It's time to drop the carbs lower

(Denise) #1

I’ve had high BGs last couple of days, and it’s because of 2 fat-bombs a day made with cacao, walnuts, and chia seeds, and Sunflower butter. All have carbs. I also put Coconut Oil in, but these are kicking up my BG and I’m a T2 diabetic, which reminds me, I need to put this in that category.

I’ve also eatin peanuts again and that’s shortly after having 2 Good Yogurt w/blueberries and walnuts. I haven’t even counted the carbs lately but I figure my next A1c is going to stink, so today is the day I change it all. Oh, forgot the popsicle type cubes I suck on before bed called sleep-bombs.

I know I got stressed over a new puppy, and moving into a new apartment June 20, but not making an excuse, I screwed up plain and simple.

So now I just want to eat meat, and some dairy, just no carbs. Any ideas for me to have a snack mid-day would be appreciated, and also, what sort of meat to have with my eggs in a.m. so I don’t get hungry? I eat just meat for dinner at 4:30 finish by 5, and usually breakfast around 10, sometimes later as I’m not hungry yet. I do notice I get hungry quite fast after 3 eggs, 2 oz of New York Breakfast Sausage, and 1 oz of mozzarella cheese. I’ve been sprinkling a tsp each of chia seeds, flaxseed, and nutritional yeast over the eggs/omelette type, before the grated cheese.

One more thing I drink early, like 4 a.m. is decaf, w/almond milk, heavy whipping cream, cinnamon, turmeric, pinch of black pepper, and collagen. I’ll be testing before and after everything I eat today. All I drink, besides that decaf is club soda, once in awhile, then my water with 1/4 tsp of salt to 16 oz.

Any help appreciated :wink: denise

(Joey) #2

It’s great how you are keeping track so well. A few thoughts for consideration…

  • If you’re trying to cut back further on the carbs, I’d start eliminating all those nuts/seeds. They all have carbs - and you’re already getting plenty of protein and fat from other sources.

  • Stop worrying about the hunger side of things. If you’re not eating carbs, but instead are focusing on the healthy proteins/fats, you should eat AS MUCH as you feel like until you’re satisfied. And as often as you wish.

Intermittent fasting is only a good idea if you’re not genuinely hungry when you’re doing it. Keto is not about hunger.


(Denise) #3

Thanks joey, I ditched the extra carbs mentioned, and had made my breakfast, and just happened to not use any of the seeds, or nooke I think they call it :wink:

Today I’ll buy more protein items, like meats etc. as I do want to cook up meat when I’m hungry. It keeps me from getting hungry between meals best. I also like a couple boiled eggs for snacks :wink: Most important is bringing my bg’s back into a normal range. I didn’t gain any weight oddly enough, but don’t want that back either :wink: I’m not going to worry about the intermittant fasting for now and see how it goes :wink: Just proper snacks if I have to have one :slight_smile: no carbs in other words :wink: Denise

I feel exhausted with all the work/training of my puppy, plus getting to stressed out about the move I’ll be doing next month. I am sure the extra carbs may have had to do with my lack of energy, not enough protein in my diet :wink:

(Joey) #4

Sounds like a solid plan. Keep us posted.

(Denise) #5

will do Joey! Btw, I’m thinking about finding some good pepperoni for snacks!! That seems like a good thing, or jerky too! Or wait!! Sardines:

(Denise) #6

Anyone have favorite brands of beef jerky and/or pepperoni, also saw some venison? Where I am moving I’ll have some very good stores to buy from and can’t wait to me out of my “limited” area! No more Amazon for too many things, I can shop in person!!

(Joey) #7

Read the ingredients c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. There are very few good ones without sugar and oodles of other things added. “Dukes” makes a fairly pure beef stick, as does “Bavarian” brand. These are great for snacks, say, with a hard-boiled egg. But don’t overload :wink:


This is individual, of course but I like to have a carnivore version of “peasant’s breakfast”. It’s rich scrambled eggs, with sausage, some smoked pork, originally onion (a tiny bit of spring onion works, it’s quite low-carb but I just omitted it) and potatoes (one needs something more neutral, at least I do. I swapped potatoes with leftover lean pork and it works like a charm! different taste but both are good and meat is way more satiating and nutritious :wink: and I need to use up my leftover lean pork anyway, I start with the fattiest parts and the leftovers of my leanest used cuts are quite lean. but works in this dish, there are so many fatty items with lots of flavor! lean meat is the chewiest part in the whole thing). I add cheese and put sour cream on top (not today; I run out! low-key tragic). This is a very substantial meal, it was the base of my dinner and I rarely do tiny meals :wink:

For snacks, not stating what was already stated, whatever processed meats you accept and like - but I don’t like to use them in bigger quantities. Boiled eggs plus a little bit of smoked pork or small sausage or whatever you fancy. I had a sausage phase (there are so many types… fat content is between 13 and 76% here, well the 13% is chicken Vienna sausage, we don’t even call it sausage here, it has another word… but even sausages can be leaner and fattier and really fatty where 160g meat is used for 100g sausage and it’s all dry… I only eat 1-2 slices of that), now I mostly choose ham but good smoked pork from the farmer’s market or the pig farm is always welcomes in small amounts. The richest ones are hard to eat alone even for me but I have my eggy sponge cakes (100% egg, I don’t even use salt) and they together make the best sandwiches (with a bit of butter, doesn’t matter how fatty is the sausage or whatever I use, it must have butter too). But boiled eggs work too. Even a slice of leaner meat works… Lean meat and some tasty, fatty quality processed meat, not a bad combo but that is a full-blown meal though it’s about the amount I suppose…? I am not good at eating just a little of some proper meat, it is my main food.

(If dairy would be an option, I would have other ideas, even without carbs, I so very much love cheeses now… They don’t really satiate me though but part of a small meal or for variety and extra joy? They can work.)

(Denise) #9

Ok, I’ll look up those brands and see how much they are. This afternoon, I’m just having a club soda nothing in that like sugar/carbs :wink: and I like it plain, no stevia even :wink: thanks again Joey, and yes, I’ll read labels closely :wink:

(Denise) #10

Thanks Shinita, I’ll probably make my own concoction since I really like to so just 2 meals a day. I’m definitely a breakfast person so I just want to get enough food in me to last at least 4 hours. 2 eggs, 1 oz of cheese, and 2 ounces of breakfast sausage actually fills me up pretty good, as long as I am busy, I don’t eat until 4:30, and thats almost every day, red meat.

I fill in days with a nice piece of wildcaught Salmon when I can find it, or a pack of 3 chic thighs. I make either 2 meals out of either, but sometimes big enough to make 4 meals :wink:


I make all my own jerky, chicken and beef. Lots of it at once (like I’ll do two large flank steaks or flat irons, or sometimes eye of round) and then vacuum seal them in serving sizes and freeze them. They thaw pretty fast too. I bought a dehydrator specifically to do this, but that baby is running every day with other things like dried herbs or dehydrated onions or tomatoes, etc.

I also don’t snack on a lot of processed meats. Most are made with dextrose and maltodextrin, etc. It’s processed food so I don’t have a lot of control over what’s going into my body. I’ll have them on occasion but it’s a rarity. Instead what I do is cook a nice roast on Sunday. Then I slice off a 1/2” slice when I want a snack and cut it into cubes, salt and enjoy cold. Best. Snack. Everrrrr.

Deviled eggs are another fun snack I like to make in bulk for my week.

A really yummy snack you can make ahead of time are roast beef swirls. I have the deli cut thicker slices. (Without owning an expensive meat slicer like Kramer had :rofl: I can’t get rollable slices with a knife…) Then I spread cream cheese and sprinkle with dehydrated onions or everything bagel seasoning, salt and pepper, and then place thin wedges of pickle along it, then roll and slice into pinwheels. Sometimes I’ll finely dice a thin slice of fresh red pepper, like 1/8 of a medium one, and sprinkle with that before rolling. Carbs are minimal. You can roll the logs in Saran Wrap (I use Press n Seal) to store in the fridge and slice when ready to snack.

And last but not least are cheese crisps. Parmesan and cheddar are the norm but I recently found Gouda that was sooooo heavenly. They were so expensive that my next challenge is to learn how to make them from fresh Gouda myself. Anyway, the crisps are a tasty snack alone but also great dipped in a tad bit of sour cream with salt and dill, or sprinkled with some ranch seasoning to switch it up


Cheese whips are nice (and super crunchy, something I need quite often), I didn’t write about those as dairy wasn’t mentioned originally and had no idea if it’s okay but it may be for someone who read this topic. I use cheaper (but still okay) cheese for mine as I noticed much unique flavor gets lost (IDK why, maybe it’s just me) so it doesn’t matter what okay tasting cheese I use. Sometimes I use it to make a too flavorful cheese (shocking but it exists… I almost never feel anything too rich or too flavorful but sometimes it happens) milder… I just nuke a cheese cube (I personally like to add some spice, I have a garlic powder phase… the powder doesn’t work for dishes in general, I need fresh garlic but it works for this. wow) and that’s it. It will melt so no need to grate or slice or anything but it only works for not too hard cheeses. The hard ones (I only tried originally half-hard cheese but the hardest outer pieces) gets puffed up too but they keep their shape somewhat.
Good stuff, a very common beloved snack of mine.

