively low calorie. A teaspoon of HWC is about 15 calories, so two of those is still far lower calorie than soda with sugar, or Gatorade or lots of other things.

The only problem is that I just cannot get Weird Al out of my mind.


I am way too relaxed regarding my diet this far, I really go strict tomorrow (with no coffee, it came back again, grrrr. not in big frequency/amounts but still) but I was keto on my “wild” days (for my early 2023 plans, I was wild sometimes. “relaxed” is having dairy now. “off” is having nuts and other very keto things. wild is eating high-carb items. in super tiny amounts, of course. carnivore spoiled me, I can afford absolutely anything I am able to eat in moderation and it’s still keto for me. or I don’t know/care but it’s low enough carb to be keto, at least. it has its dangers and anyway, I try to stay away from it but I am me, it’s not realistic all the time. to put it lightly).
I am about 75kg, maybe a bit below as normal. I never lose anything in one week :smiley: Just like I never gained in the weeks around Christmas and New Year in my life. As far as the scale can show, I mean, I surely did it in a not so easily measurable way sometimes.

But now I want a somewhat strict (at least for me, not what people properly call strict) carnivore month at least and I am curious if I can lose any during such a time. It’s not completely out of question. If I exercise enough. I won’t eat little, it’s almost 100% sure. I do try to do OMAD and that should help a bit to minimize my protein and fat intake. Carbs are irrelevant on my carnivore, apparently.

Good then :slight_smile: I have experiment ideas I just never could test because there was some tiny hardship I didn’t want, I am waiting for my curiosity to be higher level or some circumstances to make me more motivated…
I am curious about people’s experience with PSMF, it’s such an insane thing to me, I personally am unable to do it as I hate feeling starved and I have that when I don’t get my fat due to lack of calories. I have the same with less than 130g protein too (unless on a fat fast, that’s almost magical and turns off my high protein need, apparently. or it did many years ago, I want to try it again! but I love my protein so I don’t know when it will happen. probably after a super high protein day. I can’t and don’t want to do more than one day, I want my protein). My needs don’t give me much wriggle room :frowning: But I still can experiment, I just may need a follow-up meal later…
So, fat fast day has more chance but PSMF is interesting too. I can do a PSMF style first meal under the right circumstances I suppose. Probably not on any day but sometimes. If I had to eat low-fat for days, I probably would just fast, it’s not easy but better than eating little. Well-fasted hunger is cuter though nowadays not by much. If I keep getting these early strong hunger, I will blame my December carbs to damage my fat adaptation :frowning: I had sudden, strong, attention seeking hunger before fat adaptation, after all. I very much enjoyed the lack of it since. I have worse days but I usually get very hungry only if I fast too long to my body’s liking or if I just had a too small meal.
And people are expected to do it… Though if there would be a medical reason, I probably could do it. Almost anything for health! It probably still wouldn’t feel nice.

Figuring out sounds okay for me, I would just grab a bunch of my fav lean protein. I planned many days in my life (and of course I never ate that way afterwards but I was pretty close sometimes), that may help too. A PSMF plan wouldn’t be a problem. Fat fast IS a problem, at least if I want to stick to carnivore and the old almost 90% fat style. I don’t eat pure fat, only protein sources. But I have one item that can help. But apparently many do fat fast with 80% fat (but it’s normal keto, okay, not quite normal but many people do it like that) and that allows proper albeit way fattier than what I normally eat dishes. But the higher protein surely would make me hungry. Or I suppose. I must try! :smiley: When I am not afraid I will epically overeat, I tend to do it at 80% fat. But maybe I can pull it off with OMAD…?
I have no idea how I do OMAD right now. It’s tricky for me without much carbs. I need to wait for the right time and I still usually trigger it with lots of carbs first but I definitely don’t want a higher-carb day until June.

Sorry guys, didn’t write my usual wall of texts into the carnivore thread (as I don’t exactly do carnivore this weekend. sometimes it keeps me back, usually not) so you got this.

(Robin) #12

@CFLBob… I always have to look up PSMF.
Not sure I could get behind that, especially in liquid form… but I obviously am clueless about it and your specific situation.

I had double hernia surgery back in 1972, young man.
Had those hernias for years but decided to help push a truck out of the snow one day and there was no ignoring them after that. I think I had surgery the next day.
How I missed that Weird Al song, is beyond me! So thanks. Now it is stuck in my head too.
Good luck, man.

(Central Florida Bob ) #13

I had double hernia surgery back in 1972, young man .
Had those hernias for years but decided to help push a truck out of the snow one day and there was no ignoring them after that. I think I had surgery the next day.

Gee, back in '72 I was a young man!

It seems kind of odd, but I have no idea how long I’ve had the hiatal hernia. Don’t want to get into too long a story, but I have a second hernia, an umbilical hernia, that I know I got in the summer of '17. I had an annoying cough that made the umbilical hurt so I mentioned the cough to my allergist on my annual check-in. I thought it might be asthma. That led to a few months of tests, which discovered the hiatal hernia and that I had really bad GERD. My esophagus can’t close properly because of that hiatal hernia. They say the acid would make it high enough to irritate my lungs, causing the cough.

I had tried the “take apple cider vinegar for GERD” idea going around with out good results, but if the esophagus is basically kept from working by the hernia, that needs to get fixed.

