Intermittent Fasting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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There have been (and will be again) a number of questions recently about Intermittent Fasting.

It’s referenced in our general forum FAQ, but I think it’s worth promoting it more as it’s full of great information, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt’s site has a specific FAQ on Intermittent Fasting written by Jason Fung…

Before posting your question about IF, have a look if it’s already answered in the FAQ.

Enjoy :smiley:


This was very interesting. Thanks for posting it. A question I have is: Dr. Fung says that fasting will increase one’s BMR. In this case, does the increased BMR stay higher indefinitely, provided no bad eating habits start again, or is the increased BMR only for a specific duration of time? If the latter, do we know what that time duration is? @Brenda perhaps you have some insight here, please?

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Thanks for reposting for our new friends and I always get something out of it too!


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I’ve been Keto for 4-5 weeks. My main goal is to manage/reverse my T2 diabetes. My doctor has already taken me off Glipizide but my BG numbers are a little higher than I’d like (115-125). Have any other T2s here seen significant improvement with BG through IF?

Does it matter how many calories you eat while IF? Will eating too few calories hurt the IF?

Is IF generally indefinite or do people IF a few days then feast?

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #7

You only “feast” after an extended fast, not intermittent fasting.

Most people IF a few days a week, some very day. I find my sweet spot for maintenance is 4 days of IFing, and an extended fast a few times a month by extended I am talking 36-48 hrs.

We are all different so you have to try out the protocols for yourself.

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Thanks that’s helpful collaroygal! So in a typical week you IF 4 days then do you eat 3 meals on the next 3 days? Do you just eat to satiety during your meal times?

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Yes, I only do that many because my DH does like to have me sit and chat with him over breakfast. We usually go out for one of those days and cook the other two days. I keep to bacon/ham/smoked salmon and eggs with almond buns we make. He eats more. The other two meals are usually a lunch salad with homemade dressings and a protein source. Dinners are meats and keto veggies.Dessert is either fat bombs, chocolate chia pudding, full fat yogurt with 100% cocoa powder blended in or berries with whipped cream.

Oh we also break the lunch routine with a once a week visit to our favorite Mexican place that adapts to my keto needs. And if friends want to do happy hour for socializing, we go to a place with good chicken wings I know have no breadings. Holidays we make keto friendly treats, like cheesecake or fondue with keto bread for dipping along side keto veggies and ham cubes.

I eat as much as I want. I do an extended fast once a month, the Zornfast. I also do 36-48 hrs of fasting if I see the scale inching upwards to the top of my range. So far, it is working for me. Honestly this WOE I pretty much want things that are lchf/keto and not nearly anything at my old eating levels, because I am satisfied with what I can eat. I have changed my food preferences by focusing on what I can eat, not things I can no longer eat to be lchf/keto compliant. I am off the yoyoing merry-go-round and intend to stay off it.

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Yes if you have not taken enough salt and your electrolytes are out of balance. Search electrolytes using the search function on the forums and learn more than you could ever want to know about them, including recipes for ketoaid, that help with the electrolyte issues.


What a fantastic resource! Thank you so much cause tonight I start intermittent fasting for a week on and 16-8. My first time!
Doctor Fung is so informative I’ve heard him on 2 Dude’s also with Megan.
:sparkling_heart: love it love it love it thank you thank you thank you!!!