Intermittent Fasting

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All about any fast that is under 24 hours - Intermittent Fasting

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I’m going to look in here on an intermittent basis.

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The answers to your fasting questions in no particular order are:


Your welcome. :smiling_imp:

(missg) #4

Besides water what fluids are allowed? For example is ACV ok? Lemon in water? Or Psyllium husk? Ty for your time. :blush:

(Maria) #5

What exactly is allowed during an intermittent fast?
Any responses are appreciated. Than you.

(Fast Freddy) #6

Water, black coffee, tea

(Dave) #8

20 years T2, 6 weeks keto, starting my 2nd week IF. I saw a huge drop in BG during my first month of keto. My dr. took me off Glipizide. I’m still on metformin (2000mg/day). My BG eventually stabilized to around 110-120. I started IF last week to see if I could get my BG lower and improve my insulin resistance.

Last week my BG stayed around 120 the first 3 days of IF. Then it dropped to 108 on the 4th day of IF. I ate 3 keto meals over the next 3 days and my BG steadily rose from 124-150.

I’m planning to IF another 4 days this week. During the last 2 days and my BG rose to 134-140.

Is this normal? I’m hitting my macros pretty well. If anything, I’m under eating because I haven’t figured out how to plan meals around IF. Is this just a sign that my insulin resistance is really bad? Do I need to tweak something or just KCKO?

(Dawn) #9

What is BG and KCKO? Also have you resolved your insulin resistance with Keto and IF?

(Michael) #10

Blood Glucose & Keep Calm Keto On

I’ve been doing Keto for about 4 months (lost 20lbs in 3 months) and while I can’t say I’ve resolved it yet, my blood markers have ALL gotten so good that no markers are registered as HIGH anymore and my medication has been reduced. In January, I hope to be even better and drop two medications completely. Just to be clear, 3 months to lose that weight, but I was only 25lb overweight, to begin with.

For the first 2.5 - 3 months, I did full-on keto staying below 30-50 carbs. For the last month +, I’ve changed to modified keto where I eat vegetables. However, I don’t eat carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, etc. I stick mostly to broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, red peppers, mushrooms, etc. And, I don’t worry about eating vegetables at both meals. I just want to get my veggies in for at least one meal. Personally, I don’t think a prolonged keto diet without vegetables would be healthy for the long term.

I’ve learned that things that develop over a lifetime in our bodies don’t change as quickly as we would like. While I’ve had great results in a short time, kicking insulin resistance will take longer I believe. For 53 years, I’ve been trashing my body with sugars and carbs. It’s not going to get fixed in a couple of months. I’m betting at 8-12 months, I will have conquered it or be very close.

(Dawn) #11

That makes perfectly good since. It was a journey putting the weight on, so it will be a journey getting it off and getting healthy. I just learned that I am allergic to all milk and goat milk products, and since starting KEto I’ve increased my daily cheese and kerrygold in-take. I’m hopeful that some of my inflammation and joint pain will subside after a few months with no milk products.

Thanks for sharing your story! You give me hope and inspire me to carry on. 13 pounds down and 40 more to go!

(Michael) #12

I believe, if you’re still 40lbs overweight, you will lose another 30lbs. quickly/steadily if you keto properly. Then, as your body gets closer to its preferred weight, it will get a little harder. It’s always the last few pounds that are always the hardest, right? That’s anecdotal, though! :slight_smile:

Hope you can afford all the new clothes you’re going to have to buy!! LOL

My pants/shorts went from a 36 to a 32!

(Dawn) #13

I one of the lucky ones who has been many different sizes and has never gotten rid of the clothes because, “one day I’ll wear that again.”

(Jeff) #14

New joiner. Came here because I have a few questions that perplex me.
Background, I started my Keto/IF lifestyle last Monday! Also, should mention, been a pretty heavy drinker for most of my life and haven’t had a sip since that Sunday.
I’ve read articles watched Ted talks, etc about IF and I’ve always believed in and utilized low carb many times in my life.
With my work and life schedule the “fast 5” or “18/6” fasting schedule. This is what I’ve adopted.
In addition to Keto/IF, I began exercising again and use basic fat burners and Keto salts during the day.
I started at 291, as of this Monday, one week later, I hit 270. I know its mostly water weight but feels good to not carry it around.
One thing I’ve noticed, last couple of days, when I finally do eat, I get a headache. Doesn’t really matter what I eat, its not too severe but enough to make me consider ibu or Tylenol. Anyone else get this early on?

(Brennan) #15

Can you clarify please? I’m curious by what you mean when you say basic fat burners. Also what type/brand/quantity of salt?

I’ve been keto ~3 months, just starting to experiment with IF. Done 2 EFs so far one 70 hours and one 118 hours. Just finished a 24 hour strict water only fast (nothing but water and a bit of salt). I haven’t had any headaches on refeeds so far.
The EFs I did were water fasts with black coffee (salted), plain tea and my version of keto-aid twice daily (juice of 1 lime, 2 Tbsp ACV, 1/4 tsp cream of tartar (Potassium bitartrate), 1/2 tsp salt (Redmond’s real salt), sparkling water with a bit of stevia.

(Jeff) #16

I use Lipo-6 by Nutrex. I actually stack the classic Lipo-6 with the non-stimulant Lipo-6.

I take Keto-1000 (or 2000 depending on the label) got it from Amazon.

As far as IF, i do an eating period of 5 or 6hrs per day.

I am dealing with a challenge now. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and today is prep day. Clear liquids only, no solid food, so I got some clear protein drinks with zero carbs and drank them only during my designated “non-fasting” window.

So as of tomorrow after my procedure, it will be about 45hrs since I had any solid food!

That will be a first.

I will say, that my weight loss plateau’ed this week but I know the body has “set points” and I have to break through it. Hopefully, this prep will do that.

Feel free to reach out. It’s not like I can share this effort with anybody here! LOL!!

(Brennan) #17

This is your second week? I wouldn’t expect that you will see results anything like those you saw with the initial water weight. It’s a little early to be thinking stall at set point.

What your calling “keto salts” look to be exaugeness ketones. This may help your body learn to use ketones but won’t let your body learn to create ketones.

In my experience the “fat burners” are highly inflammatory and I would avoid. It sounds to me like you are trying to buy keto in a bottle or pill. It’s just my opinion, but I would suggest focusing on whole foods and supplement with actual minerals for electrolytes and coffee as a fat burner.

It’s recommended to keep protein a bit lower and exercise light for the first couple of weeks while transitioning into keto and becoming fat adapted. Though with your history of low carb you should have an easier time and minimal carb withdrawal. The clear, carb free protein drink sounds like some serious franken-food.

(Jeff) #18

Got to love opinions. Anyway, only drinking the clear fluids because of colonoscopy. As far as fat burners and salts, I consider this an experiment of one. I’ve used fat burners on and off for years. As far as Keto supplements. That’s new to me so I’m trying different things.

I’ll update with progress as things go.

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LOL everybody’s got 'em!

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so are you trying yo say you will one day revert to the size you were before keto way of eating :thinking: