Introduction and help needed, complete novice

(Dave) #1

Hi all just wanted to say hi and ask for some advice, I’m lost I’ve read loads and I think that’s my problem my brain is overloaded. With work and 4 grandchildren that live with me and the wife full time I’m very time poor so I’ve been looking at modifying my favorite fast food joints subway and zambrero

my details
46M 185cms 215kgs target 100kgs.
my macro calculations are as follows
carbs 40g
Protein 161g
Fat 268g

my daily food would look like this I’m only missing dinner I need ideas for dinner and does the following look right or am I going down the wrong path I don’t like seafood or avocado ill add.

bacon omelette with cheese
500 calories 0.7g carbs 38.9g fat 36g protein


steak and cheese bowl with steak lettuce tomato carrot onion cheese south west sauce.
406 calories 11.1g carbs 27.5g fat 31.8g protein


zambrero (burrito joint) bowl meat tomato salsa lettuce cheese sour cream chipotle sauce
357 calories 5.1g carbs 23g fat 21.2g protein

nobbys pork crackle (packet)
130 calories 0.4 carbs 7.2g fat 15.9g protein

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #2

Hi Dave! Welcome!
Always glad to see another Big Man show up around here. I’m older than you by a decade. A bit taller at 6’2 (188cm if I can believe google). Started in June at 495 (225 kg). I’m currently about 385 (175 kg).

Your macros are close to what mine were when I started. Within a month, I lowered my carbs (net) to about 20-25, then to <20 net after the 2nd month. Proteins and fats have fluctuated more as time has passed.

There’s a lot of info out there on keto and a fair bit of it conflicts with the rest. What works for some does not work for all. Keep it simple and focus at first on controlling carb intake and eating meals. Personally, I find snacking detrimental to weight loss, so I usually eat decent sized, fatty meals with as little snacking as possible.

Once you’re fat adapted, which takes a few weeks, it gets easier to do this.

Edit: your food looks pretty good. Watch eating out! Yes you can eat keto out, but there are TONS of ways carbs get hidden in restaurant food. Until you get familiar with most of the sneaky tricks, be careful.

(Dave) #3

Thank you for the info and i’m excited to give this a go I would be over the moon with your results. I will confess I’m a snacker/grazer type of eater so I’ll need to watch that and i’m a coffee a day person latte so I’ll be switching that to almond milk and also looking at making keto bread rolls… just until I get over my no bread with breakky thing lol

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #4

I’m very much a grazer. Hands down it’s the hardest habit to break for me. I have a BIG coffee most days. I use Heavy Whipping Cream and no sweeteners.

Easy for me to say, as I’m not much of a bread or sweets guy, but for me I went cold turkey . I’ve made one “mug cake”, one cheesecake mousse, maybe 2 other sweet keto treats TOTAL since starting. I just don’t do “replacement carbs”. Some swear by them. I havent even made a keto pizza yet!

Again, good luck! Be diligent. Stay the course. Don’t quit if things get tough, adapt. This way works! But it might take tweaking until you figure out what works best for you. Any questions of me, just tag me or drop a line. Otherwise, just ask in the forums-- there are loads of people here who know far more than me.

(Carl Keller) #5

Welcome to the forum Dave.

Lazy keto:
keep carbs under 20 net per day, eat moderate protein and plenty of fat. Plenty means until the point where you are almost full. You will find that you can go longer between meals and hunger as you knew it will diminish greatly. Doing this at the beginning of keto teaches your body to use fat instead of carbs for fuel. Later as your body adjusts to fat burning, you don’t need to eat as much fat because your body will start using body fat for fuel.

Also stay hydrated (8+ cups of water) and plenty of salt (2+ teaspoons) to avoid keto flu (carb withdrawal) symptoms.

Lazy keto does well for lots of folks and it’s pretty simple to understand and do.

Also, I agree with @GodwinGoGo especially the part about restaurant food and their hidden carbs.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #6

I didn’t know anything about this phase going in, and it was an AWESOME benefit of Keto! Relearning what hunger and cravings are and responding appropriately has and IS taking some time, though.

(Dave) #7

Thanks for the welcome guys I look forward to sharing my journey.