I've decided to take a break from extended fasting



My 5 month ketoversary is coming up in a few days, and I’ve lost 50 pounds. With clothes on, I look like a normal size person (without clothes is another story, my belly rolls are still terrifying, lol) and I’m so pleased with the positive changes keto has made in my life.

I’m an impatient soul, always have been. So for the past 3ish months, I’ve been really pushing myself with EF. I do a minimum of one 2-3 day fast per week.

But I’ve grown tired of it. Tired of smelling the bacon my husband inevitably cooks while I fast. Tired of preparing meals for my family that I don’t eat. Tired of my hair falling out in clumps. And now that it’s winter, tired of feeling cold all the flipping time.

Plus, my weight loss has slowed dramatically, and I think it would probably be beneficial to enter a maintenance phase for awhile to let my body relax. Between the hair loss and constantly feeling cold, I’d bet that my metabolism needs a break too.

And…I really love food!

So I’m taking a break from EF until sometime after Christmas. I’m terrified of gaining back weight, even though logic tells me that keto to satiety won’t make me gain. I’ll be pleased as punch if I can maintain, and over the moon if I end up losing a few more pounds. Thankfully, Christmas will be 100% keto so I’m not worried about that.

I’ve been fasting for about 40 hours as of right now, planning to break it with either lunch or dinner today. I’m really looking forward to this break from fasting, as well as getting new data on how my body will react.


Obviously this is all subjective and I don’t know all your particulars, but it’s possible this will be beneficial from a metabolic point of view if you’ve been fasting consistently every week. Suddenly having a more regular intake of food (whatever eating pattern you follow) will be unexpected to the body and be a bit of a jolt to things. Of course, you’ll be warmer during the winter, too!

Then if you do fast again later on, it’ll be another, “Oh, I wasn’t expecting that!” for the body.

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Sounds like a break will be a good idea for you as I think you may have pushed yourself a bit too far, just as I did a few weeks ago as I was doing 3 or 4 days each week. Now I know that an EF every week is just too much for me. For several weeks I didn’t fast at all, and now I just do about 48 hours here and there when it feels right which is roughly every couple of weeks.

Enjoy the break and be gentle with yourself.


That’s what I’m really hoping for! Thanks, that’s so encouraging!

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Maybe just some intermittent fasting? Doing 14:10 to start and work up to 18:6 or just a comfortable routine somewhere inbetween. I have a friend who just does that and she has had great success. I do a blend of IFing and extended fasts. I mix it up all the time. Been in maintenace for over 1.5 yrs. now.

All the best sorting it out, you are off to a wonderful start. 50 lbs. in 5 months is awesome results.


IF is definitely in the cards! I never have breakfast during the week and often skip lunch as well. On the weekends I’ll usually have a late breakfast and then dinner.


Thanks, I agree I was probably pushing a little too hard. I just want to be slim and a healthy weight NOW, you know? :grin:

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You lost more weight in 5 months than I’ve lost in 5 years.

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Yep. My green-eyed monster rears it’s ugly head.

Good job @Rachelg!

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I think EF becomes more difficult as you approach maintenance weight. I tried it several times and it never felt really ok. I was way too cold and thoughts of food plagued me, and my post fast appetite was so high, and for so long, that I invariably gained back most, if not all of the lost weight. But then I was always within 20 lbs of my goal.

However, I have no problem at all with OMAD. I’ve made a few other adjustments to my eating which helped me reach my goal but EF was just not in my toolbox. I still hope, however, to do it a few times a year for the autophagy benefits.

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I agree, it’s best to take a break from fasting.
It’s such a mental game, I’ve relaxed over the last month also and haven’t done any EF, I have done IF but no longer than 24 hours between meals.
I honestly think it is helping, but I am struggling to get back into the fasting mentality.


I agree but fasting is sort of a skill, an acquired one. I fear that if I abandon it for too long then I will lose the edge on those skills. The ability to fast should neither be taken for granted nor dismissed. Just like Keto it’s not a one-size fits all.

I’ve lost 55 and have 20 to go. Resolve, consistency and this forum are the sharpest tools I own.

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I wouldn’t say fasting is a skill, it’s merely willpower.
Though I will agree it is like a muscle, the more you flex it the easier it gets.
It’s not a skill as much as it is a mindset.


Well, I think learning to use your will power and mental strength is a skill set. It is how you define the term skill is what sets us apart here. But we agree there is a high degree of fortitude involved here.

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I think you’re vastly overselling it here.

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I think fasting takes a high degree of fortitude, particularly if you have to make lunches/dinners for someone else.


Well, it’s been a week and my weight has gone nowhere but up. Nothing to worry about yet, I know, but things are slow at work so I thought I’d post an update.

At the tail end of last week’s fast my weight was 163.8. I’m now at 165.9.

I’ve been eating mostly 2 meals a day - trying not to OMAD since I feel my body needs refeeding. During the workweek it’s typically a bpc in the morning and then dinner. I know it would be ideal to skip breakfast and have lunch + dinner, but I’m lazy, cheap, and have a hard time remembering to take my lunch! I cooked up a huge batch of butter burgers and cheddar sausage last night to take for lunches this week…aaand forgot them at home like usual.

Here’s screenshots of yesterday’s food intake. Morning bpc, beef stick while making dinner, two 1/4lb butter burgers with cheddar sausage and roasted cauliflower. It’s all estimated since I haven’t been tracking the last few months. It’s a lot of calories but like I said, trying to really refeed and hopefully bump up my metabolism.

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Ditch the store-bought mayo. Filled with PUFAs.

That seems like a ton of fat to me.

Basically your sole amount of protein comes from ground beef?


I don’t normally use mayo, I was experimenting with using it in the burgers. It was a good call because they were incredible, but if I keep using it I’ll make homemade.

I also had protein from the 2 sausages.