Is it safe/ good idea to fast with a cold

(Derek) #1

I’m fairly new to keto been about 4 months now, I’m half way through a 3day fast but have come down with a horrendous cold, I’m not diabetic and have no underlying health issues I’m aware of, is continuing the fast a good idea or is it best to eat? Sorry if this has been asked I’ve done a search but didn’t find much

Thanks in advance

Derek Kidd

(Bob M) #2

That’s a tough one. There was some evidence that long fasts can negatively affect the immune system, so when covid came along, many stopped doing long term fasts. I never looked into the actual evidence for that, though. And I don’t know what the time frame was, as short fasts supposedly help the immune system. Or at least that’s what I remember, though I’m not sure to benefit the immune system, you have to “damage” it initially.

I think if you’re feeling OK, it’s probably fine to keep fasting. But I’m a wimp, and if I get a cold, I don’t fast.

By the way, how do you know it’s not covid? I got what I thought was a cold, had symptoms, took a rapid covid test. That was negative, so I didn’t take more tests. I gave blood a few weeks later, and had very high antibody levels. So, I had covid.

Other people we know had the same thing – they had symptoms but the initial test was negative. They kept testing, though, and got a positive.

(Derek) #3

Thanks for the reply, not feeling too bad so I’ll maybe just see how goes unless something says it’s not the best idea, the immune system was a thought incase fasting made things feel worse
Only going on it being a cold as me and 2 daughters are negative on LFT, I also get PCR for work which was negative so hopefully just a cold

(Bob M) #4

Well, the PCR is way more accurate (perhaps too much so), so I’d use those results.

If you don’t feel bad, keep going. Let us know how you fare.

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Will do thanks, thanks for the advice , I’ll let you know how it goes and if I found it helpful or a not to fast through it, hopefully it helps as I feasted before I started :rofl:

(Omar) #6

When I get cold I don’t feel like eating anyway :smile:

(dd4ba51113469313441c) #7

Haha nothing used to stop me :joy:

(Derek) #8

So I managed to keep the fast going for the three days, the symptoms of the cold lasted the general amount of time but only felt horrendous for that one day I posted, normally would feel worse for a few days, but can’t say if it was reduced to 1 through fasting or if that was just the way that particular virus worked.
What I do know is a was able to keep the fast going and didn’t have any more trouble than normal.
I think for me if I’m in a fast when I get a cold I’ll just keep going until I feel it’s not working for me, if I’m planing on a fast but get the cold on the lead up then I’ll maybe just wait, sorry no pearls of wisdom there but at least I know I can fast safely even with a cold, just keep the water and salt intake up seemed to help :+1:t2:

(Karen) #9

Hmmm debatable… they say feed a cold, starve a fever … i don’t like starving and messed with my metabolism so much with yoyo dieting in my younger years so I don’t do fasts. I do understand the benefits and I can understand the theory side but my memories of not eating for hours and then overeating still remain. Fortunately doing carnie I don’t even need to consider it and I never started this woe to lose weight.