Is there Anything Magic About Red Meat/Beef?


Ewwww I gotta say that scene made my skin crawl LOL
boy some of what they eat out there when starving is frightening.

I remember that one episode where they cancelled the game cause the contestants were robbing food from the camera crews tents at night or something like that…that would be me HA

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Smart ass! Owsley is Dead…:laughing::joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:

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Too funny. That was some creative thinking.

Back to our topic now.

I like all the animals not just the red meat ones. Doesn’t matter as long as it is animal product eggs and dairy too. If someone doesn’t like beef don’t eat it. I use a lot of bison, my steaks can be bison or beef.

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Yes of course. Lots of people don’t eat beef anyway

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Happy ketoversary, @collaroygal!

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Happy Forum anniversary, @collaroygal

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I wouldn’t mind some bison…just so expensive around here; around $20 per lb.

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I just got finished listening to this podcast about the importance of a low omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio.

Even conventionally raised beef has a better ratio than chicken or pork.


I like to mix it up, and I like all of it. I think pork is the kind I rarely get tired of, most other things I go through phases, where I want it a lot, and then I don’t. I figure it’s my body telling me things and it hasn’t stopped my progress at all. I do have to say though, there are times when a juicy steak hits a spot that nothing else can touch. Beef is among my staples.