(Robin) #14

It’s a shame that your diet hasn’t helped the hiatal hernia. I had one show up (along with GERD) before I went keto, then carni. No issues now… 2 1/2 years later.

My hernias were in my lower groin. I don’t remember a time without them. They would both pop out with a mere cough and I would just contort my body and push them back in.

Never dawned on me that it wasn’t normal. What a clueless goofball.

The day I could not push them back in, I told my mom I needed help getting my lumps back in. She looked confused so I showed her. I’ll never forget the look on her face and her calmly saying, we’ll… let’s go see someone about that. Lolol


I wasn’t even alive back then. I feel young now, thanks :smiley: (I AM kind of young anyway and stuff and it doesn’t mean anything if you think about it but still, I love this forum where I am not an old one :smiley: I am not ready for that yet. One day it will be fun to be all old and wise and telling people I have been eating like this since many decades and I am fine :D)

Today I had a day with an unusually low fat/protein ratio (I think. didn’t track yet but it must be low) and I feel odd. And kind of want days with a high one… Experiments, I am coming!

I hadn’t even heard about hernia until some years ago. It sounds awful :frowning: But everything worse than a mild bellyache sounds awful to me, the spoiled healthy one (I have my health problems, not even just one or two but they are minor or at least not so horrible. I lack a lot of teeth - I don’t lose them since low-carb, damn I should have start earlier but it wasn’t something we heard about much back then - but it’s different, rather that than something that can’t be solved with some visits to the dentist and where I actually feel bad for more than a short time).

(Central Florida Bob ) #16

I haven’t tried the different diet variations you talk about, like going pure carnivore or experimenting with different protein/fat ratios. I should. I should also probably track more carefully. Last year was kind of a rough year for my wife and I with a few things, but I tell myself I should work toward my goal weight again. While adding a fasting day once a week seems to have kept me in a narrow maintenance window, that window is about 5kg or 10 pounds higher than I’d like.

Not wanting to just live on protein shakes is one reason I never tried a PSMF. It’s just that since I have to follow one no matter what, I may as well make as many measurements as I can, to see if it helps me overall. I’d be surprised if I lost more than a pound or two. If it seems better than fasting, I’ll try to look into what it takes to do a PSMF with real food.

Last year and the year before I did about six months of Alternate Day Fasts and that much practice got me a couple of tricks that pretty much work for me. I ordinarily don’t get too hungry or feel too bad. At no point did I really hit my goal weight.


I couldn’t experiment much with fat/protein either as I automatically ate very close to 65% for a long time. ALL the food I liked was there (or a tiny bit lower but I always used a little added fat so that balanced it out) :frowning: Except my fattier ones but they triggered overeating fat so I tried to avoid them.
I still could do 1-2 significantly higher-fat and lower-fat days but not many. Until I learned to love some pork very far from pork chuck fattiness (my Ideal. the Perfect One. suits my protein and energy need wonderfully. my tastes too), now I am often lower. A bit. I do need my calories without overeating protein too much… I am almost doomed to 65%. But I like challenges and it’s not like my energy intake is in a tiny range :slight_smile:

Carnivore is merely where I arrived and got benefits. It wasn’t fun not to get any benefits from keto, no wonder I went out all the time. I go off carni all the time too but I need time to get used to it. It’s LOVELY when it happens but after some time I just want something else. And that’s not so good. It’s hard to be me. But I am determined now. I hope it lasts for a whole month this time…

The problem with experimenting that it would be very good to fix a few things. Like, carni OMAD, that’s something. Not having 1-5 meals with macros all over the place (to some extent. it’s always high-fat and high-protein and quite low-carb). How can I compare such days? Keeping most of my factors similar is too hard for a free spirit like me. My body is simple enough, it tends to respond to the same things (circumstances, immediate past included) similarly most of the time. I just need to keep the basics the same, I already know how they look like ideally. But no, they just can’t stay put.

I never had a protein shake, it must be horrible (oh I bought a tiny packet once! it was awful. never will try a sweetened one again. but unsweetened ones must be tasteless or worse. I can eat tasty lean meat. if I had to, I would turmix it but I can’t eat food I dislike). Makes less than zero sense to me. I do my best to keep my protein as low as comfortably possible… Or did I say that before? I can eat enough lean protein most of the time, that’s not the problem. Starving without my precious fat would be the problem. I don’t see the point in a way too high deficit anyway (or I would just fast instead, much nicer and cheaper for sure). Those things would slow down my metabolism. I have read why people do super fatty carnivore but the point of PSMF eluded me. Probably read at some point, it’s popular but my mind had to delete it, it’s totally against the thing. Maybe it makes sense for others but it’s room 101 for me and hard to understand anyway. I don’t think I have the fat mass to get enough energy without my fat intake… It would be nice if it would work that way, I have my protein (occasionally my normal fat intake too for various reasons) and lose fat rapidly while satiated… But I would be fine with less protein while satiated too. No, my body wants both galore. But I will trick it…

ADF always sounded much better to me, merely impossible. My body wants its food every day and it does things that I just can’t ignore. Just the occasional 0 calorie day could help me so much (and anyway, I want to prove I can do it and autophagy sounds good) but nope, that’s not realistic :frowning:

Such a whine session… But I do try and it brings about zero results (since way too many years. well it was fun a lot, it’s something) :frowning: My own body sabotages me. It’s not mental anymore when I ate without a need… But I still didn’t try longer term carnivore so I put my hopes into it.