It's time to drop the carbs lower

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #21

I follow Dr. Chaffee’s advice and eat as long as it tastes good. When it no longer tastes good, I stop eating and put the rest away for later. It usually amounts to 2-3 ground beef patties, possibly with cheese or an egg on top, or if I’m not that hungry, possibly with just butter. In my area, 80-20 or 70-30 ground beef is much cheaper than the leaner stuff, so it’s a good bargain. Also, the large cost-saving stores usually have decent deals on ribeyes and New York strip steaks, that make them an affordable meal.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #22

I’m finding carnivore much easier: heat up the pan, put the meat in, take it off, eat. Most of my prep time used to be taken up by slicing and dicing vegetables. Fewer pans and dishes to wash, too! I really notice the difference when my niece and nephew are home and my sister makes carbs for them.

(Denise) #23

this part I absolutely love!! The meals I used to cook were so complicated, even some meat and eggs would be enough for breakfast now, maybe a bid enough piece of meat I wouldn’t feel a need for lunch at all :wink:


Indeed. I did vegetarian low-carb/keto before (and made high-carb vegetarian food for my SO. we weren’t vegetarians but never cooked meat. well sometimes we had fish towards the end and before that, not even that) and yes, the amount of work regarding vegs!!! And I got food that couldn’t satiate me, it was just joy and scratching an ich!
No one can make me cooking vegs again except a tiny bit into some soup or something…
Carnivore food making is so. Much. Easier. I usually don’t even consider it cooking, I just toss something into the oven or pan or airfryer (I never use only the air fryer but it’s neat to finish things up. finally, my chicken thigh has crunchy skin on it!!!) :smiley:
I do have more complicated carnivore dishes (baked goods and desserts) and there is the occasional stew (simple but not only 2 ingredients) but

  1. they are still simple
  2. they don’t leave me hungry like a veggie dish
  3. I usually can choose not to make them so they are for days when I welcome the cooking. it’s my hobby, after all, I just don’t want to spend too much time and effort.

Sometimes I wonder about people’s tastes. The cooking shows have all those ingredients and complications but I never feel the need for that. Good meat, salt, heat, perfect. (Again, stews are lovely but I actually never even make them anymore, it’s my SO. I welcome the result but I am happy my simpler fare too. And we don’t put all those vegs into my stews, ours is simple. Meat, fat, salt, paprika, maybe a tiny onion, actually it’s mandatory but once I managed a very stew-like turkey without onions… I didn’t miss it a bit. Very many Hungarians put tomato and pepper into their stews. Mom never did and I didn’t miss it so I never did either.)

Carnivore made me lazy and I am a lazy one to begin with… :upside_down_face:
I let my SO playing with his veggie dishes for hours (to be fair, it’s on open fire so of course it takes a lot of time… but still. he does spend a lot of time on preparing his veggies).

Today I actually have spent a lot of time on meat but it’s rare and the result will last for a while…

(Denise) #25

some folks just love to cook, and as much variety as possible. For me, the older I get, the less time I spend on meals the better :wink: I can be lazy too, but mostly just regard food more and more as just fuel I need, doesn’t have to have variety, but I love salt and pepper at least :wink:

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If it were up to me, I’d try a different recipe or two every week/weekend. I have a bunch lined up to try.

The main issue is finding low(er) carb things to try. Even meat-based recipes can have some carbs.

While I still like vegetables, I don’t eat many of them. Sometimes, that’s due to the issues they cause me after I eat them. Sometimes, it’s just because I realize I don’t need them, and it’s an extra step to make them.

(Jane) #27

My favorite (after bacon) is chorizo to go with morning eggs. My butcher carries some that isn’t super greasy - when I bought it at the grocery I had to pour a lot of grease off after browning it because it was swimming in it. If you don’t like spicy food then you won’t like this.

(Bob M) #28

There are people who don’t like spicy food? :wink:


Food never will be just fuel to me, it’s a major joy! I need variety too.
But not complication. I like to make new recipes and have great variety - but it’s better simple on most days! Sometimes it’s fine to play but only if I want it :slight_smile:

I suppose yes but I can’t handle very spicy food. I do love subtly spicy food but can’t eat a very spicy one. Surely some people can’t stand any spiciness, be it taste or sensitivity…
Once, very many years ago… My SO put 7 little chili into some big pot of food… We still mention it sometimes. He never made the same mistake. I couldn’t eat it and complained profusely… I am a honest, vocal person especially if it comes to my food.