Is there Anything Magic About Red Meat/Beef?


Yes, there is super nutrient-density magic in red meat as far as amino acid profiles go… I especially love lamb! :sheep: And… the amazingly convenient, magnificently seasoned grassfed meat patties of various kinds from Tribali, sold at WF, Natural Grocers, etc which I concoct various interesting meals out of.

But I also like to vary my density, and can go for days at a time on eggs and tinned fish, smoked salmon, salmon steaks, etc. Grateful for the fish with mixed feelings, knowing that the ocean is collapsing, etc.

(Jeff S) #22

All my life I had never been a fan of beef. Too chewy, stuck in my teeth, and didn’t taste that great. Based on recommendations on many of the YouTube keto channels I watch I decided to try Butcher Box.

Holy cow (pun partially intended)… now steak is one of my favorite meals. I guess much like coffee or beer or many other things, there really is a difference with when you try the good stuff. Tough on the budget though, so I’m only getting a box every other month.

(Justin Jordan) #23

I eat about as much chicken as beef. Actually, probably more by weight, as I tend to eat more chicken at a meal.

But I don’t have any particular fixation on getting my fat up and I like (skinless, boneless) chicken.

(Bunny) #24

I don’t think that would inhibit a keto diet.

If I could pick an example maybe something like Polynesian and Pacific Islanders to adapt genetically (nutrigenomics) to high seafood diets or processing more polyunsaturated fats[1]?

Don’t want to eat too many tree roots with that marine life or you end up with gout?[2]…lol

CONCLUSION: Already after a relatively short period, the dietary FA intake relates to the FA composition of the lipid metabolites in the muscle. A diet rich in polyunsaturated FAs seems to prevent myocellular lipid accumulation. …More


[1] “…For evolutionary biologists, the best experiments are those already going on in nature. The different conditions in which humans have lived for tens of thousands of years have made us adapt and change. Now a new study published in Science shows that such adaptation has led to genetic mutations in Greenlandic Inuits that help them counteract the bad effects of their high-fat diet, based heavily on fish and marine mammals.

The study could help us understand how genetic diversity impacts health through diet and could eventually lead to personalised diets that are based on the genetic make-up of individuals.

Natural Selection And Diet

The strongest evidence that diet can influence natural selection can be seen in changes to the lactase gene, which helps us digest the lactose in milk. In many mammals and humans, this ability disappears after weaning in childhood, but can persist into adulthood in people who carry the selected genetic variant. In these individuals, the mutation provides a strong selective advantage as they get additional nutrition from dairy.

More generally, people with genetic mutations that help them to efficiently digest the food available are more likely to survive and have healthy children, who will themselves inherit this capacity through their genes. Over time, these descendants become over-represented in the population. And it is these specific patterns of genetic diversity that scientists are able to pick up thanks to statistical approaches.

The new study analysed genetic diversity in 191 people with indigenous Greenlandic Inuit ancestry. The authors then compared their genomes with those from 60 people from Europe and 44 from East Asia.

The team specifically looked at genetic markers previously found to be associated with heart disease and metabolic disorders and identified a cluster of genes that had undergone a lot of changes in Greenlandic Inuits compared to the two other populations. These genes encode the enzymes FADS1, FADS2 and FADS3, which determine the levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids. …” …More

[2] “…Being overweight is a big risk factor for developing gout and metabolic syndrome (METs). The combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and obesity (METs) is linked to high serum urate and gout. Even though a low-purine diet alone won’t cure you of gout. …” …More


I tried that. Tried a bacon and egg “fast”. I ate a pound of bacon a day. I don’t remember how long I was on it, but it was several months ago and I haven’t eaten bacon since then. Or eggs. Ack. I just realized the eggs in my fridge must be 3 months old by now. :flushed:

What I want to know is why doesn’t that approach work with carbs? Like, why can’t I eat cake every day for 2 weeks and then never want cake again? Actually, maybe that would work but I’m not about to try it to find out!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #26

What a great question. I wish I knew the answer.


My thoughts exactly when I tried beef a month ago… (Before that, I was mostly vegetarian and loved pork all my life anyway, during my 8 vegetarian years as well, I don’t change my tastes :smiley: I just didn’t eat it, so many other food to enjoy and buying good pork is hard with my standards. My relatives usually have chicken and pork when I visit, those are the most popular in this country. I remembered beef as some lean boring stuff in the soup my Mom made once a year.)

But even for the first time, we managed to make some tasty dishes too so I am looking forward to my big amount of ordered beef now. (There’s a nearby farm and I mostly get beef. It’s a problem if I don’t like it but I think I will manage even if it’s not my favorite ruminant.)

I love variety though. Beef, pork (always some smoked pork, I can buy that in the farmer’s market), mutton, chicken, rabbit, some fatty fish sometimes, slightly aged Gouda, dairy with lactose in tiny amounts and first of all, my beloved, tasty, versatile eggs. And of course, ruminants have different parts (eating other parts than muscle meat is popular in this country) and so many kinds of preparations are possible, I even use spices and very flavorful vegetables like onions and garlic, that matters a lot. And one can do a normal keto with meat AND vegetables… I never tried that style, maybe later. There are so many nice meat+vegetables options.
Eating a few steaks using the same meat every day, that wouldn’t be my style but if it suits someone, good for them. I don’t like beef steaks at this point but I never ate a proper one, just our own (I had only ribs and neck) so I have little idea of what I am talking about. I am still curious of a properly made steak from a more tender part of the animal. But until then, I gladly eat stews and soups, little fried pieces of meat. And mutton ribs. They are great too. Mutton is tender enough for me and so tasty! :slight_smile:

(Consensus is Politics) #28

I suppose if you added a drop of epicac (sp?) to a slice, evey time you tried it, you might not get past just a few slices before the thought of it had the same effect.

Story time: when i was in the Air Force, we had someone stealing lunches from our office fridge. My supervisor asked me if I had any ideas on catching the culprit. I suggested a tempting roast beef with epicac sauce. It worked. The fella doing the lunch stealing was found out back losing his pilfered meal. Moral of the story, dont mess with a Weapons Troops’ food, you will get bit.


I got bored of eggs too lately. After some super eggy weeks (my stubbornly trying to do carnivore at the times when I have close to no meat… yep, that’s not a good idea but I didn’t desire plants at all. seitan is my only option and how that sounds, seriously? :D), I managed to consume 25 eggs in 3 days. It might not sound so many (though a bit higher than my average in the last several years) but my past already was very eggy. I don’t like even to think about them but 6 per meal would be doable. Not desired though.
I will love them in a few days I am sure. They are EGGS! :smiley: My only faithful food companions and vice versa. I thought vegetables are my only true love but here we are.

That’s weaker but I actually did that. I ate cake every day and after a while, I got bored and I made cake mostly for my SO. It’s tasty, I feel it but no, thanks. Mind you, that was on keto. Eating cake on a carby diet might be not that effective but probably is for many. They just don’t eat the same sweets all the time, variety “helps”.
If I eat boiled eggs, I get bored of them too. Okay, I don’t like them so much, scrambled or deviled eggs then. Nope, a few times and I had enough. Eggs in various dishes? 10 every day is tricky but doable. For me, it takes an egg-lover, probably. Sometimes I can’t eat any more eggs - except as dessert. That always work. Or never was in a situation where it didn’t. It’s one reason I must have desserts on vegetarian keto. I need a way to consume my eggs somehow. I never desired dessert on carnivore (and didn’t even need it for anything when I had enough meat).
Once I did it with chocolate. One table of chocolate every day was my plan and childhood dream. I last for 2 days? One? :smiley: I love chocolate but not in big amounts. At least, sugary chocolate, I had some problems on low-carb when I learned to make good enough almost-chocolate (no cocoa butter) but keto solved that. I still ate chocolate each and every day until carnivore but less.
But no way I get enough of something for good just because I overeat it.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #30

I had to look it up.


Yes there is magic about red meat. It is a dense, more good fat balanced meat vs. chicken or seafood etc. It is a complete package.

But yes obviously one can live without red meat in their menu.

Being a keto plan one has so many options on how they want to put together their meal plan. Many options for protein/fat sources.

I am a seafood lover for sure. I could not survive on it mostly cause it doesn’t fill me up like red meat and its nutritional balance but yea, chicken, pork, fish etc. are all great foods~

(Windmill Tilter) #32

I’m a bit of a herring junkie these days. Bar Harbor Kippered Herring was my gateway herring and it’s been a downward spiral ever since. I’ve been eating mostly Polar smoked herring recently. I’m looking to broaden my horizons.

Any recommendations?

(Windmill Tilter) #33

It does. Try to find a Dunkin Donuts employee who will eat a donut… :slight_smile:

(Davy) #34

Thanks for all the interesting input. Will try out 90% non red meat for a month and see how it goes. But will include chicken heart, gizzard and liver. Mmmm good. I"m not a doctor, I haven’t been formally mis-educated, but will see if this also lowers my LDL and total Chol.
Watched Naked and Afraid last night and Lacey ate the largest worm in the world. She may have thought it was red meat. ggggggross

(Davy) #35

“beef - Too chewy, stuck in my teeth, and didn’t taste that great.”

I’m with ya brother. Same here. All beef gets stuck between my last two wisdom teeth every time. Lot of work to get it out. So finally, I went to the dentist Dec. 30 and had the back tooth pulled out, to avoid this problem. Don’t know if it was MCT oil or Keto diet or what, but then developed dry socket, which is still trying to heal. Now I can’t chew on that side, can’t eat red meat for now and have a big wound/hole in the back of my mouth. . . but i’m dedicated.

(Davy) #36

Might that happened to be laced with some Owsley Stanley product? :sunglasses:


watched an episode a while back where the gal found a dead parrot at the foot of her small waterfall camp area and she took his little head and cooked it and ate the dead old parrot brain. I gotta say, that one curled my toes and not in a good way HA

I thought omg the amt of disease one could get and not recover from with doing that!! Woof!

(Davy) #38

I remember that one…and she got very, very sick.


was that her getting sick off that parrot brain? Couldn’t remember the outcome of it.

I am always amazed at who does go down bad after one of those shows, a few of them are hospitalized with parasites and this disease and ???
Scary actually
not only do you have to survive the 21 days, heck it is more scary what might get ya after and long term thru life. this show can be super dicey I think to play

(Davy) #40

…absolutely from the parrot.