Is my home made ACV any good?


Not sure where to post so bunged it in here.

I made some ACV 2 years ago. I did a ferment and let it settle. I decanted the solids then filled it up again with more apples and water.
The second ferment didn’t appear to happen and two years later it still smells appley (not vinegary) and tastes a bit watery.
It has’nt grown over with mold but I have no way of testing it’s acidity. All the solids are at the bottom and there’s no skin like after the first ferment.

Other than dipping my finger in to taste it I’ve not touched it.
Is it any good? Should I put some more apples in or bin it?

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I suspect you’ll end up binning it, but if you want to try to save it, at the very least you’ll need to add some fresh mother to the batch, I’d guess.


Well as it happens I’ve got another jar of the stuff I used to kick it off with in the first place.

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Could you buy some cheap litmus paper and test the acidity of your fermented product?



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Fun fact (can’t resist), which I learned from this site: acetic acid is actually a fat, and it is the shortest possible short-chain fatty acid, since it’s got only one of the molecular group that makes a fat a fat.

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