Jacques Pepin doing a keto recipe before it was a thing


Assuming you know how to hard boil eggs you can skip ahead to about 5:30 and it is a lovely recipe


I have found a lot of French cooking can easily be keto. Julia Childs and Jacques both have lots of recipes that are keto. I find things in my cookbooks all the time that are tried and true recipes that are keto without needing any additions or subtractions. Not desserts and breads so much, but sides and mains are always helping get inspired.

Both of them have never spared the cream nor butter, Julia lived into her 90s and he is getting close to 90 as well. Both have lived pretty healthy lives. I know he had a mild stroke about 4 yrs. ago, but he recovered fully and he is still going strong.

This is a great lesson on boiling eggs. Love the explaination about the age of the eggs. Eggs are getting a lot of attention around here, with the avian flu hitting producers.

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This makes sense, because Brillat-Savarin was apparently one of the first to recognise in a systematic way that sugar, starches, and grains were fattening.

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I’d bet that if we weren’t so insulin-ruined (the people who are eating keto because of blood sugar issues), we could eat they way they ate and turn out fine. I went to France and had a lunch that was duck confit, potatoes swimming in cream and cheese, and vegetables. Really not that bad, not huge servings, small actually, yet very filling.

I think the current eating environment though is too polluted. Too many PUFAs, too much dessert, and the desserts are HUGE.


That was my experience there as well.
Returned home, & started using more salad plates then dinner plates.

After I went keto in '16, I started going through my cookbooks and the French ones were loaded with butter, cream, and proteins. Cheese and dark chocolates, yogurt and berries w/whipped cream became my desserts. . So I eat a lot like my friends who live in France do with the exception of the breads/grainy pastries. …

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Interestingly, Nina Teicholz says that she was a vegan when she started reviewing restaurants for a small New York paper. She found that the creamy sauces and meals relatively high in meat and fat caused her to become slimmer. Looking into how that happened is what started her on her career as a science journalist.

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That’s the one thing I can’t eat. When I was trying The Croissant Diet (TCD), I did try croissants – once. I made them myself of European flour (to avoid all the possible problems with US flour), and good butter. I could easily eat multiple ones, each with extra butter. And want more.

I still have no idea how (some of? all of?) the French eat bread without eating it to excess.

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Word to that. If I had been born in France, would I have been able to eat all their delicious foods and not have been as affected by the carbs? Why are so many of them thin? I know common lore says it’s because they walk everywhere, but that can’t be the whole story.

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They don’t fear fat, and they don’t overdo the carbs. The French diet is (or was, at any rate) more like the pre-dietary guidelines diet in the U.S.—relatively less carbohydrate, more protein and fat.

The French have known since the early 19th century that sugar and other carbohydrates are fattening, and William Banting’s doctor got the idea from French doctors at a conference in Paris.

Whereas we have Ancel Keys to thank for our fear of fat, which meant that when we cut it out of our food supply, we had to replace it with sugar and other carbohydrates. Also, it may be the case, as some people assert, that industrial seed oils are also partly to blame for our health predicament, and the French have always cooked with butter and lard.

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We spent 10 days in Paris, over a week out in the Aquitaine district, a week in the Cote D’Azur district, the thing they all had in common is that most of the locals walked to stores and restaurants. (Not all those places in one visit, just to clarify). Also the portions are way smaller and they don’t down them in minutes like we do in the States.

One of the reasons I wear a fitbit it to make sure I get plenty of steps in daily. I have down sized my servings with smaller plates. It all has helped me finally get control of my weight issues, along with keto/fasting protocols.