(Denise) #13

After looking at what they have to sell your package of I think a food hydrator would be I mean a dehydrator would be a good investment for me I’ll be waiting until I moved into my new apartment after the 20th of June though to get it so I bought some beef sticks from Tillamook cheese factory up in Oregon where I’m moving back to and those will be good enough for me until I can get a food dehydrator but it sounds like a really good thing so thanks for sharing :+1:

(Denise) #14

I love cheese I like sharp cheddar and I like mozzarella they’re my two faves so far so making those crackers sounds like a really good plan for me to I can’t wait to be settled again cuz I’ve got a new puppy and I’m so busy sort of childproofing my apartment I’m living in and now I’m trying to pack and get ready for the move the 20th of June but I think I’ll get one of those dehydrators and I think I have a pretty good idea how to make the cheese crackers already I’ve got a recipe somewhere thanks for the info shanita

(Denise) #15

I’m of the mind lately that I always feel my best, tired, but normal busy-ness, after my meat only meals. That does include my breakfast if you allow the eggs I use, and cheese.

One thing is I am not eating a good “amount” of meat, and just wondering if others that like at least 2, or even 3 meals a day, that do carnivore, how much actual “meat” do you eat for those meals?

I know many carnivores seem to be happy with just doing OMAD, but I think mine needs to be a slow transition if I can even do just omad. I really think my tiredness is not just puppy-care, but not enough meat. Does anyone eat steak for every meal, or maybe I should say, red-meat, as it’s my fave? Well wait, I love Salmon as well, and baked chicken is ok too. Oh wait, I like shrimp too, LOL!

I guess I’m looking at the cost of eating a good portion of meat, like at the least, 4 oz., but I can eat more live at least 5 oz. I just want to feel good, and energetic again. I feel more tired than I should but I haven’t done my regular walks, or workout video ( only 2 times since I got my puppy). Now maybe you’ve seen, I hurt my back, just over uses and doing some PT exercises I started today :wink: Denise


I normally eat a bit over a pound of meat a day on carnivore(-ish), no matter if I have 1 or 5 meals. Not always, I may eat 300g or 700g, I had 1000g days when I had some triggering or non-satiating meat but it’s usually around a pound and rather more than less nowadays. 2 meals is normal for me, sometimes the meat is split, sometimes I mostly eat it for one meal, it varies.
I never ate much meat but considering the huge amounts carnivores sometimes talk about would mean horribly overeating protein (and I need high protein to begin with), I am glad I am kind of modest.

Carnivore actually made OMAD near impossible for me, my 4-5 meals a day started on carnivore, I never could have such tiny meals before. It’s individual I suppose :slight_smile: 2 meals seems to be the best and this is what I normally have nowadays.

I close to never eat ruminant meat but I do eat red meat every day. I almost can’t avoid it, I need it for satiation. I love pork and it’s available, cheap and satiating for me. Not for everyone I am aware but fowl doesn’t work so well for many of us. It’s better if I pair it with pork though.
I had less meat, more eggs and dairy first but I am glad I learned to enjoy more meat as it’s way more effective. Red meat satiates me the best, it’s easy to eat a lot of it while eating anything over 10 eggs started to be tricky even when I still ate several eggs a day. I can do it using many different dishes but well, I don’t want such complicated multi-course meals. A cute slab of meat (400-600g, maybe) as a base? Perfect.
I still couldn’t eat only meat most of the time but I add other items. I have variety even if I have a week where I eat fried or roasted pork every day (I don’t even use many different cuts, just a few).

Yeah, we definitely look at this thing differently, I knew that as I have read many comments of you… It’s TINY - but if you have plenty of other items and many meals, it may work. There are no fixed rules about the amount of meat per meal, even on carnivore!
(It’s still a tiny piece of meat. It helps if it’s fatty, I had ~2 oz of pork belly and a bit more of fatty sausage for lunch today. I am experimenting with fat fast days and similar though a bit less fatty ones now.)

Best wishes, I hope you get enough energy even with your new life with your cute puppy!

I am less energetic without my walks and workouts too. I need them for energy - but a very long walk tires me out, life is hard.

(Denise) #17

my tummy isn’t that big I don’t guess, since I’m 5’2", small-boned, and weigh between 111 & 113. I’ve said before I looked like a stick, still do except my waistline I can still pinch a couple inches. I don’t know how much visceral fat I have.

I have eaten as much as a 7 oz steak pretty easily, with good fat marbling. But that’s what I’m wondering is the cost of groceries if I buy mostly meat, fish, chic, not much on pork but do sausage right now for breakfast.

I’ll just have to wait until I get settled in my new apartment, that would be the smartest thing I can do. Sometimes I just want everything right now to be organized and it’s hard with Annie the puppy :wink: plus uploading all my worldly goods, except furniture, in boxes.

(KM) #18

I’m about the same size as you and my steaks can easily weigh a pound, ditto salmon. Burgers usually 3/4 pound barely cooked, and I can scarf that down in 4 minutes. Assuming your diet is working for you, those smaller amounts are certainly a blessing to your wallet!!

(Geoffrey) #19

I’m just curious here but if you’re a T2 diabetic then why don’t you just go zero carb (carnivore) and reverse it altogether?

(Denise) #20

I’ve been trying but not hard enough with all that’s going on in my life.